A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 94: Drama and more Drama

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

It was time to bring Michelle into the situation.

“Michelle, please go put the pendant around her neck and help comfort her.”

“You should do that,” she replied.

“No, I need to stay back during many parts of this. She needs support from women. You’ll understand when she tells you the story tonight, as part of her treatment.”

Michelle just looked at me.

“Look, it’s really sad and you’ll be furious after you hear it. I need your help, please. That pendant represents her lost baby’s grave marker,” I said gently.

Michelle’s eyes widened and she nodded her head. She walked slowly behind Mary, took the pendant from her hands, and tied the ribbon around Mary’s neck. The pendant hung down to just below her collarbone and really looked quite elegant.

Michelle then carefully slid the pendant down inside of Mary’s tunic and gently patted it. “Your baby is always close to your heart now,” she said, as she helped Mary to her feet.

Mary placed one hand over the pendant and wiped her eyes with the others. She looked around for a moment, then rushed over to me and gave me a huge hug saying, “Thank you, thank you,” over and over again.

I simply held her for a moment and then gently said “See? Now you don’t look for her marker at night any more; she’s always with you. No more tying you up so you can sleep.”

She just smiled happily.

“Go down to the stream and wash up quickly,” I instructed, “we still have much to do today.”

“But you’ll still give me my treatment tonight, please?” Mary asked in a pleading tone.

“Yes, Mary, you can still have your treatment.” Well I couldn’t get lucky with everything. Mary made her way down to the running water and washed up.

Michelle sidled up next to me and quietly asked, “Treatment?”

“Oh, you’re gonna love this,” I flatly replied, and headed back to camp.

First thing I did when I got back, was to stow my weapons and take a shower. God, how I needed that shower! Little pleasures that are so important in our lives. Cleaned up and with clean clothes, I felt like a much different man.

Holder had arrived with all of our gear from the Landing, and the ladies were busy setting up tents in the waning afternoon light. I sat Holder and Amos down at the table and thanked them for keeping things safe while I was gone. I strongly reinforced how proud I was of them. I told them I’d talk more with each of them in the morning, when things calmed down. And, yes, I’d start telling the story of my adventure tomorrow at supper.

Setting them off to handle evening chores, I grabbed Michelle and Mouse and headed over to visit with Lunch. I had missed the big guy and wanted to let him know that I was back. I had sent Mary to shadow Sonya for a while, and Banshee was fully involved with Matilda. There seemed to be a connection there of some sort, probably psychosis.

I didn’t say a word during our walk out to the corral. Frankly I couldn’t even begin to understand how I was going to resolve the sleeping problem. After visiting with the horses for a bit, I finally just decided to throw it out there and see what they had to say. In the end, they needed to create a relationship and they would also probably decide the sleeping arrangements. I was under no illusion that somehow I would be in charge of that part of my life.

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