Chapter 19

Copyright© 2020 by Olga Chinka

Looking at Mrs. Whitmore driving, you would never think she was in the midst of a kidnapping and hostage situation. With ease she drove through the streets. When we merged onto the highway I knew I was in trouble.

Where was the cavalry? We passed by at least two police cars and neither paid us any attention. No one paid any attention as we drove along. The day was quickly turning to night and I was starting to panic. Surely my parents were looking for me.

Where was she taking me? Was she planning on killing me and dumping my body? Maybe she would show mercy and just abandon me somewhere.

Before I knew it, we were getting off the highway. Too scared to say a word, I watched as Mrs. Whitmore maneuvered through the town and finally pulled into a parking lot. Looking out the window I read the sign on the building, Valley Motel.

“You are going to walk next to me as we walk to the room. I will have my hand on the trigger in my pocket. Try to run or yell for help and I will shoot you dead. Understood?”

“Understood” I reply quickly. “Can I take my arms out now?”

“No. Wait until I come get you.”

She takes off her seat belt, places the gun carefully in her coat pocket and climbs out of the car. Hurrying over to my side she opens the door “follow me.”

I get out slowly, closing the door behind me. Together we walk towards the building. We pass by the office and head straight for the stairs. Any hopes I had of trying to signal the front desk worker are dashed when I realize she already has a room prepared.

We get to the second floor and walk down the outside hallway to the end of the building. Mrs. Whitmore pulls out a key from her pocket and fumbles for a second with the lock before the door swings open and she shoves me inside.

The room is like any other motel room, there is no indication that she has been staying here for long.

I stand frozen in place, unsure what to do with myself as Mrs. Whitmore grabs a chair from the table and brings it to the middle of the room.

“Sit” she motions towards the chair. I sit down as she comes around behind me. Pulling my arms behind me, “keep them still” she commands as she places my wrists together, one on top of the other.

I have the thought that I should make a run for it. Maybe I can get to the front door and shout for help. But what if no one is outside? She will kill me if I run.

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