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Posting an older story - 99 First Dates

January 13, 2011
Posted at 12:42 pm

I'm not really an 'erotic' writer, but many of my stories at Laz's main site needed a little bit of editing to be completely appropriate here. Since I also have long lists of typos that needed fixing for my eighty or so published stories, things seem to have piled up.

Anyway, '99 First Dates' is a fun snarky sort of story based upon a rather large collection of mostly true stories. It has been gently sanitized now for younger readers but the original saltier version can be read at SOL.

I've also created a rather comprehensive Story Wiki page for posting all of my writing related activities with links to all of my other posting sites, and detailed information about the various series and story universes I write about. You should be now able to link to it from the "Forum" link above on this page, or you can find it directly at:

The site is flagged for adults only, but no sexually explicit material is directly located on my web page, but since I have links to stories SOL and LitErotica, I've taken this precaution.

I hope this year to add an older story a week here!