Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 6

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News and desert.

Seth with the Sheriff with his two deputies had arms full of newspapers. Two others were going from table to table selling the special edition of today’s newspaper about:

“Stopping the Kidnappers from Nanux.”

As John looked through the paper, he realized Seth had all the names of everybody that was there including the Russians and those from Lockheed.

“John, did you realize that a lot of those ships that Lockheed flew today didn’t even have seats for any others than the volunteer pilots and gunners?” Seth shared, “They make sure the ships are space worthy and have the lasers and canons installed then they send them to the finish department and final testing. Everyone on the two 665s was sitting in the jump seats. Except for the pilots and the two main gunners. None of those ships had been through the finish department.” Seth shared, “So their 60 ships that they brought to the fight are in the pipeline to come to us.”

“That is great to hear, I had no idea. Seth, you have done an excellent job. Thank You.” John handed Seth one ounce of gold.

“What’s this for?” Seth asked about the gold piece.

“For coming back alive on our little sightseeing trip. Everyone is going to get one.” John shook hands with Seth.

“Thank you, John.” Seth said looking at the gold coin, “Ever since you came to town, things have been getting better. Got to hit the taverns up. I get good tips there.” Seth laughed then looked at the Gold coin again, “Thank you again, Mr. President.”

John went around the table laying a gold coin in front of everyone that was in the battle. The Marines from the White House were very thankful. When John got to Chet and Roger, “How long has it been since you got paid?” The two men figured it out. Four months as of the first of January.

“I’ll get all of you four more ounces of gold tomorrow,” John said.

“John, Mr. President what will this buy?” Roger asked as he held up the gold coin.

“About what $5,000 would buy before the earth changes. A one-ounce silver coin will buy about what $200 would before the earth changes.” John answered, “We took a zero off everything giving us a more workable longer lasting financial system. A lot of times I am able to go several days with just the change in my pockets.”

“Why, make the change?” Chet asked.

“Our money system started with the penny being a day’s wages in the late 1700’s. We had another coin called the tithe. In the beginning, for a couple of tithes we could get lodging and a meal for both the rider and his horse. A single ounce of silver makes life much easier. We have eliminated much of the hidden discrimination that was going on. Women now get the same as men, whether they serve tables or work in my bank. A mother raising a child by herself with wages and tips can be one of the most prosperous in society. God knows she has a heavy load with the costs of raising one or more children by herself, but she can do okay, maybe even be able to afford to take vacations by herself and her kids. Her health care is taken care of by the state through a penny tax on the dollar on all sales.” John knew he was teaching, he had all the Marines listening and nodding when he made valid points.

“What about retirement?” Roger asked.

“It falls back onto the individual again. Before the Earth Changes, it was being realized our whole system of retirement was not going to continue to work. It falls back onto the individual, but if the individual can feel as good at 120 years of age as they did at 20, is it a crime to ask them to continue to contribute in some way and still get an honest wage?”

“He’s right. One of my biggest concerns before the Earth Changes was that my retirement was going away.” Chet said, “I didn’t need to worry, there wasn’t a thing I could have done anyway.”

Bobby brought John’s food to where he was sitting. She gave him one of those looks.

“Don’t give me one of those looks!” John laughed, “I’ll have to go wash it off now.”

“Love you, dad!” Bobby giggled and went back only to return with a full glass of Champagne.

“Bobby, here!” John handed her a gold coin. “For your service to our world today.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.” Bobby stepped back and saluted John. He returned it. Both laughed.

Willy, Lucy, Ben, Chuck, and Beth were standing behind Bobby. John reached into his pocket and pulled out five gold coins. He gave Willy and Lucy one each.

“Thank you, sir!” Willy and Lucy both said.

“Well done Cadet Second Lieutenants!”

The two mimicked Bobby by taking a step back and saluting John. John returned the salutes. Father and kids all giggled.

“Mr. Benjamin Taylor, Cadet First Lieutenant.” John saluted Ben, “How are you doing?” John asked because Ben had been in Lily when they had been hit by an energy blast.

“I’m fine Sir. Thank you for asking, and for the promotion.” Ben said.

“You like flying Lily?” John asked.

“Yes sir, she’s a sweet ride.” Ben giggled.

“Thanks’ for watching our back today,” John said as he handed Ben a gold coin.

“Your welcome dad.” Ben giggled. Ben and John traded salutes again.

“Second Lieutenants Chuck and Beth.” John looked over at Mary. She pointed up with a single finger.

“Yes father,” They both answered.

“I need to correct my introductions, First Lieutenant Chuck Taylor and First Lieutenant Beth Taylor.” John handed each a gold coin. John had purchased a safe for each of the new arrivals, so all the kids had a home safe now. With 11 people and kids in the house, it was difficult maintaining a private space. The safes helped in that manner a little bit.

John motioned, “Come here.” He wrapped up the two kids in a three-way hug. You two did fantastic today. Son, daughter go hug your mom!” The two kids giggled and ran off.

“Twelve and nine?” Roger asked.

“Six and five. They were born on earth, but their parents came from somewhere else.” John shared, “Chuck my adopted son will grow to be 10’ to 12’ tall.”

“Sam, and Mary.” John laughed, “No Ice Cream?”

“John, we’re going home to make plans,” Mary said.

“John looked at Mary, then at Sam, as he handed them an ounce of gold each, “Plans, that’s simple get married, have babies, and live happily ever after!”

“Thank you, Mr. President. I’ll put that at the top of the page we use for planning!” Sam said. Everyone laughed.

“See you guys in the morning?” John asked.

“Mr. President, I have a doctor’s appointment at 8:00 AM,” Mary said.

“See you at 9:00 AM then?” John looked at Jenny and got a nod.

“Yes, sir!” Mary said.

“Before 8:00 sir!” Sam smiled, “Thank you again.”

“See you two tomorrow.” John continued to sit there eating his ice cream cone while talking to Chet, Roger, and the Marines. Most of his 12 oz. steak cooked medium rare went into a doggie bag. Another doggie bag with a large steak bone also was placed on the table for Barket.

“Peter and Patty.” John stood and gave them both a hug, “Congratulations to both of you.” John was happy to see all his family smiling. Johnny and Teresa had moved close to Jenny as some of the spots had opened. Inga and Jenny were talking a lot, “Peter and Patty, you two were flying with Chuck and Beth?”

“Dad that was the experience of a lifetime,” Peter said.

“Chet asked, “How many children do you have.”

“Counting Peter and Patty and Tony and Willa there is seventeen when we have a family cookout.”

“What about Bill and Nancy and Sam and Mary?” Peter asked.

“Well, I didn’t formally adopt them as I did you.” John laughed, “When Jenny and I left Seattle Peter and Patty was with us. We didn’t know it then, but by the time we got to the pass we could look back and see water covering the road that we had been on a few miles behind us. On the trip we learned of a hundred school buses with kids on them had arrived in Omak. 5,000 kids that the community was going to have to absorb. For a short time, they were living on mattresses in the school gyms. Jenny and I made the decision to adopt. We were faced with Tony and his 6 brothers and sisters. They have lost their Banker Father and Mother in L.A. Later we found out that their father Antony Taylor was my second cousin. So, Tony and his brothers and sisters are relatives of mine that I had no idea even existed. I’m happy to say all of the kids out of Seattle have a home now.” John smiled.

“So, you are used to taking in strays,” Mac said.

“I love them all.” John turned to Patty, “New baby. I used to say when Johnny was born that he was like a train hitting the side of the house in a nice way.” Everybody laughed.

“We are going to need a bigger car,” Patty said.

“I’ve suggested to Kevin at Lockheed to build a 225. Something that will go 1,000 miles per hour and hold a family of five. Like the Jetsons. It wouldn’t need to be space worthy and if it could fly then we wouldn’t need roads.” John was pleased to see smiles from all that were listening.

“What if someone needed an 8-passenger vehicle?” Roger asked.

“Then a 228. And if someone needed 11 seats then a 228+3 or 231.”

“Was this how the 335 and the 445 came about?” Chet asked.

“The 335 was built on the plan of the F-35 only about twice as big. The 445 was built on the ‘What if Principle,’ like could we get a bathroom in it and could we fit twice as many people and can we have it fly faster with more and bigger weapons. I don’t know anything about the 555, but the 665 was built on Alien saucer technology from several different Alien Worlds.” John shared.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” Chet asked.

“Breakfast here at 7:00 AM. We go to the bank and I pay all of you 4 months wages. I turn you over to Peter and Patty and they start the process of teaching you how to stop a bullet and how to transport anywhere.”

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Chet said.

“Chet, I’m going to escort First Lady Tripp to the hotel and set up a guard. See you at 7:00.” Roger said.

“Thanks, Roger. See you at 7:00 here.” Chet got up saluted the President and headed out.

“Is he doing okay?” John asks Roger.

“Yes, he is excited about tomorrow. We were talking to Sam on the way back from the battle. All of us are very excited about learning how to stop a bullet, Mr. President. Thank you, sir!” What Roger didn’t say was, so what happened to Tripp didn’t ever happen again.

John saluted Roger and made his way to his original seat next to Jenny. Jenny pulled John down and gave him a kiss, “We were just talking about men.” Jenny said.

“I would rather talk about women,” John said looking at Jenny.

“Not spaceships?” Jenny asked, “I’m sure you are going to fall in love with a spaceship and fly off somewhere.”

“Only if this woman goes with me,” John said. Jenny reached up and kissed John again.

“Take me home then, maybe I can get some sleep while these two are quiet.” Jenny was feeling her tummy.

John and the family said their goodbyes just as Sally came in, “Where have you been, young lady?” John laughed.

“I was with President Pusin and Demetri watching the films from their ships today. Then I was on Russian TV for an hour. I am a Russian Celebrity. Mom and Dad, I was a gunner on the 445 that Demetri was flying. Vid was in the other 445 acting as our wingman. It was so exciting. Vid gave me this. He agrees with you we need to make sure the volunteers feel valued.” Sally had a gold coin with a bear on the front, “Oh and I have a note for you.”

John, give me a call if you have more fun planned. I will pay the Russian men and women a Bear. Sally saved three of my men. Maybe even Demetri, herself and others. She is being called Demetri’s Angel by all of Russia. See you on Friday. Vid

“Sally, how did you save Demetri and others?” John asked. He handed the note to Jenny.

“We got hit with a really big energy weapon. I was working on the pilot of the 335 that collided with one of the Nanux ships. His seat broke, and his face hit the dash. Mommy, he was bad. His nose was broken, his right eye had popped. He had many broken ribs and his hip was broken. He had bruising going on all over his body. We got him into our ship and I kept asking for God to help. Demetri said I went somewhere else. He could see through me and the other two gunners were healed simply by watching me. The man was talking to me. He kept calling me Demetri’s Angel. I worked on his nose, then his chest. He was able to take a deep breath finally and then I got his hip healed. I then started on his eye. It was bad. It took 15 or 20 minutes before he could open his eyes. It was the most wonderful thing to hear him say I can see again. The two gunners went back to their ship and got back into the fight.” Sally reported.

“How did you save Demetri and the others, honey?” Jenny asked.

“I guess by raising the vibrations. We got hit with a big energy weapon, but it only knocked out Boris Two. We call him BT for short. Demetri had one of the gunners turn the power off to BT. Demetri then held the restart button on as he toggled the 6 power plants. They came on. He hit the cloaking and shields and they showed green. Our engines, lasers, and canons all showed green. We were in business. Several minutes later BT woke up with a ‘Hello’.” Sally said, “This I learned from Demetri because I was focused on the injured Pilot.”

John looked at Jenny with this look ‘I knew there had to be a way to fly manual.’

“I wonder why the pilot’s seat broke?” Jenny asked.

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