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Just got home from the hospital. I have given my Gallstones to science. LOL

Giving myself permission to take a week or more off. I feel good. If anyone is keeping track I'm 71. Ready for a nap.

Thank You
A Carpenter's son.

Star Chamber Chapter 12 is in the Queue.

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The strange man drew his weapon, but before he could fire, five 115-grain 9mm regular rounds and one 150-grain hollow point made a nice circle on the man's belly.

Star Chamber Chapter 11 is in the Queue.

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Director Bible glanced at him then whispered to John, "Do you have a weapon?" John and his friends are in a gun fight with 36 assassins. Somebody wants him dead.

Star Chamber Chapter 10 is in the Queue.

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John and some friends battle the forces of evil. Come and find out how they fare. The bad guys tear into and kill over four thousand of those on the side of freedom and the rule of law before John joins the battle.

Star Chamber Chapter 9 is in the Queue.

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John and his family and friends get a gift of spaceships? John also meets a very big friend.

Happy Fourth! God Bless America!