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New Anomaly of the Fates!

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For those languishing without new Anomaly of the Fates, I just submitted Chapter 7. It should be up later tonight or early tomorrow. It is not that long but it is an important one as Kiernan takes his first step along his new path as a sentinel while also getting hints that his death may not have been solely about him.

As for other stuff, I am getting close to finishing up the next chapter of Future Distorted and I am getting closer to finishing up two other new projects. One is another story in the Magic at War Universe and the other is something odd that came to me a little while ago but is taking me a while to work through. I may start working again on the Enter the Darkness sequel, In the Darkness Falling, since I finally came up with the way to work through the block I had on that one. If I get the chapter I was working on finished, I may start posting chapters on that one, though it will be with a slow posting schedule since I have so many open projects. Let me know which you prefer: slow posting or no posting until I get most of the book finished.

That is about all for this time, look for the next chapter of Future Distorted hopefully soon.

A New Story

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As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a new project that has been taking up much of my writing time of late. I finally finished the first short story off of it entitled Final Breath of a Dead God. It is a little different from my previous stories in that it is more of an origin tale wrapped up in a nice story about a grandfather and his grandson sent to keep the old man out of trouble by his daughter. The story has been submitted and if it isn't up already it soon will be. I also have appendices for that universe (Legends of the God-City) that I might post if I get enough interest in it. The last appendices I posted got me hate mail, so I may just keep it to myself.

As for Future Distorted and Anomaly of the Fates, I have been slowly working on those and the next chapter of FD is already half finished, I simply need time to put the rest of it in the computer or on paper (depending on if I get time at the computer or at work). I also finally broke through my block on AotF and might be able to get that out to you all soon.

So that is the news for today, check back in a bit and I might have your favorite unfinished story's next chapter complete. Meanwhile, enjoy the new story.

Sorry, Life Intrudes . . . Again!

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It has been a while since I posted something, so I decided an explanation was needed. I am working on a number of things, including the next chapters of Anomaly of the Fates and Future Distorted. Unfortunately, real life has intruded once more and work has gotten to be a bit beastly. Add to that the fact that I have been working on something new, which has been the driving inspiration behind my writing of late, and things ready for posting have slowed to a crawl. I had hoped to have had the next chapter to one of the open stories ready by now as well as the first chapter of the sequel to Enter the Darkness, but that seems to be on hold. At least until I get this new bit of writing out of my system.

Sorry to disappoint and I find myself once again begging for your patience. Hopefully it will be rewarded shortly.

New Chapter, FINALLY!

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All right people, I have finally submitted the next chapter of Future Distorted. Sorry for the very long wait on this story and Anomaly of the Fates but I was stuck for a while on FD and am still a bit stuck on AotF. I have been working on other things, but nothing that has been finished and is postable. For now, I have no idea what will be posted next. It very well may be the next chapter of Future Distorted or one of the new things that I have been working on. So enjoy the new chapter, short though it is, and I hope something new will be ready soon.

Sorry . . . but it's the WORLD CUP!!!

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I know I have been promising new stuff for a while but timing is going to suck until July for that to happen. Why? The World Cup is going on, of course! Sorry to say, but I am one of the benighted heathens whose lives screech to a halt every four years to watch guys kick a round ball to each other for 90 minutes and call it football. Sorry. I could sit here and wax poetic about the beauty of the game, the wretchedness of the officiating, and the villainy of this or that player (or country) but I will spare you and simply give you an update on where I am on what you do care about: the stories!

For those of you awaiting new chapters on Future Distorted and Anomaly of the Fates, I checked my progress on them last night before bed and it looks like FD Ch7 will be done before the next chapter for AotF will be. It is probably going to be a short chapter given where it is at the moment and I could have it done soon or it could be lingering until the World Cup is over. Getting ramped up for soccer seems to bleed off the energy that could also be used for writing. I am a bit stuck on where to go with AotF at the moment so I really haven't looked at that one since the roadblock went up a few months ago.

What I have been working on, aside from FD, is In the Darkness Falling (sequel to the much loved Enter the Darkness, thank you readers). I have three or four chapters written on that one and I may begin posting them soon. I have also been tinkering with a few other things that I am not sure what I will be doing with as yet. We will see on those.

That is all the news for now. Sorry to be asking for your patience again, but you will be rewarded . . . eventually.