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In a Coal Mine Marco Z About a boy who runs away from his house and heads to work in a coal mine.
Tags: Horror, Mystery
Age Rating: Anybody
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Pondhopper Scriptorius Meet Cyril Potts, a Briton working as a private eye in the USA. He gets some strange clients, which is all right because he is a strange investigator. We first encounter Cyril during one of his reveries, but he soon shows that when the need arises, he can lurch into action - in a way.
Tags: Crime, Humor, Detective
Age Rating: Anybody
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Aeal of Ark
Dreamer Aeal of Ark contains lot of mysteries about the void century that had existed between 100-500 AD. Void century was the time period that was erased from the history. So no mankind have the knowlege of the void century. The stories confined here are all based on my imagination.
Tags: Puzzles, Supernatural, Fantasy, Magic
Age Rating: Anybody
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