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New story about Patrick

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For those of you interested, Patrick and Rachel have graduated from University. Patrick has just begun his first "job" with the NSW Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. He's sent to extreme NW NSW-- the Corner Country.

Anyway, the "Introduction" is up on SoL.


Other Stories, 2

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I've had several more queries about "further" or "other" stories. Lazeez and I have agreed that several aren't suitable for this site. You can read them on Stories Online.

Other stories

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I've received several notes from readers who have read everything of Gordy & Weena on this site and ask about
more. There are several stories on SOL from Gordy prior to his meeting Weena and one following "Patrick."

Lazeez and I agreed that they were inappropriate for Fine Stories.

Why no "Young Gordy"?

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I've had several pieces of mail as to why "Young Gordy" and "Ants at BEES" will not appear here. I asked Lazeez about "Young Gordy" and he agreed that the fact that Gordy has MF consensual relations in it barred it from Fine Stories.

As Gordy is a normal university student, sex had to occur.

Read these stories on SOL.

Young Gordy and after

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I have posted "Young Gordy" on SOL, but Lazeez and I agree that it is inappropriate for Fine Stories. The next story will be "Ants at BEES," and will also be on SOL. Sorry, Gordy as an undergraduate and (next) as a doctoral student is not "Fine."