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Upcoming Stories & Change in Postings

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Border crossed is almost done. Not sure when there will be another Taylor book, maybe not until the end of the year. There's still a month and a half left for Elegy and 2 months left for Fires of Vulcan to finish posting. The Next Country Roads book is already out and the next Imperium will be done before Fires finishes, so both series will continue posting within a week or so of their previous books finished.

A new series (epic low-magic fantasy) should start posting at the end of May and another new series (adventure high-fantasy) at the end of june.

On posting, I'm going to make a change. A member here sent me an email a few days ago that made some really good points, and convinced me to put my new books open (not premium) while they're posting. I'm planning on keeping my back catalogue as premium, and I will leave new books open for a month or so before moving them premium, giving everyone a chance to read them before they switch. Hopefully that is a middle ground that works for everyone.