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Feedback Recieved

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I removed my last blog post. I've received a lot of emails (both hear and to my email) with people upset ever since I put my books on premium, most telling me I was doing a bait and switch and trying to make money off of them. ANd many with not very kind things to add to that. I'm sure most users don't know that authors make nothing off of premium (that goes to the site).

I put it there, because piracy became a big enough concern that I had to do something about it (My books multiple times ended up on amazon, for sale by someone else other than me, competing with my own listings there).

I understand the books being on premium upsets and inconveniences some people, and some aren't able to get premium at the moment, and I sympathize. But I also had to protect all the work I've been doing.

Considering the kinds of things people no longer able to get my books without being a member of this site or buying them elsewhere feel is appropriate to say to me, I'm going to stop adding any new books and will think on if it's worth keeping my writing here at all (I will finish posting the two currently being posted in their entirety, and I will leave them for at least a few weeks after they finish to give people time to read them, if I decide to pull my books)