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Rapture, Chapture 6 is in the queue

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The Space Cadets battle the Spiders. They do what they can even though they are in the middle of doubling in size. The new kids take to it like a new game console at X-mas. Fasten your harness and seat belts and hang on.

Rapture, Chapter 5 is in the queue

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The planet is attacked by giant spiders. Rowland and his friends are running to stop them.

Rapture Chapter 4

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Come join the fun of protecting Earth.See how Rowland and his family learn how to be cadets.

Happy New Year!

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I want to thank all that read and voted for book 5 of "A Thousand Years of Peace!" AKA Rapture!
I feel Earth will be going through a hundred years of Evil popping up and that Evil will disappear, leaving cloths and shoes where they stood or sat. Read my story. We have had an number of resignations. Could Heaven on Earth be upon us within the next few days or weeks. Rats know when a ship is going down and they run for the exit. Father, I ask for prosperity and abundance for all people of Earth. May 2022 get all of us there. I love mankind. I have included one additional chapter this week. I hope you enjoy.

Star Chamber Chapter 26 is in the Queue. The End for Now!

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Let me know what you think please. Should I continue on? Space is a wide open subject. We have to walk before we run. But with my son, he only walked for a week before he was going at a full out run. If we truly had kids involved with the Space Program, what would you think would happen. LOL