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End of Part 1

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So ends the beginning of a saga... the saga of a new, reluctant, and obscure superhero. This being my first attempt at writing fiction, I tried not to take myself or my story too seriously. I do take my writing seriously though, so constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome-- especially concerning plot holes, timeline contradictions and such.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank my supporters, editors and proofreaders-- Sage Mullins, TeNderLoin, and UnaPrincipessa in particular-- for their time and effort. I would also like to extend a big public "Thank You!" to Old Man With a Pen for his pithy advice on dealing with writer's block.

For those of you who care about such things, this story was outlined and drafted using Evernote ( almost exclusively on a Motorola Droid RAZR (R.I.P.!), an LG G2, and an Asus Transformer TF101 tablet. Editing and revision was done with the much more traditional MS Word on an Acer Predator with a Seiki 40" 4xHD monitor. Overkill? Certainly. But I can have MS Word, Minecraft, Facebook and the Penguins game on screen in 1080p windows all at once!

There are two more parts to the A&TA "trilogy." I am currently working on Part 2 and Part 3 is outlined. In the meantime I will also be posting some shorter stories to (hopefully) keep you happy. But have no fear, dear reader! The adventures of Adam (and, of course, the Ants) will continue with deeper plots, more powers for Adam and others, and an explanation of where the powers came from. Along the way there will also be twisted plot lines, villains you'll love to hate, and millions of lives to be saved. Oh, and we can't forget Charlotte! Adam may or may not get together with her, eventually... I haven't really decided yet.

Chapter 12 preview

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This week on Adam and the Ants:

"It's not okay!" she sobbed. "You have always been a friend to me, and I've been such a bitch to you. I just... I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought that I was growing up and maturing and I hadn't seen you so I didn't consider that you were growing up and maturing too and..." She stopped to take a sobbing breath. "Can you forgive me? I promise I'll talk to the El- I mean, um, the kids at Tito's and get the teasing to stop." A tear ran down her cheek, cleaning a tiny trail through the sooty smudge.

I reached up with my thumb and wiped the tear way, smearing more soot onto her face in the process. "How could I stay mad at a face like this?" I asked. We gazed into each other's eyes– Just like that day last summer–

This week's songs are After the Fire by Roger Daltrey and Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. The Adam and the Ants 'soundtrack' is available for free listening on Spotify at

Chapter 11

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After last week's cliffhanger, I hope this week's chapter was worth the wait.

Chapter 11 preview

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This week on Adam and the Ants:

I was only a few feet from the front door, so I took aim and threw the rock at the window pane in the front door with all my might. As I had hoped, the rock punched right through the glass. Inside I could hear a smoke detector's high pitched wail. I reached through the shattered window, nicking my forearm on a jagged edge of glass-- and couldn't reach the deadbolt. I couldn't get inside! The panic threatened to return, but I shook it off, willing myself to stay calm. I shouted to the Morrisons through the broken window, but no one replied. I quickly looked around to find some way to get in, hoping to find another rock or something to break the front window. Rather than a way in, all I saw was the Morrisons' meticulously maintained landscaping along the path from the garage to the front door. I clenched my teeth and growled "I need to find a way in!"

This week's song is Fire by Jimi Hendrix. The Adam and the Ants 'soundtrack' is available for free listening on Spotify at

Chapter 10 is up early

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Chapter 10 is up early. I need to stop making my submissions after getting home from a 12-hour shift…

At just over 700 words, this week's chapter is, quite intentionally, an abrupt cliffhanger.

You're welcome.