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The Dark Times

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Hello everyone,

Recently I had bought software that makes it easier to write novels/stories on my Mac. As a result, "The Dark Times", when it get's posted, should be an improvement over the story that is currently still in the top twenty downloads. Unfortunately when you repost a story on FS or SOL, it won't let you change the title. I explained in the mod text that while it's the same story, some things have changed like some of the plot and the characters for the most part are the same. Dialog has also been revised and cleaned up.

I'm kind of surprised Dark America is still in the top twenty, considering that the site has grown larger than when I posted that, when there wasn't a top twenty to speak of. I'm glad I got in on the site when I did, because if this were Sol, I wouldn't have a chance with that to get top ten/twenty anywhere. I'd be competing with people like Lazlo Zalezac, and I'm glad he's back writing after quite a while I believe.
What we need is more Al steiner! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy The Dark Times when it goes up. I think everyone who complained about spelling and shitty grammar will be pleased.

Dark America continues, among other things

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Hey all loyal readers,

I'm alive and well, as you can no doubt tell by now.

I'm a stubborn person. That said, I've written four chapters of Dark America now, and I've been pondering over publishing them VS. start chapter two over again.

And unfortunately I had to start chapter two over again. It was for the best, I think.

So, begins work on a new chapter two. I don't know if many of you or any of you has read GWResearch's Magestic or K2 on StoriesOnline, but I'd like to take his approach and not plan my writing. Again, as I've told people, I don't know if the idea I'm attempting is too original to not plan, but Magestic didn't turn out bad.

Just wanted to give a quick update. Even though Dark America has disappeared from the top lists, surely it'll be back when chapter two ends up here. I finally now have an editor, so most mistakes found in the last chapter should all be eliminated in chapter two. Once I send it to him, that is.

More updates as I deam fit or are important.

Minor Edits

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Hi all readers,

Thanks for giving constructive feedback on this story; it's greatly appreciated. I did make some minor edits to multiple meaning words, though this is the problem of using a screen reader I'm afraid; it sounds legit when it reads it back to me. So, I was on my account management page for the site. How do I edit chapter text? I've looked and I can edit the chapter title, the title of the story but not the chapter text. Think I'll also get an editor through the editor system on the site so that when I upload chapters 2-4 they should be cleaner.

Can anyone comment on how to edit chapter text? Or is their not a way to do that?