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I write for the sheer fun of it and enjoy receiving comments from readers, including constructive criticism. I most frequent write romantic stories (usually with a happy ending) but admit to occasionally writing some darker stuff. Rarely will any two stories of mine be identical in tone or flavor - I like to try new things, usually somewhat odd or screwball, with various degrees of success.

I am always happy to correspond with readers but I do not accept Anonymous email anymore - I was just getting too many silly or nasty emails. I respect polite criticism... as long as you sign your name to it so we can cheerfully debate the issue!

For readers wishing to see most of my 70+ stories, visit my Authors page at Storiesonline at:

I have an academic background in history (particularly English Medieval period) but I've worked in the computer business for over thirty years all over the world, and currently residing in Southeast Texas. Happily married for nearly 15 years to the one great love of my life. I'm a voracious reader and enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Mystery novels.

Otherwise, I'm just A Foole :)