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Star Chamber Chapter 19 is in the Queue.

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What does a warrior do after he/she wins a battle? Clean their Spaceship and go to church! We see John and Frank take some more bad guys to Hell! Even when we think they are a friend.

Star Chamber Chapter 18 is in the Queue.

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It's funny how things come out at a party. The who, why, and what for are answered this week. Why did we really get into WWI and WWII? I need to read the treaty of the Revolutionary War. How about You? Stay SAFE. The deep state is still at foot.

Star Chamber Chapter 17 is in the Queue.

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Time to PARTY! Win a War, You deserve to be recognized. Thank you Veterans of all wars. May God Bless you with good health and long life. ACS USMC 1967-1969.

Star Chamber Chapter 16 is in the Queue.

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Well, did we win? Come and find out.

Star Chamber Chapter 15 is in the Queue.

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The battle continues. What are the odds of winning? Are we the Warriors of old defending our home land? Can John invoke the Golden Rule. Good questions, come and find out.