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Happy Holidays!

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Chapter 24 has been submitted for posting.

Book Two will end in one weeks. I will post Chapter one of Book three on the same day, as long as the mountains don't move or the river floods the house again. Many Blessings from my family to your family. LOL

Two more Chapters

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My homework is complete. I have had wonderful response this week. For that I am posting two chapters again. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Drive safe be happy, Love all!

Two Chapters

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I am going to be gone for a period. I have uploaded two chapters and hope to continue on next week, but it may be two weeks. Thank all for the nice comments and Happy Holidays!

Chapter Nine of Book 2 has just been submitted to Finestories

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Enjoy. Many Blessings!

A Thousand Years of Peace. Book 1 and 2.

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Both books have been finished and edited several times. Book three is also near completion. Look for a new release every Friday.