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Dark America continues, among other things

October 4, 2010
Posted at 10:19 pm

Hey all loyal readers,

I'm alive and well, as you can no doubt tell by now.

I'm a stubborn person. That said, I've written four chapters of Dark America now, and I've been pondering over publishing them VS. start chapter two over again.

And unfortunately I had to start chapter two over again. It was for the best, I think.

So, begins work on a new chapter two. I don't know if many of you or any of you has read GWResearch's Magestic or K2 on StoriesOnline, but I'd like to take his approach and not plan my writing. Again, as I've told people, I don't know if the idea I'm attempting is too original to not plan, but Magestic didn't turn out bad.

Just wanted to give a quick update. Even though Dark America has disappeared from the top lists, surely it'll be back when chapter two ends up here. I finally now have an editor, so most mistakes found in the last chapter should all be eliminated in chapter two. Once I send it to him, that is.

More updates as I deam fit or are important.