The Story of Promiseum - Dream Walker
Chapter 10: The Bad Doctor

Copyright© 2021 by Llwyd L. Brenin

When Danny came to, he was strapped to a table. Danny lifted his head and looked around. He wasn’t in the same room. He was now in the main lab. It didn’t seem like much of a lab though. For all the security and secrecy, you would think there would be more equipment. Or at least lab techs running around. As far as Danny could tell there was only one person in this lab (besides himself).

“Oh, you’re awake.” He said, finally noticing Danny.

“It would appear so,” Danny said sarcastically. “Who are you, and why am I here?”

“I am Dr. Roberts,” he answered. “And I would say, trespassing. But it seems strange that you are here, and suddenly five people have gone missing.”

“Are you sure they’re missing?” Danny asked. “Maybe they’re just avoiding you. What’s strange is that I was just unconscious, but I wasn’t dreaming.”

“That’s because this is a dream chamber,” he said proudly. “You are in an artificial dream field powerful enough to block you from the real thing. That is why you can’t leave.”

“Are you sure I can’t leave?” Danny asked. “Maybe I like it here.”

“Okay, wise guy, let’s see you leave then,” he said.

“No,” Danny said. “I think I like it here. Besides, you didn’t ask nicely.”

“Please,” he said. “Is that nice enough?”

“No, but it’s a start,” Danny said. “Maybe I’ll go easy on you.”

“Maybe you’ll go easy on me?” He said. “It looks like you’re the one trapped. And as far as going easy, you’ll get no such treatment from me. I think I will enjoy taking you apart and seeing what makes you tick.”

As he spoke, Dr. Roberts pulled a large remote device from the pocket of his lab coat. It seemed to be a simple device. There was a screen on top, with a few buttons under it. The feature that stood out the most, was the dial near the bottom. Dr. Roberts turned the dial slightly. Danny felt as if a fire had jumped through his body. But this fire didn’t burn his flesh, it felt like it was burning through his soul. Danny screamed as the pain became too much.

“Is that all you got?” Dr. Roberts said, “my last subject was a better screamer.” He turned the dial even farther, but this time Danny didn’t scream. So, he turned the dial all the way. Now the pain was indescribable, burning, tearing, crushing, like his very being was exploding a million times a second. But Danny refused to scream! He didn’t know how long it lasted, but he was close to his breaking point.

Then something clicked. It was like a switch turning on. It gave him something to concentrate on, as the pain pushed him closer to the edge. Then, it felt like everything expanded, his senses, his awareness, his entire being. He was now aware of Dr. Roberts laughing at his pain. He was also aware of Emily. She was worried about, and missed him, but had absolute faith he would return. He was aware of his mom praying, his medial spirit trying to expand their connection, and Walter trying to find him. But there was something else, something familiar. Then Danny realized, it was medial energy, everywhere! Then, the pain just melted away. Danny sat up; the straps fell away as he raised his hand. Sparks of static jumped from his fingers.

“I knew that felt familiar,” Danny said.

“How did you do that?” Dr. Roberts asked. “It’s impossible!”

“Not really,” Danny said. “Medial energy is medial energy, even if it’s extracted artificially. I may not be able to get out, but neither can you. So, we wait.”

“Wait for what?” he asked.

As if right on cue, there was a cracking sound. A few seconds later a bolt of lightning sprang from the middle of the room. Then, more cracks of lightning as a rift opened. Out of the rift stepped a man. He was about five feet, nine inches, and was dressed head to toe in what looked like an old tracksuit, but you could see a hint of the wires sewn in. He was also wearing what looked like a ski mask, made the same way, with those blacked-out swim goggles attached. Thick gloves and a backpack unit completed the suit.

“Walter?” Danny asked.

“Yes, it’s me, “Walter said. “This is my dream suit.”

“Can you shut this off?” Danny asked.

“No,” Walter answered, but do you need an energy boost?”

Walter held his hand out in front of him with his gloved palm facing Danny. Danny raised his hand to Walter’s hand, and he immediately received a rush of power. It was like nothing he ever experienced. He could feel at least three medial spirits. Danny turned to face his host.

“You know, Dr. Roberts,” he said, “I think I’m bored with this place.”

Danny snapped his fingers, and everything shut down. He waved his hand, and everyone that was in the building was suddenly outside. Then the people started to notice. The building was No longer where it should be, and the air was filled with surprised murmurs. “What happened, where are we, is this a dream?” Then Danny spoke. “No,” Danny began, “this is not a dream. This is your new home. For crimes against dream folk, you have been sentenced to spend all of eternity in this labyrinth. Your only purpose in this existence is to protect the gate in the middle, and the secrets hidden within.”

Danny snapped his fingers, and everyone changed into different creatures and was spread throughout the labyrinth. Then Danny turned to Dr. Roberts.

“For saying please,” Danny said, “you shall have the honors of being the final key Bearer.”

Before Danny was even finished speaking, Dr. Roberts started to transform. When the transformation was complete, Danny looked him over. He was now three feet tall. He had no hair on his head or bare chest, and His pants looked to be made from goat hide. His eyes were slightly large for his head. And his nose was now long and pointed. He was also barefoot, and his feet were twice as big as they should be. At the last minute, Danny decided to add small horns sprouting from either side of his crown.

“From now on, you shall be known as Hibbit,” Danny said.

“Thank you, my lord,” Hibbit said, as he hobbled away.

Now Danny and Walter walked through the gate. They walked down the path to the giant tree. Lancel was there. He was sitting on the bench talking to Snip and Snap. When he saw Danny and Walter approaching, he stood up. He was so happy, he hugged Danny and Walter.

“Thank you for getting me out of there,” Lance said, “But what happened? I thought you were right behind me.”

“I got detained,” Danny said. “I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew I was waking up strapped to a table.”

“How did you escape? “Lance asked.

“I dug out my dream suit and went to save him,” Walter said. “But when I got there, he seemed fine.”

“I’m glad you showed up,” Danny said. “It saved a lot of time, and I think things turned out better this way.”

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