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New Sci-Fi Story Coming

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Starting Friday, the first book in a new Sci-fi series will start posting. The series is called Imperium and the first book is called The Sword of Jupiter. It will post every week (and occasionally twice a week). Information on pre-orders is up now, and can be found on my author page,

Here is a brief synopsis:

An Uncertain Future in a New Past

During the test flight of a prototype faster-than-light craft, Lt. Commander Ky is flung into the ancient past that never existed. Rome has fallen, defeated by the mighty Carthaginian Empire, it's survivors chased off the continent and onto what had been the remote province of Britannia. Hounded by the Carthaginians bent on conquering the known world, Rome is on the verge of destruction. Stranded and alone, except for a tactical AI implanted in his head, Ky has lost everything and must find a way to live in a world different than anything he's ever known.

For Ky to survive, he needs a new home. For the Romans to survive, they need a miracle. But can a man from the future work with people so far in his past, or is this match doomed to failure?