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And so it begins

January 10, 2015
Posted at 9:42 am

Welcome to the world of Adam and the Ants! This is my first attempt at fiction. While I tried not to take this story too seriously, I DO take my writing seriously. To that end, constructive comments and observations are welcome. Your feedback will likely be my only reward for writing, so please let me know what you like and don't like. I will do my best to reply.

For you Marvel fans, believe me when I say this story has NOTHING to do with the upcoming AntMan movie; the outline and drafts of A&TA part 1 were about half complete when I first heard that AntMan was filming. When all is said and done, you will see that the two have nothing in common except ants. (And seriously folks... Paul Rudd as a superhero? Puh-LEEEAZE....)

I want to thank my supporters, editors and proofreaders-- in particular, TeNderLoin, Sage Mullins, and most of all my lovely bride UnaPrincipessa-- for their time and effort.

The story is complete, proofread and edited. It consists of 12 chapters plus the prologue and epilogue. The first several chapters will be published here on FS two per week until it catches up with what I've posted on other sites, after which posting will drop to one chapter per week. Unless a major plot hole is found, I don't intend to make any more changes. I will work on my next project while A&TA is posting.

It gets off to a slow start... but I promise some interesting stuff in later chapters.

Each chapter of A&TA starts off with the lyrics to a verse or chorus from a song. Most of the lyrics I chose after outlining the chapter, in order to fit the theme.

As the story progressed, I tried to stick with songs that were out by the summer of 1984. Some of the songs don't fit that mold, but I picked them because they strike a chord (pun intended) with the plot.

I've started a playlist of all the songs used in the story– the chapter introductions and other songs I refer to in the story– on Spotify. A PC-only account is free. The playlist can be found here:

I will add songs to the playlist each week, two or three days before the chapter posts, as a bit of a teaser for what's coming up. Think of it as a 'soundtrack' to the story!

So far in the playlist:

Prologue — "The Impression that I Get" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Chapter 1 — "Ordinary Average Guy" by Joe Walsh
Chapter 2 — "Wonderful" by Adam Ant
Chapter 3 — "Bicycle Race" by Queen and "Stuck On You" by Lionel Richie