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Hope you guys enjoy my stories. Reviews, comments, emails and etc. really appreciated.

The genre's I enjoy the most are sci-fi and mystery/thriller, and I plan to write both, plus the occasional romance story.

If you're interested in sneak peaks at new stories and WIP or getting stories early, check out my author website (in profile above).

Country Roads

4 Stories
Charlie Nelson is a young man from a broken home born into poverty, trying to find out who he really is.

Destiny Saga

5 Stories
Can one person change the world? As Caspian Grey grows into the man he is supposed to be he finds love and hate; friends and enemies. Destiny is a strange thing, especially if you are the one along for the ride.


5 Stories
Rome has fallen, defeated by the mighty Carthaginian Empire, it's survivors chased off the continent and onto what had been the remote province of Britannia. Stranded and Alone on a version of Earth that has never existed, Lt. Commander Ky throws his fate in with the Romans to defeat the death worshiping Carthaginians and establish Rome's might again.

John Taylor

10 Stories
John Taylor is a Veteran with a harsh past finding his way in the world. As he adapts into a new career, he adjusts to both being a free civilian again.
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