Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 8

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

We’re going to GUNNEX 89,000 light years away.

The 775s arrived. Three of them. John had been on the phone with Vid in Russia when Sam and Mary came flying through the bank’s front door. The 775s ships were works of art something that looked like it belonged in space. Xmon and Inga along with Brien had all come into the bank excited about their yellow lanyards. Xmon had his coin attached to his. Then Mary and Sam. A 775 weighed in at one hundred and seven tons of her or each of them. Kevin and Iceman were with the ships. 87 ships with some with the label saying Boeing, others with the Northrup label. More with Lockheed and many with Lockheed with a plant insignia following it. There was forty 445As and thirty 335As and 14 of the 665As. There stood three of the most beautiful creatures built for space. Seth Wilson was taking pictures. Xmon and Inga with Brien were all over the 775. Xmon had mentioned to Inga that he was seeing his family today. He had given Kevin and Iceman the little Black Box out of his small spaceship.

“Can we come with you?” Inga asked. Brien had stopped breathing again.

“Brien, what do you think?” John asked.

“I could be your navigator,” Brien said

“You could. Do you know the stars?” John asked.

“Yes. I’ve been studying them all my life.” Brien said.

John looked at Inga and nodded. She kissed him on the cheek and took Brien’s hand, “We will pack and come back.

“George Lok was next, “God says you need a cook! I never did get that trip around the moon.”

“Will crossing the galaxy and back cover some of that moon trip?” John asked.

“Yes. Dad only allows three of us to cook your steaks.” George said, “I’m one of your cooks.”

“Why are you not in school?” John asked.

George had his full backpack with him, “I’m on my lunch break. Not going back.”

“I’ll write you a note saying we needed a cook for the trip,” John added.

“Might make it worse Mr. President,” George said with a straight face.

“If they put you in jail, let me know, I can write you a pardon.” John and George both laughed. John handed George two ounces of gold. George looked at John with this what for?

‘Stock the kitchen. Let’s make this a really fun trip. We may get to do it again if we do it well.” John suggested.

“Yes, Sir. Women love a nice Chicken and shrimp salad for lunch with tomatoes and avocados. I’ll make sure the replicator will make a top of the line Pastrami on Rye for you sir.”

“Your hired George.” John and George shared a laugh.

George with his backpack on walked up the steps and entered a dream world. Into a lounge area, he went with seating for 30. A very large screen was on the forward wall. It was showing what was ahead of the ship. He headed up a spiral staircase to the next floor. He said hi to a young lady with a Lockheed badge with the name Patricia on it, “Hi Patricia. Are you going on the trip across the galaxy too?”

“Where the ship goes I go. And you are?” Patricia’s voice had a strange feel to it. She was cute and looked to be about 18. She was dressed in something that one would see on Star Trek.

“I’m George Lok, I’m the cook. Is there a room for me?” George smiled, “And where do I find the kitchen?”

“Your room is #20. It is down that hallway on the left. On the right is the men’s bathrooms and forward of that on the right is the women’s bathrooms. Come back and I will show you the kitchen and meal room.”

Jenny, Willy, and Lucy showed up next. The kids each had a backpack on.

“Are you here to kick the tires Cadets?” John said in his military voice.

“Daddy it doesn’t have any tires,” Lucy said.

“We’ll check anyway!” Willy said.

“Room assignments?” Jenny giggled.

“You are in room #1 with me.” John and Jenny kissed, “Lucy you are in #4 and Willy is in #3.”

The two kids marched up the steps.

Corporal Tie and Fisk along with the other two Marines showed up, “Mr. President?”

“Rooms 21, 22, 23, and 24.” John said, “Do you all have a civilian outfit with you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The men had a duffle bag, a rifle case (M-16) and their 9MM on their belt, “How many rounds Tie?”

“Two hundred for each of the 16s and the same for the 9MMs we wear.” Tie said.

“I know where we can get more and hopefully we won’t need any.” John said, “Go see Patricia.”

“Marines, I am very happy to see you,” Jenny said.

“Thank you, First Lady.”

“John this is amazing. How and where did this come from?” Jenny asked when they were alone.

“When Kevin was a child his mom and dad traveled a lot. He use to stay with his mom’s mother. She lived next door to Gene Roddenberry, the writer of Star Trek. As a kid, he helped design this spacecraft. This has always been his dream to build this. They’re up there, Kevin, Iceman, and Xmon working on getting Xmon’s little black box working. Iceman is in room #2. I asked him if he wanted to go across the galaxy and he told me he already had his bag in room #2.” John smiled, “So I told him then you’ll be the Captain. He saluted and said Aye, Aye Sir!”

“I’ve got to pack,” John said.

“Everything is packed, I just need help getting it all here,” Jenny said.

“In that case, I’m going to the school to get the kids.” John said, “They can help while they run some tests.”

“What kind of tests?” Jenny asked.

“They are going to Alpha Centauri and back,” John said.

“How long will that take?” Jenny asked.

“Don’t know.” John was heading out, “It’s over four light years away.”

“Well, Lucy shall we sit over here?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Lucy said as the two sat down to wait.

“Where’s your brother?” Jenny asked.

The door to Patricia closed. The ship lifted.

“He’s sitting in the Captains Seat!” Lucy said, “There they go.”

Fifteen minutes went by, “Mommy, they’re back.”

The 775 with the AI named Patricia was back. It landed exactly where it had taken off from. With it or so it appeared was a 445 with Vid Pusin the President of Russia piloting the craft. On it was Vid, and Maya with Skut. So were Demetri and General Mika Kozlov with his TV reporter wife Yelena. Mika was carrying the camera and the two did a news report with Yelena standing in front of the 775.

John came back with all the kids. The Principle let them go early if they did a news report about the trip when they got back. Skut with his backpack was already climbing the steps into the 775.

“John do we have room for Mika and Yelena?”

“We will make room. Come with me if you would please. Vid, his wife, and Mika with Yelena along with Demetri holding Sally’s hand went around two of the ships. There was the Russian Flag on the third 775. Vid when we get back you have a new ride to take home.” John pointed to the Russian Flag.

Vid gasped then turned and wiped an eye. Vid was speechless for a few minutes.

Maya drew in a sharp breath. Demetri said “OMG!” in Russian.

“Mika, film me standing here with President Taylor shaking hands with our President.”

“John, we have been working with Lockheed. We will have 20 or more of the 555’s available for this battle for you.” Vid finally got out.

“How many men does a 555 require?” John asked.

“Nine, pilot and 8 gunners.” Vid said.

After ten minutes of shots, Vid asks to enter the ship Galina in Russian. The door opened, and the steps swung down. They went into the lounge and met a beautiful young lady. Her name tag listed her as Galina, “Do you know who I am?” Vid asked.

“Galina answered in perfect Russian who Vid was and all of his family and work associates including General Mika Kozlov and his wife Yelena a famous TV News reporter. Galina then turned to Maya, “I am very pleased to meet the First Lady of Russia.” She turned back to Vid, “Please follow me, Mr. President and First Lady.” She led them upstairs to the command station.

Both Yelena and Mika were filming Vid sitting in the Captains seat with Demetri sitting in the seat that controlled the navigation.

When they got off, “Galina lock the door and only open if one of us or President John Taylor is here to tell you to open.”

“Yes Mr. President.” Galina said in Russian.

“John, these ships are amazing. They are so beautiful they do not seem real.” Vid said.

“I know. Let’s go see if this trip is for real? They just ran a test flight to Alpha Centauri.”

“What is a 555?” John asked as they were walking back to Patricia.

“A little Flying Saucer with teeth and stealth.” Vid smiled, “Eight gunners with each a 7” laser.”

“And we are going to get 20?” John asked.

“They should be here next week.” Vid said, “Maybe more if we can swing it.”

John and the Russian Party came upon Kevin Humphreys, Iceman, Xmon and Willy. Willy was the only one that could talk. The others were wiping eyes and laughing still.

“What’s the word?” John asked Jenny who was standing with her arms crossed.

“Willy says they went to Alpha something. It was 4.3 lights away then came right back.”

John smiled, “It must have worked!”

Kevin kept nodding his head. He got control enough, “We thought by going to Alpha Centauri that we would have a good test. We got there in a blink of an eye. We had to prove we were there. John in less than three minutes we went 4.3 light years away, turned around and came back. The two actual trips took two blinks of the eye. Ladies and gentlemen, the galaxy is ours for discovery.”

John saw Mary and Sam walk up with Inga and Brien. Chet and Roger were with them, “Excuse me I need to talk to them.” He ran for the door.

“Mary, I have a wedding present for you.” John led Mary and Sam over to the second 775. Mary was frowning until John said, “This one is yours.” Mary’s face just flashed to a smile, “Her name is Virginia.” John turned to the 775, “Virginia please open the door.”

“Yes, Mr. President. Are Admiral Kennady and US Marshall Sam Fredrick with you sir?” Virginia the AI asked.

“Yes, Virginia and from this point forward they will be allowed to enter and to control the ship,” John answered.

“So, noted. Thank you, sir.”

As they entered the lounge Virginia stood up, “Nice to meet you.”

Sam put his hand out to shake with the lady.

“Sam this is Virginia the AI of the ship.”

Sam was saved from the moment by, “John, where are you?”

“General Green come on in,” John said.

“They said you are over here.” General Green and his staff looked in wonder at Mary’s 775.

“Admiral Kennady, you also got forty of the new 445s, thirty more of the new 335s and 14 more 665s.” John saw the smile on Mary’s face get bigger, “Vid says he is sending 20 of the 555’s.”

“General Green, we will need that thousand men you want to send me.” Mary saw a smile on the man’s face, “Each of the 665s will need 40 to pilot the ship and man the lasers. The 445s and 335s need at least 3 each.” Mary shared, “We also need medical personnel. John how many for the 555’s?”

“We will need one pilot and 8 gunners for each one.” John informed.

“Lockheed was turning out the 335s at the rate of 3 per day.” Sam added, “In ten days we may have another 20 or 30 335s and that is not counting the other ships.”

“That’s correct Sam, they also have Boeing and Northrup building ships then they send to Lockheed to test fly them and send them to Lockheed’s finish to put the seats in and finish with final testing.

“That Western has 500 rooms.” John shared, “Double occupancy gets you a thousand.” John looked at the time, “I need to go. You guys are all smiling. Admiral Kennady, and Sam I plan on being back by noon on Friday. General Green and staff, thank you!” John saluted and headed out. He came face to face with Tony and Willa. Brad, Gloria, and Jesus were with them. Jesus was holding hands with a young lady.”

“Mr. President, may I introduce Julia, My Fiancée.” Jesus Batista said.

Willa hugged him. Tony just looked around, “Nice ride dad! Can we go around the Solar system? Today is the 16th birthday of Jesus. We’re looking for a way to make it memorable.” Tony laughed.

“Ask Admiral Kennady. She’s in charge. We’re taking a trip across the Galaxy for a couple of days.” John said, “In the other 775.” John pointed in the direction of Patricia.

“Who gets the third 775?” Tony asked.

“Your friend Vid. He was so choked up he couldn’t speak for a few minutes.” John said.

“Give me one, I probably couldn’t speak for a week,” Brad said.

“There is at least twenty-one more under construction.” John said, “I never thought of them as a method to assist in peace and quiet. We have many more to come.”

“Willa and I could move back home for a while,” Tony said.

“Your old room has been given to Chuck.” John laughed.

Tony turned to Willa, “I bet I can make a deal with Willy. We can use his bed.” Tony laughed.

“I’m not going near that bed. What’s the latest FROGS? No thank you.” Willa laughed at the latest Willy story. “He is, after all, a three-year-old.”

“You guys are just in time. Mary is setting up a guard detail for around the perimeter of our planet. Should be an easy duty, let the AI do all the work and read books you NEED to read!”

“Yes, Sir. We have talked and plan on going out soon.” Tony had been a few books behind on his reading list. His mentor (John) just reminded him, “Have a safe trip dad.”

“Be watchful, we have another battle group coming at us.” John got hugs from the girls and shook hands with the guys.

The five came face to face with Virginia, “Hello there.” Tony said.

“Introductions please,” Virginia said.

“I’m Major Tony Taylor. This is my wife Major Willa Taylor. This is Major Jesus Bautista. This is Captain Brad West and Captain Gloria West his wife. This is Juliet, future wife of Major Bautista.”

“Thank you, this way.”

“I wouldn’t mind a day or two in this for guard duty,” Tony said. The others agreed.

Back in Patricia.

John said to Kevin, “Ready, I promised you lunch?”

“Kevin was still laughing, John this will give us the galaxy and beyond. We set that black box on the dashboard and Patricia appeared and it was like she walked another invisible being on a guided tour of the ship. Ten minutes later she reappeared and said we’re ready gentlemen.”

“Yesterday morning I needed seats for two hundred ships and I had no idea where they were going to come from. Then we get back home and find that my finishing foremen has a work party of a hundred men and women putting seats in everything. John, I’ll have another bunch of ships for you by Monday.”

“How many?” John asked.

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