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Elegy Finish & Upcoming

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The two current stories are coming to an end, so here's what's next.

Elegy finishes in a two weeks. There will be a few weeks break and then Book 5 of Country Roads, From the Top, will start posting.

The Fires of Vulcan finishes up on June 1st. Again there will be a few weeks break and then book 6 (the final book in Volume 1), The Triumph of Venus, starts posting.

There's also something new coming, with the first book in a low-magic, epic fantasy serie called In the Shadow of Lions will start posting at the end of May.

As of now, no new Taylor books is in the works, but I hope to have one some time near the end of the year.

For updates on all of the series and when stuff should start posting, keep an eye on my author website.