Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 3

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Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Interstate 90 heading for Spokane Washington.

January 6, 2019. A little after 7:00 AM.

“Another place where they won’t take greenbacks.” Inga was getting desperate, “How much gas is left?”

“Just over a half a tank. The other one is empty. Probably 250 miles.” Roger said

“Brien, how many days since we left home?” Inga asked her son.

“124 days mom!” Brien said.

“Where do you keep that?” Chet asked Brien and got him to laugh as Chet pointed to spots on his body while asking “Here? Here? Here?”

Four and a half hours later the very tired and hungry travels pulled into a gas station in Brewster, Washington. They had missed a poorly marked turnoff and ended up going an additional 20 miles in the wrong direction. Roger got out, stretched then walked into the office for the gas station. This was a mini-mart and he said “Hi” to the lady behind the counter.

“What can I do for you?” The lady asked.

‘We need gas, and all we have to pay for it is greenbacks.” Roger stated the problem.

Inga and Brien walked in and stood beside Roger.

“One minute, let me get the boss.” The women disappeared and a minute later returned with a man.

“Tess, I told you we don’t take greenbacks anymore!” The man said then turned to the three, “Where are you from and where are you headed?”

Inga said, “We’re looking for Father John Taylor.”

The man started to say something then stopped and just looked at Inga, then Brien, then a long look at Roger wearing his Marine Fatigues then back to Inga, “You’re the First Lady.”

Inga nodded, “Can you help us?”

“I sure can, give me a minute.” The man pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. When he got a hello, “John, any babies yet?”

“No Howard. But, soon, she is looking like she’s going to explode. How can I help you today?”

“Well Mr. President, I have the pleasure to have another First Lady, Mrs. Tripp standing in front of me. I’ll pass the phone to her.” Howard did just that.

When Howard called John Taylor Mr. President, Inga and Roger looked at each other. Brien asked, “What? Why? How?”

“I’ll ask Brien.” Inga took the phone, “Mr. Taylor, how did you become President?” Inga kneeled so Brien could hear the man speak over the phone with her.

“I guess I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We had a Constitutional Convention and the motion was made and the next thing I knew, I was voted in as the Temporary President.” John said.

“Have they tried to kill you?” Inga asked.

“On many different occasions with many different methods,” John answered while laughing.

“You must be a good guy then, where are all of the bad guys?” Brien asked.

“Brien?” John asked.

“Yes, sir!”

“The clear majority of bad guys are in hell. It has been my job to prepare the planet for Heaven. That should happen in about a month and a half.”

“Are we safe?” Inga asked.

“As long as you don’t drive too fast and slide into the river, you’re pretty safe.”

“Is there any place for us to stay?”

“How many in your party?”

“We will need four rooms with two beds.” Inga said, “Mr. President, we only have greenbacks.”

“I will exchange your greenbacks for gold and silver coins. Are you interested in a job?” John asked.

“Yes. My last job was to help find the perps that kidnapped children and young women for Pedophiles, Satan’s Rituals, or the sex trade. Are there any left in the world?” Inga asked.

“No. They have all gone into the sun.” John answered, “They’ve all gone to hell!”

“OMG, I just got a visual of that happening. They get near the sun and blow apart. UGH, thank you God!

“It is something I will never forget and hope to never see again.” John said.

“John I was just handed a cup of hot coffee and a little chicken sandwich with a slice of tomato and real mayo on it with French Fries on the side. Real food. We have gone through almost all of our supplies and had the last of our Oatmeal this morning with a cup of hot water.”

“Enjoy your snack and drive carefully. I will buy you all lunch in the best restaurant in the state, maybe in all the states. See you soon. Give me back to Howard.”

“Howard, figure up the bill, take it to our branch down there and have them pay you. If they have any concerns, have them call me.” John said.

“I figured you would do that. John, I have hated politics all my life. In the last six months, every time I think of politics, I laugh and giggle. Thank you, Mr. President. Once again I am proud to be an American Citizen!” Howard said.

“Thank you, Howard. Your words mean a lot. I must be doing something right! Be sure to read this week’s newspaper that Seth puts out. We are going to put a trillion dollars into our infostructure just like President Tripp planned to do.” John giggled, “I finally have the funding.”

“Maybe fix this excuse for a road? I will go get it right now. Thank you, John.”

Howard went to his office and went to the Omak Review’s website. Sure enough, there was the article that John had referenced. Howard printed off the eight pages. He glanced at it and whistled as he got the gist of it. He took the pages to the front and handed them to Mrs. Tripp, “I think both President John Taylor and President Tripp would like for you to have this. It is this week’s newspaper for the area. I understand it is being read by millions of people from all over the Continent. It can also be found on the internet.”

Inga glanced at the news article, “I think I know what I want to do!”

“What are you thinking Mrs. Tripp?” Howard asked.

“I want to be involved in making our roads safe in America,” Inga stated with conviction.

With the snow and ice, it took an hour and a half to drive the 30 miles to Omak, Washington. They made a left onto highway 20 crossing “The Bridge” where Tony, Willa and the Fisher kids had stopped 99 convicts. They turned right at 2nd street, the main drag and continued until they spotted the National Bank Sigh on the left. They parked in the parking lot and made their way into the bank.

“Can I help you? Oh, First Lady Tripp!” Barbara called out, “John?”

John held up a single finger asking for a moment. He hit send on his phone. He stood up as Sam did, “First Lady Tripp, I am so very glad to meet you.” John said as he and Sam moved in her direction.

Jenny with Willy and Lucy arrived, “Weeeeeeeee!” Jenny and the kids were laughing as they transported into the Lobby of the bank.

Roger and Chet had seen Jenny and the kids materialize in front of them. Chet and Sam both showed their badges to each other as their eyes measured the other up.

“Why do you have both an FBI and a US Marshall’s badge?” Chet asked.

“I’m the last FBI guy left in the land. I saved the First Lady Taylor’s life long ago. The President thought a US Marshall’s position might come in handy.” Sam smiled.

“So, you are not part of his security detail?” Roger asked.

Sam nodded, “Yes I am, along with a few Marines.”

Roger turned to Chet, “You might be out of a job Chet!” Roger was laughing.

“Maybe I can rejoin the Marine Corp and be your boss,” Chet growled back.

“Who are you, Chet?’ Sam asked.

“I joined the Corp when I was a kid in 95. Became a Warrant Office around 02, worked up to WO-3 by 2012 and got out after 20 years in 2015. Joined the Secret Service in 15 and I have overseen the White House for Tripp. We have stopped over two dozen attempts, no one believed they would send 300 at us.” Chet sounded sad and angry, “Not a f----king clue!”

“Are you willing to work for me as my #2?”

“As FBI?” Chet didn’t sound happy.

“No, as a US Marshall. Everyone that protects our leaders and their families are either US Marshalls or Marines now.” Sam said. When he saw the smile, Sam reached into his desk drawer and picked out a new US Marshalls Badge. It had Number “2” on it. He handed it to Chet, “Do you swear to uphold the Law and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic?”

“I Chesterfield White certainly do agree and swear to uphold the law and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, sir!”

“First order, please continue taking care of First Lady Tripp and her family. The second thing you will be starting in a class tomorrow to learn how to stop bullets. All of you.” Sam looked at Roger and the other Marines, “Any questions?”

The first Lady Tripp had been asking Jenny how she could just show up when she got distracted by what was going on with Chet. She was standing near John and Jenny watching Sam swear in Chet. Brien was getting to know Willy and Lucy. Lucy asked a question, “Brien, I was like you. I had the Down thing. Do you want to be healed?”

Brien looked off into space, then he nodded yes.

“Come, Brien, let’s have you sit down?” Lucy took Brien’s hand and led him over to one of the chairs at the work table.

“Mommy, daddy help me, please. We’re going to give Brien a healing. He said yes!” Lucy told everyone.

“Inga whispered in Jenny’s ear, “Can she do that?”

Jenny looked at Inga, “Our Lucy is a force of nature, and Brien is going to be healed.”

“Mommy, please stand behind. Willy, touch his knees and ground. Daddy help me run energy. Brien’s mommy, please touch his right shoulder and send him love. Sam, help Willy ground. The doctor too, help Willy ground.” Lucy then said the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever.” Lucy was standing on the chair with her feet between Brien’s legs. Her hands had turned blue and were covering Brien’s ears. John had covered her hands with his. Jenny had her hands-on top of Brien’s head. John and Jenny had their eyes locked on each other and both wore smiles from ear to ear. Inga was concerned until she saw the faces of John and Jenny.

Inga thought, “That’s pride in their little girl. This is going to happen. A smile appeared on her face too. Brien moved, then moved again. He let out a moan. Then another louder moan, then he raised his hands and slowly drew Lucy to him in a hug, “Thank you!” He said as he cried happy tears, “Mommy everything is different. It’s like my head has been rewired.”

“Thank you, God,” Inga said.

“Amen to that!” Dr. Osborn said.

“Corporal, your next. Have a seat then we’ll go for lunch.” John said. The man sat and within three minutes he was laughing. In one of the battles after they crossed the Mississippi, he had gotten hit. Thank God for the doctor, or he would have lost his arm.

John and Jenny guided Inga and the group across the street to Sou’s Family Restaurant. As they seated Willy gave Lucy a high five.

“Thank you, big brother.” Lucy smiled.

“Your welcome.”

John noticed the two Marines standing as if on guard, “Marines, we are in a place that is as safe as can be. Have a seat. Our friend here serves a Buffalo Steak with French Fries and a large salad. The steak can be 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 ounces. I highly recommend ordering it medium rare. Buffalo meat has little or no fat and can be over cooked pretty easily.” John looked at Willy, “Is the smoked salmon and corn chowder still wonderful?”

“Yes, Daddy. It’s the best!” Willy said.

The two Marines sat down at John’s table where they could best watch if anyone looked dangerous.

“How much have you had to eat lately?” John asked.

“Mr. President, I am Doctor Phillip Osborn, we all have lost some weight. First Lady Tripp has lost maybe 15 or more pounds.” Dr. Osborn said.

Jenny and the doctor started talking. She then turned to John, “We will start with a bowl of chowder for the adults with lots of saltines.” Jenny turned to Inga, “Does Brien like fish?”

“He loves all kind of fish.” Inga smiled at her son.

The three kids had become the best of friends. “You fly spaceships?” Brien asked.

Sam was close and started telling Brien what was going on with spaceships and that there were also openings in the Cadet Space Program that he could join. When he was done Brien had a question. John and Jenny had been filling Inga in on the space program and spaceships.

“Mom, I would like to join the Cadet Space Program?”

Before an answer was heard a Navy, Officer came walking towards the President’s table. Sam stood and said loudly, “Admiral on deck, Attention!”

Everyone stood at attention and John helped Jenny stand then the two stood very formally. Sam had helped Willy and Lucy by pulling their chairs out away from the table, so they too could stand at attention. Brien caught on and stood at attention. He even saluted since everyone including the President was.

Admiral Kennady saluted and said, “At ease, please return to what you were doing. May I join you for lunch?” She wore a big smile and was giggling.

“Absolutely Admiral Kennady. You are always most welcome.” John smiled.

Mary Kennady sat down next to Sam. The two kissed and everyone realized they were a couple.

The orders were taken by Sou Lok himself. A 19-year-old young lady followed Sou around setting up water glasses full of ice and water. She also had coffee and cups on her flying board. For the young people, she poured large glasses of orange juice. Brien and his mother both asked for a glass of orange juice. Before Sou was done taking orders, the smoked salmon chowder was being delivered to everyone. Soon, everyone was crushing crackers into chowder and eating away.

Peter in his black pants, black sweatshirt Marine Corp Cap with captain’s bars on it came into the restaurant, seeing John and Jenny, he made his way to them, “Father John, we have some half-frozen Marines that claim to be part of the white house guard that just arrived in one of the boxcars by train.”

“Have them brought here Peter.” John directed. When Peter was done with his phone call, John introduced him to the First Lady Tripp and others.

Within minutes twelve malnourished and very cold men were brought into Sou’s. Three of the men were wounded and were placed flat on top of nearby tables. Jenny, John and the kids left their seats and started working on the wounded men. Sou and his wife came out to help, sending their wait staff off to gather any towels or any other needed items. Dr. Osborn was right there taking orders when necessary. Within ten minutes the twelve were at the Presidents Table crushing saltines into their bowls of chowder.

The meal continued. Many orders of 12 oz. Steak and Eggs. By the time dessert was thought of, Willy stood in his high chair and said about five words, “Ice Cream, unm unm good!” People were still working on their coffee when Willy and Lucy got their four scoop cones.

Brien looked to his mom with the question? His mother looked at the cones and choose to celebrate and have one too. She caught the eye of the young lady that was serving them.

“Yes, mam?”

“Please bring us, my son and me a cone each. It’s time to celebrate!” Inga said the last loud enough for the whole table to hear.

“How do you want to celebrate?” Jenny asked.

“With ICE CREAM!” Inga laughed.

“How was your lunch, Inga?” Jenny asked.

“Best meal in my life. How much does something like that cost?” Inga asked.

“With the bowl of Chowder, 8 oz. steak, French Fries, cole slaw, coffee, and desert maybe $1.50.” John smiled.

“So that would be like $15 before the Earth Changes. Do people like the changes?” Inga asked.

“Yes, they do. Slowly the number of personal checks is starting to rise. I have also agreed to a proposal on plastic debit cards to be developed. Congress is very active discussing it.” John smiled, “We have almost a hundred entries every day on the Blog Thread concerning that topic. As for being happy, $20 goes a lot further and is easier to earn than the $200 before the earth Changes. To have $200 before we had to earn between $300 and $400. The company that employed us had to generate around $400 to $500 to pay you that $200 after taxes, pensions, and healthcare. Only a small minority of people even made fifteen hundred a week in gross pay. Now everyone that is working full time makes a hundred a week net.” John answered, “And it buys like the $1,500 before.”

“Is a hundred a week livable?” Inga asked.

“We plan and budget. There will be thirteen of us to feed and clothe when the twins are born. There is hardly a day goes by without laughter. We have our bumps and bruises, but those are quickly healed. We have our fights between the boys and the girls, but we girls outnumber the boys, so we always win!” Jenny ended because she was laughing too hard to talk.

“Hey?” John and Inga were both laughing too.

“Wow! Real people, it feels like I’m home like I’m with family again.” Inga said, “Thank you!”

“You are home. This family has almost 50,000 spread throughout the county now. Probably that many more though out the country. There is not one that I wouldn’t fight for and if I had a need, everyone would stand beside me, knowing that we would win. When we landed the first of the 124 spaceships in the town square, it was like a Carnival for big and small alike. The number one discussion in the newspaper, in the tavern, even in here was have you sat in the spaceship yet and this is what I experienced!” John was laughing, “Some of those kids were into their 80’s and 90’s and they all could imagine flying to the moon. So, we started giving them rides to do just that.” John looked to Jenny with a question? When Jenny nodded, “Would you like to fly around the moon today?”

Inga looked at her son. She noticed, he had stopped breathing, waiting for his mother’s answer, “Yes, that would be a dream!” Inga smiled when her son took another breath, “How do you get through the Van Allen Belt?”

John laughed. He realized he was not the only one that questioned the 1969 moon landing or the ones that followed, “A very good shield. One that will keep out any radiation and shield the heat long enough, so 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t melt the entire ship and cook everything inside. I’m happy to say we have been around the moon and back many times.” John turned in the direction of Admiral Kennady, “Admiral Kennady, is the 665 available for a trip around the moon for our guests?”

“Yes, Sir. Shall I have Tito Park Out Front?” Mary Kennady asked.

“Yes, Admiral! Make it so!” John laughed

John signaled for Tamie the waitress to bring the bill. In a few minutes, it was in John’s hands. He looked at it, then reached into his pocket and extracted two ounces of silver, “That was a great lunch Tamie, keep the change for your tip. Tell Sou, it was a wonderful meal and thank him for us!”

“Thank you, sir.” Tamie smiled, “It was my pleasure to serve you today.”

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