Gaia, Mother Earth! Book 3 of A Thousand Years of Peace!
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Fourth Dimension!

Copyright© 2018 by A Carpenter's Son

February 21, 2019.

Two days after the kids were born, Nancy and Jenny were talking. “I think I have too much help!” Jenny complained, “I still have not had to learn how to change a diaper yet.” The two women laughed.

“Tell John he has almost a hundred loans on his desk that need his signature.” Nancy suggested, “Sam and I have been double checking them to make sure everything is correct. All he needs to do is a quick review and sign them.”

So, the morning of the 22nd of February John was at his desk doing quick reviews and signing away. He had found a strange message taped to the center of his desk that morning when he came in at 7:00, “The President of the United States of America would like to meet with you at 10:00 AM. He will fly into Spokane International at 9:00 AM PST. John called Vid and left a message to call back. At 7:12 AM he got a call from Vid, “Hello Vid, how are you doing?”

“John we just got hit early yesterday by a wave out of the west that cracked a few windows and knocked a few books off the shelves and a few of the pictures off the walls. A couple of hours later we got hit by another wave out of the east that did the same.” Vid shared, “When we calculate from your time of 9:27 PM on the 19th it looks like you might get hit around 11:11 AM your time today. We calculate the wave is traveling at 636 miles per hour at the equator.”

“We were told that would happen. Interesting. I would have thought the two waves would have canceled each other out.” John replied.

“My scientists don’t know what to make of it.” Vid laughed, “When I tell them it is the 4th-dimensional wave, they look at me strangely.” The two men laughed.

“Vid tell them to talk to God!”

“I will. How are the little ones?” Vid asked.

“They’re fine. I got chased out of the house this morning. Jenny has an army doing everything for her. So far she hasn’t even had to change a diaper.” John laughed. “On another matter Vid, I got a message from the old President. He is coming today for a meeting. Apparently, he and part of the old government has just crawled out of the man-made caves that were made on the east coast.”

“John, you need any help?” Vid asked.

“No, I have four thousand Minute Men that are looking for something to do.” John laughed, “Without war, what do we do with all of these people?”

“Give them a good life. Have them build roads and bridges and ports and let’s give the engineers time so we can go to other galaxies.” Vid said.

“I totally agree. Thank you, Vid for being my friend.” John said.

“It’s been pretty easy being your friend since your son saved my life. Probably twice.” Vid explained, “Please share how your meeting goes.”

“I will talk to you later.” John and Vid said goodbye. John looked at the clock. He had two hours to put things in motion. John called Jenny.

The Caver President was on time. John had stationed the F-665 along with three Minute Men at the Spokane airport to fly the Caver President to Omak. He had Brad and Gloria also dressed in black as the Minutemen and women did. Admiral Mary Kennady with two men was in Virginia, one of the new F-775s. Admiral Kennady would escort The President to Sou’s Family Restaurant. Mary had Tito the AI in the F-665 follow them with the rest of his party.

John had been asking God questions regarding who, what and why. John did not like what he was hearing. The Vice President and others of the old USA had been killed in the caves. From First Lady Tripp and party, they had learned of the elected President Tripp of the USA had been gunned down with his Cabinet in the White House a day before Washington and the east coast sunk below the Atlantic. Why would a government spend Trillions of dollars on Emergency Provisions then leave their elected leader vulnerable to die in the White House? John heard “For the same reason Presidents or other leaders often get killed.” God responded, “Power, Control, and Greed! Do not worry about today.”

“Thank you, God!” John said aloud.

While John was making phone calls, he received a text from Vid: “We want 2 come 2 meet?”

John sent back, “Yes. You R welcome.”

He got another call from Poncho Bautista from Mexico, “John, I am hearing from God to come to a meeting?”

John laughed, “You and Maria are very welcome.” John told Poncho when and where to come and to get ready for 3’ of snow. They had one of the 335’s and would make good use of it.

Brian Soule had gotten an Honorary Ph.D. from the University of Havana for freeing Cuba. Everyone now called him Professor Soule. He then had become the Governor of Cuba, much like Poncho did in Mexico. With the people of Cuba voting almost unanimous on becoming a state of the United States. Governor Soule also called, and Nancy told him to come. Nancy invited the Marine Corp Commandant and Admiral Wiggins also. General Frank was coming and many of the Senators and the New Speaker of the House, Representative Stennis Smith. John had laughed for the longest time when he heard Stennis was going to be the speaker of the House. He finally said, “Serves him right for nominating me as President.” Then he chuckled off and on for an hour as he worked on loans.

A few minutes after nine, John went over to Sou’s.

“Good Morning Mr. Lok. How are you today sir?” John asked.

“I’m fine Mr. President. We almost have your table ready. How are your babies?” Sou asked.

“Mr. President, not John?” John asked.

“Mr. President, we go to God last night, you have many important people coming today. Nancy confirmed. We set up the table and make space for 136 people. We will have room for many people to sit in the space.” Mr. Sou Lok shared, “We have our new ceiling in. What do you think?”

“Is it 12’ high?”

“Yes, Mr. President. We got our 10’ door on the east end too.” Sou shared, “Our TVs are now all hooked up to a cable box that we can control what the input is. One of the channels is KAYU in Spokane. They will be here today filming.”

“The ceiling will be nice for our bigger guests.” John looked at the table and realized that Sam was involved. The table had the same configurations as the table at Lockheed. Maybe just a bit bigger. Mr. Sou Lok was correct, the four sides had tables with two chairs between each small table. On the north side were 3’ X 8’ tables with chairs on the outside of the space facing in.

“Sou, you said the TV station is going to be here?” John asked.

“Yes, they are the ones that put the boxes in. They said they can plug the camera into any one box and the world will see you, Mr. President.” Sou laughed at John’s sour face.

“Who is sitting there?” John asked as he pointed to many chairs outside of the part on the other side of the long tables facing in.

“Those are for our local bigwigs.” Mr. Sou Lok giggled.

Nancy along with Peter and Patty came into the area with table tents with names on them, “Good morning Mr. President.” The three announced.

“Mr. President, please talk to our host here about price. The man wants nothing for a whole lot of work. Mr. Sou Lok, it looks wonderful. What is the final number?” Nancy asked.

“One hundred thirty-six total. Seventy-two at the big table. Thirty-four at little tables and thirty-two along the tables outside.” Mr. Sou Lok was pointing at each area.

John followed Peter and Patty around the table as they placed the table tents, “Where do I sit Patty.” John asked.

“Over there at the head in your normal place.” Patty had her hands on her hips, but she also had a big smile on her face. There before John and the world was a large table tent with

John Taylor President of the United States Nominated Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy

Next to him on his left was “First Lady and possibly Empress Jennifer Roberts Taylor”. John was surprised to see on his right was a table tent for “Roberta Roths Taylor.” As John looked around the space he spotted the name, Sally Taylor, next to Demetri Romanov. John looked again, Demetri was using his real name? John looked at a large table tent for Pope James. As John looked to the right against the wall he spotted a table tent for Lady Marigold from Vextor, “So we see you again. I’m glad.” John said to the vision of her face. He heard in his head, “On the way Lord John!” John continued to the east end of the table. On the right again was Lord Heat and Lady Ada. When he looked at the end he started laughing, there on the table was a place card with “Wesley George Treece.” Is this the last Treece alive on Earth?” John asked. He was pleased to hear, “Yes, but not for long!”

“11:11 AM?” John asked. He was more pleased to hear “Yes!”

John responded with, “Thank you, Father.”

He looked at the time on his phone, “9:11.” Two hours. He checked his appearance, black silk wool suit, purple tie. His shoes were polished black with a shine. He went over to his chair and sat. He liked to visualize his surroundings. He wished for a pen and notepad. He blinked and there on the table was exactly what he wanted. In thirty minutes, he had several pages filled when he felt a presence next to him. He looked up and smiled.

“Your daughter is not happy. She wants her daddy.” Jenny was just a bit frustrated. She set a carrier on the table with a fussy little girl in it. John reached over and as soon as he placed his finger in the little hand Gaia settled down and “Cooed”.

John felt a calm come over him. He realized he was ready and the world plus parts of the Galaxy were coming to see him.

The first two men through the door were Admiral Bill Wiggins and General Robert Nell, Commandant of the Marine Corp. Right behind them were General Green of the Army 82nd Airborne Division and Full Bird Colonel Stanley of the Space Forces. With the four men were eight Marines dressed in their Dress Uniforms with white holsters with a nine-millimeter pistol on their waist.

“Good morning Mr. President.” First, Admiral Wiggins then General Nell shook hands with John. Then General Green and Colonel Stanley did also.

“Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you my staff and aid. Sam Fredrick Director of Finances of the FBI. His position is now as the #1 US Marshall of the land.” John said.

The four military men shook hands with Sam, “You saved the First lady in Oregon?” General Nell asked.

“Yes sir, she also saved both of our lives.” Sam replied, “I had been wounded, passed out and Jenny shot the last two bad guys and figured out how to call 911 on my phone for help.”

Jenny had come up to the group, “Gentlemen, Sam saved my life. That’s the story and all there is to that story, end of story!”

“Yes, mam and that’s the story we will share.” Admiral Bill laughed as he looked to all the men for their agreement.

The Commandant spotted two that he knew, “Excuse me, Gentlemen and First Lady. Peter, and Patty, how are you two. I see you survived Mexico.”

“Hi, Commandant. How’s your Marine Corp.?” Peter asked shaking hands while Patty gave the General a hug.

“Marine Corp is doing well. You must tell me about Mexico. You succeeded, you must have seen some action?” General Nell asked.

“Yes, but our real heroes are these five over there.” Peter motioned for Tony, Willa, Brad, Gloria, and Jesus with his fiancé Julia to join the group, “They are the ones that took down the corrupt Mexican Army.”

“I read that, but how?” The Commandant asked.

Peter brought him up to speed, telling the story. It got quiet, “General do you think they would make good Marines?” John asked.

“Sir, with your permission, I would like to make them all Marines, give them all field ranks and have them retrain our Beloved Corp with this no shooting and take all prisoners to God?” General Nell asked.

“It has been said shooting bullets with guns has become obsolete, Sir.” Tony shared, “We agree with that!”

“What if we make them Marines with their current rank right now until this meeting is over. Maybe we can eliminate the potential for a civil war today.” John suggested. His four Marines were also standing nearby in their Marine Corp best. The fifteen Marines that had been part of the White House Guard were there too. They were also included in the conversation. They too had on a dress uniform with a pistol in a white holster.

The General looked around, “Fill this area with them and let everybody know they have multiple eyes on them if they ever think about pulling a weapon. Dress Blues for all?”

“Yes. Put swords on them too!” John smiled, “And make Sam a Full Bird Colonel.”

Yes, Sir.” The General signaled to all of the Marines to come near, “We’re going to God for a few minutes.

“Ready, let’s go!” The transport happened. Even the four that was John’s regular guard and the fifteen that had come from the White House were included. A few minutes later the General and thirty-five of the coolest gals and dudes in the world took up their stations. Eight at the front door and eight more at the opening and the nineteen around the President’s Table. All the thirty-five including the Commandant wore a dress sword and a 9 mm sidearm in a white holster. They even had the proper campaign metals on their blazers.

Sam looked at his seven medals, one for the Korean Air Battle, another for Antarctica, two for the Nanux, Expert with a Rifle, Expert with a pistol, and a good service metal and smiled. The General had explained that one did not become a Full Colonel without being an example of good service to our nation. Before they came back the General had them touch God again and the Expert Badges for the Rifle and Pistol were added to each uniform. The General even visualized a special metal with a target with crosshairs coming together dead center, “Willa if anybody asks, tell them you are the best shot in the world! Think you can pull that off?”

“Yes, Sir!” Willa snaps off a very good salute to the General.

He had the 15 Marines from the White House stand together as a group as he addressed them, “The President has called me, and we spoke for three hours about what happened at the White House. Today we are interested in one thing, to prevent a Civil War between President John Taylor and remnants of the old government. I’m going to have you men wear the Congressional Medal of Honor. If Congress does not agree, we will have to replace the metal with something else. So far, this Congress has agreed with everything that President John Taylor has wanted. This is a priority for you and for those that gave their lives to protect President Tripp. I am in favor of this action wholeheartedly. Does everyone understand?”

It was easy to tell that this group of men, to a man, were not happy with being considered hero’s when their charge had died, “Gentlemen I see by your emotions your commitment to the job of protecting the Commander and Chief. You have already fought beside President Taylor. Is he worth protecting? Answer with an Ooo-raw if you agree.”


“Is his family, who you have fought beside showing no lack of courage, worth fighting for?”


“Who was the first to heal your wounds earned in a victory over those that killed President Tripp? The First Lady Taylor. Is she worth fighting for?”


“History tells us of George Washington at the Battle of the Monongahela on July 9, 1755, of having two horses shot out from under him. His jacket also had four bullet holes in it along with fragments of lead in his hair. Men were falling all around him, his front line was wavering, but he exposed himself to give his men courage. We understand President Tripp died with two pistols in his hands. When President Taylor went looking for the people that took 4 to 5 million humans a year, all he knew was he had Tito the 665 and possibly Lily a 445 and a few others behind him to face the unknown. What did he do when he saw the enemy?”

Sergeant Rogers step forward, “Sir, he offered anyone that felt this was not their fight to leave.”

“Sergeant, did anyone waver?” The General asked.

“NO SIR! I don’t think anyone even blinked.” Sergeant Rogers smiled.

“Our people are eating, working and have a future. And, we have some exciting times ahead of us. I ask this of everyone here, is John Taylor and his family worth dying for?”


From God, they all heard, “Thank you, my sons!”

Over the course of many seconds was heard, “Thank you, Father! From all as individuals.”

“Let’s go to work. Dismissed!” General Nell had achieved his goal. He pushed the loss of President Tripp to a place where he knew he would get 110% from his Marines today. He felt what they were attempting might not be as easy as threading a needle in a hurricane. But then again, what had been achieved so far had been at least that.

General Nell took his seat at the table. John had just looked at the Marines. He wore a big smile as he and the General traded looks. John didn’t know what had happened, but the Marines he was looking at looked about 6” taller and more than ready to take on the dragon. John could feel their presence. That was more than what he had hoped for.

John was listening to the Admiral as he told General Nell, General Green and Colonel Stanley of the Air Battle with ISIS when Peter escorted General Frank and Admiral Skee in, “Here he is General.” Peter returned to the front door.

“What do you have Henry?” John asked.

“Sir, can we move so the Admirals and Generals can hear?” General Henry Frank asked.

“Let’s do that.” John got up. He introduced General Frank all around. Some only knew him by phone but had not met him in person.

When they were sitting across from the Two Admirals and General Nell, “Mam, Gentlemen, and Mr. President. We have lost our army and air force officer corps throughout the world. My wife and I have been in contact with the 170 bases we have worldwide since the Birth of John’s Children. The waves that are circling the world have removed most of our officers, lifers, and guys that do secret things. We believe what we are hearing, the CIA has been heavily involved in, drug trafficking and the procurement of children for the pedophiles and Satanist Activities at many if not all of our bases worldwide.”

“How many people have we lost?” General Nell asked.

“At least a third Sir.” General Frank answered, “Maybe half or more in some of the bases. There are almost 100 bases that are not answering their phones.”

“When does it hit here?” Admiral Bill asked.

“We’ve had it confirmed to be at 11:11 AM this morning,” John answered, “That information came from President Pusin and I have double checked the numbers with God. It will be 11:11.”

“So, if these people coming out of the caves are not ready to move into the fourth dimension, what will happen to them?” Admiral Bill asked.

“The planet may disappear from underneath them.” John shared his theory, “And they end up being left behind our planet as it moves on into space.

“And that may have been what happened to our men and women on our bases. They got left behind because they were not ready to move into Heaven.” Admiral Skee said.

“How fast is our Earth moving?” General Nell asked.

“18.5 miles per second,” John answered, “But that is only around the sun. The sun is also moving through space at an estimate of 7,500 miles per second.”

“So, one second you are drinking coffee with the buds and the next second you’re at least 7,500 miles behind the earth floating in space. One would not be worried about leaving a tip.” Admiral Skee shared.

John looked over at Jenny. She had her giant bib on, which meant that she was covering up a little one having lunch. The two lovers locked eyes, and both smiled. Jenny hadn’t mastered this feeding thing with two at once. She was taking the Gaia’s Water of Life several times every day and with her healing ability, she was enjoying nursing the two babies. Once again, she acknowledged she liked being a mom a whole lot better than she ever did being a daughter.

Brad and Gloria came in. They too were also dressed as Marines with metals on their chest. They were followed by two lighted globes each about two feet in diameter, one was blue, and the other was pink. Brad and Gloria went over to the oversize couch that was placed on a wooden box that made the couch 18” higher than normal. The two lights rested on the couch for a few seconds then started growing.

John turned to the Generals and Admirals, “Welcome to the Fourth Dimension, men! Does anybody have a ‘How to change Dimensions for Dummies’!” Everyone laughed.

“Who are they, John?” Admiral Skee asked.

“Lady Marigold and her mate Lord Kennethly. The title means they are the leaders of their planet. They are also part of the Galactic Triad.” John stood, “In a way, I’m related to them. Excuse me, gentlemen.”

John moved so he was standing in front of the two globes that had grown to 3’ in diameter. Brad and Gloria had stepped back. John turned and gave them a smile and a wink as he admired their uniforms. Tony and Willa stepped into the Conference Area with Vid and two others.

Brad saw the others and stepped up to John, “Mr. President, this will take four to five minutes for these two to re-enter the fourth dimension.”

“Thank you, Brad. When they are completely here, come and get me.”

John moved quickly to Vid and the other two, “President Pusin. How are you today?” John and Vid shook hands.

“President Taylor, I am fine. Maya will be here this afternoon to see the babies. You can’t believe how much trouble this has caused.” The two men laughed, “John, please meet my other good friends General Secretariat Sun Zix of China and Premier Abdala Gandhi of India.”

John shook hands with both then addressed both, “I apologize for not reaching out to both of you at the very least to simply say hi. We, Vid and I and Keven Humphrey’s are the three current unofficial self-appointed members of the Earth Space Council. We want to have both of you join us on that Council. It would mean helping to build and maintaining a viable force of spaceships.”

“Our friend President Pusin has kept us up to date on your progress. You had to have been very busy.” Zix replied, “Vid has been telling us about these two major battles with the ones that have been stealing our people. Yes, we are both eager to be members of this space council. We commend you for your latest battle. I want to introduce General Chang, the director of our Space Program.”

“Thank you for your contributions and thanks to Vid it was a great success! We will make time to talk later. Please excuse me, Lord Kennethly and Lady Marigold are leaders of their planet and members of the Galactic Space Council.” John had left Gaia in her bassinet on the table with Bobby looking after her needs. Bobby had Gaia in her arms, “Here, she wants her daddy.” So, in a blink, John had Gaia in his arms.

John heard this little voice in his head, “Daddy turn.”

John turned towards Lady Marigold and Lord Kennethly, “Daddy please tell them we are so very pleased and excited for them to visit earth.” John heard this in his mind.

Lady Marigold sat up and looked at the little bundle in John’s arms, “I heard her, Lord Taillefer.”


“Yes,” Gaia said in John’s mind, “Lord Kennethly and Lady Marigold if there is anything, we can do for you to make your visit more pleasant let my daddy or the staff know. Thank you again for being here!”

“Yes, Great Mother, if we could have some greens it will help our bodies to adapt to the fourth dimension. We do not need to eat in the fifth dimension and by slowing our vibrations to be seen in the fourth dimension requires us to eat.”

John turned and found George Lok, Sou’s son at his elbow, “Let me serve them, Mr. President.”

John turned back to Lord Kennethly and Lady Marigold, “This is George Lok, a very capable individual. He will serve you and take care of your needs. He is a very good friend of my family.” John turned back to George, “Let me know if you need me for anything regarding our friends here. They are the leaders of their home planet plus makeup part of the Triad of the Galactic Council.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.” George then turned to his duties and John soon saw a serving cart with two very large bowls heaped full of salad fixings, two small bowls with cherry tomatoes, two plates with sliced cucumbers, pickles, black olives and two more plates with a pound of sliced chicken breasts each along with several bottles of salad dressings. On the cart were two very large glasses of water and two pictures of water without ice. John also watched as George made three more trips to the kitchen until all seemed to be content.

John moved to his chair with Gaia in his arms. As he sat, “I love you, Gaia!” She made a happy sound, a wiggle and John heard in his mind, “I love you, daddy.”

John had Willy and Lucy come by to say hi. The twins also wanted to make sure he was holding Gaia properly. There were Sally and Demetri, they sure looked like a couple. Sally had a good grasp of the Russian Language. John laughed when the two conversed in Russian with Tony interrupting what they were saying. Many times, either Demetri or Sally would give Tony dirty looks as he miss-interrupted what had been said. Sally kissed John’s cheek and held Gaia as he shook hands with Demetri, “Are you on duty Demetri?”

“I will be when our First Lady arrives. So, I hitched a ride in our 775 Galena to get here. Our First Lady will be using Zeus later today.” Demetri smiled, “I had our friend to visit. Sally and I have been talking about the latest battles with the Nanux. The odds of those turning out the way they did is over a million to one. We also talked more on the trip across the galaxy.”

“I thank God every day,” John said as the two men laughed. John pointed to their seats.

Poncho Bautista along with Thiago Bargas Sr. and their families showed up. Willy and Thiago Jr. greeted each other then went to check out Tony and Willa in their Marine Corp Dress Blues, “I’m going to wear that when I grow up.” Willy explained to Thiago, “If you want you can too.”

Thiago nodded with this look of envy on his face. Willy was soon to be four and Thiago was just three a couple of months ago. They would both be three for about three months at the same time. No one understood the dynamics of these two boys. They seemed to communicate at some level, even though they spoke different languages. Thiago said a bunch of things in Spanish and Willy nodded and shared his experience with flying the spaceships all in English.

Ben asked, “Willy, what did Thiago say?”

“He wants to fly spaceships when he grows up. I told him I already have, and he thinks that is really neat.” Willy shared, “I told him if I get permission, I’ll take him and Skut for a ride around the Earth.”

A little girl came up to the boys. Lucy came over and said hi.

“Hi Crystal,” Willy said.

“Hi, Lucy and Willy.” Crystal said.

“Good to see you again Crystal,” Ben said.

“Yes!” Crystal said.

John recognized the little girl and laughed at the memory of her taking on Bozo the balloon at the dojo back in May of last year. He noticed she had a red lanyard around her neck.

“Can I see Gaia?” Crystal asked John.

“It’s nice to see you again.” John said, “Yes, you can see Gaia. She tells me she is hungry so let’s go find her mommy.” John giggled as he picked up the baby carrier with Gaia in it, moving towards Jenny with Crystal walking beside talking to Gaia as Gaia held onto a finger with her little hand.

At 9:45 a woman with a 12-year-old boy accompanied by the new US Marshall Chesterfield White. “First Lady Tripp!” John said to Mrs. Tripp.

“Save that for your wife dear sir.” Mrs. Tripp said, “John the more I find out the more I realize you have put this world back together. You have even finished restoring the Republic. Great Job!”

“Have you met your husband with God yet?” John asked.

“Not yet, John, God says he is resting and will be here soon. The last thing he told me was to find you, then he and several of his cabinet members just disappeared right in front of me.” Mrs. Tripp shared with a tear in her eye. The boy held his mom’s hand and looked on with concern.

“He ascended as you know, that’s good, and you will be seeing him again.” John said, “I trust God completely.”

“How is that possible John?” Mrs. Tripp asked.

“The planet has started the final steps into the 4th dimension. Heaven on Earth is for real.” John explained, “Here are your seats. May I introduce to you Lord Kennethly and Lady Marigold of the Planet Vextor?”

“Lord Kennethly and Lady Marigold, may I introduce to you Inga Tripp, also a First Lady of our land.” John stood patiently as his guests acknowledged each other.

Lord Kennethly gently took Inga’s hand and nodded his head to her, “I am pleased to meet you.”

Inga bowed her head to Lord Kennethly, “Thank you, Sir, for being here with us.” She then turned to Lady Marigold, “I am very pleased to meet you.”

“You are going to have a very nice day First Lady Inga Tripp!” Lady Marigold shared, “I am pleased to be here to be able to watch.”

General Nell sought out Chesterfield White when he came in. He handed Chet a pretty blue ribbon with a star hanging from it. It was designed to go around his neck. It would join his black lanyard that he had earned the day before.

“Sir what’s that?” Chet asked the General.

“What do you think Marine?” The General spoke just above a whisper.

“Sir, it looks like a CMH?” Chet whispered back looking at a smiling Roger.

“I’ll let the Sergeant explain it to you.” The General smiled and put his hand out to shake. “The President says that most of Congress are in favor. The discussion has gotten off track a little about wanting to put up a memorial for President Tripp and the men and women that died with him.”

“Thank you, sir!” Chet said very sadly while shaking hands with the General.

The General turned to Roger, “Sergeant, take this man outside and kick the shit out of him. We need him at 110% today. I got others to talk to or I would.”

“My pleasure sir!” Roger took Chet’s arm and walked him outside.

“Hello!” Lucy said to Brian.

Brian glanced down then picked up Lucy giving her a big hug, “Every new day I awake to thank you, my friend!”

“You are more than welcome.” Lucy giggled.

John was holding Bert. “How are you doing young man?”


“I forgive you. Now onto more important subjects, the girls outnumber the boys 8 to 5. Us Boys have to stick together.” John heard giggling in his mind and Bert had this little rumbling going on, “Okay?”

John heard after the rumbling stopped, “Okay!”

Seth came into the restricted area, “Hi Mr. President. I understand there is a seat for me?” Seth tickled Bert, “Look at those big eyes. Like he’s seeing right through me.”

“I am.” John heard in his mind.

Seth did a double take, “Did he say something?”

“Yes, he did.” John smiled, “Your seat is down this side just past General Frank.”

“Thank you, sir.” Seth moved down until he saw his name tent and placed his camera and tape recorder on the table, “Gentlemen.”

“Seth the article about the two battles with the Nanux were great. The way you wrote it, felt like you were there in both.” General Frank said.

“I was in Tito, the third row back from the captain’s seat during the first battle and in the Virginia 775 during the second battle.” Seth smiled.

“Were you scared Seth?” General Nell asked.

“Yes, I thought I was going to die, both times. I thought we all were until John announced we had won the day. The first battle, there were only 28 of their ships left and they were all going home. John says, let’s let them go home so they can tell the story. The second battle, nothing was moving on their side. To realize after watching all of that destruction I was going to continue living both times was a shook.” Seth took a deep breath as he remembers his feelings.

“Would you do it again?” Admiral Wiggins asked.

“Yes, in a heartbeat. I knew what questions to ask people, so I could write a really good story.” Seth smiled.

“Seth, you’re all right in my book. I’m going after coffee; do you want some?” Admiral Skee asked.

“Yes please, Admiral, just one cream.” Seth looked around at smiles of acceptance, “I didn’t mean to stop your conversation.”

“You didn’t. We are talking about how these seven models of spacecraft are going to affect our whole way of military engagement. Vice President Johnny and 250-Minutemen have been sent to the Idaho Border to stop 8,000 men with tanks, helicopters, and rocket launchers.” General Nell said, “First thing they did was to take everyone to God without firing a bullet. The title of your article on that is: Shooting Bullets has become Obsolete Warfare!”

“What would happen to an Abrams Tank going against a 335?” Seth asked.

“The tank or even a company of tanks would be dead before they even knew a 335 was in the area.” Admiral Wiggins said, “We have been doing realistic war games with our 335’s. The F-18’s or even the F-223’s both lose 100 times out of a hundred. And that is Top Guns going against inexperienced pilots flying the 335’s.”

“Thank you for the coffee Admiral.” Seth took a sip. “Perfect. “How are the spaceships going to affect you?”

“You mean to affect the Seals.” Admiral Skee asked.

“I guess I do mean the Seals?” Seth smiled.

“I see the Seals being dropped onto a planet, maybe on both sides of a target like a city and taking that city of one to two million to God! We work in combination with a Marine Division. We keep our specialty training and get called on for the most difficult tasks.” Admiral Skee shared.”

That makes sense, but will we need that expertise?” The Commandant asked.

“Now I have a secret. This will be coming out in my special editions soon. You need to keep this to yourselves, Please.” When Seth got nods of agreement all around, he continued, “John has been talking to an Amen Bible. He is a descendant of another Amen Bible that came to this earth long, long ago. There is an ancient mythology that tells of a family that leads a backward planet. Their first battle has an impossible outcome. They battle overwhelming odds and win with no one dying. They have the spirit of the planet born as one of their children. Their Battle Cry is The Rule of Law Will Set Us Free. After that last battle, John met with hundreds of other Planetary Leaders right here. Lord Kennethly is the new member to the Galactic Tribunal. Very likely the final vote has been taken and John IS the new Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy.”

John was thinking about all that had to happen in the last six months. He was still holding Bert.

“Daddy happy? Bert asked in John’s mind.

“I am very happy, son. I am so pleased you are alive and well. This will be a very exciting time for you and your sister and Matt to be alive.” John said. Bert giggled, “I am pleased to be able to watch you grow up and discover your world around you.” John thought of all the things that had happened since they arrived in Omak, a sleepy little town in an out of the way place in the State of Washington on a very backward planet.

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