A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 5: The Big Reveal

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

Three half crumpled slips of paper. Two were perfectly worthless as usual and one single unassuming slip that was literally worth a mountain of gold, I was suddenly one of the richest people that I knew.

It took me a good forty-five minutes to process what had just happened to me. This had been one hell of a spring by any person’s accounting, I had just gone from sudden personal and professional disaster to vast wealth. So I just sat there drinking my coffee, smoking cigarettes and staring at that simple little piece of paper.

Then it was time to put all those fanciful plans made while daydreaming to work. David’s guest house was also his “work from home” office and he had a multi-function printer on the desk. I made three copies of the lottery ticket and printed out the numbers page from the lottery website. I put a quick call in to David and asked him to meet me for lunch and no it couldn’t be delayed as it was of vital importance. I secured the actual ticket in my belongings and off I went to meet up with David.

Understandable David was irritated and being called out for a sudden meeting but his attitude took a sudden turn for the better when I slid a copy of the ticket and the website printout across the table to him. Well now this was where things started to get fun for a while. David looked up from the printouts and asked me two questions: “Is this for real?” followed by “What are you going to do?”. I was ready for that, like I said, I was having fun. “David,” I told him “I intend to sign a couple of pieces of paper very soon making me the first client and a silent partner in that wealth management firm you’ve always talked about starting one day.”

It was a joy to watch the realization slowly dawn in my buddy’s eyes, not only was he happy for me but he was happy for himself; basically we had hit the lottery together. Let’s face it, I suddenly needed those services anyway and I could trust David a lot more than some firm I could hire off the street.

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