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Young Gordy and after

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I have posted "Young Gordy" on SOL, but Lazeez and I agree that it is inappropriate for Fine Stories. The next story will be "Ants at BEES," and will also be on SOL. Sorry, Gordy as an undergraduate and (next) as a doctoral student is not "Fine."

G&W in September

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As I will be in Europe for most of September, there will be a hiatus in
my writing/revising for most -- perhaps all -- of the month. Be tolerant.

"Along the Finke" will be completed by this Friday, but "Gone Fishin'" --
Gordy & Weena #3 -- is nearly as long as 1 & 2 combined.


Why revise?

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Well, thanks.

I've had more mail than I'd expected. In answer to "why?" and "what?" as
posed by several correspondents, I noted a clash between G+W's wedding date and Patrick's age. I also noted several other problems. So I started fixing those. ... and now I've got a snowball.

Eliciting Comments

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I am (seriously) contemplating soup-to-nuts revision of the entire
Gordy and Weena series. I'd appreciate comments/encouragement.
This might be a tremendous amount of work, so let me hear before
I do it in vain.