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The Dark Times

May 16, 2011
Posted at 1:45 am

Hello everyone,

Recently I had bought software that makes it easier to write novels/stories on my Mac. As a result, "The Dark Times", when it get's posted, should be an improvement over the story that is currently still in the top twenty downloads. Unfortunately when you repost a story on FS or SOL, it won't let you change the title. I explained in the mod text that while it's the same story, some things have changed like some of the plot and the characters for the most part are the same. Dialog has also been revised and cleaned up.

I'm kind of surprised Dark America is still in the top twenty, considering that the site has grown larger than when I posted that, when there wasn't a top twenty to speak of. I'm glad I got in on the site when I did, because if this were Sol, I wouldn't have a chance with that to get top ten/twenty anywhere. I'd be competing with people like Lazlo Zalezac, and I'm glad he's back writing after quite a while I believe.
What we need is more Al steiner! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy The Dark Times when it goes up. I think everyone who complained about spelling and shitty grammar will be pleased.