Chapter 8

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Sam was still smirking when a huge multitude of beings came into view. The first thing he noticed was an almost overwhelming feeling of fear, pain, and anger. What in the hell had those IP creeps done to these beings to elicit such emotions?

Shaking his head Sam slowly lifted off the ground a few feet, looking at the huge throng of gray people. Suddenly he heard a shout of, “there it is! We have to destroy it before it ends our planet!”

Sam grimaced as he saw more than a few of the gray people point a myriad of weapons toward him. “I suggest that you not discharge those. The consequences of that would be deadly. Just so you know; those won’t hurt me though I am afraid that the bounce back will harm many of you.” Sam warned.

A youngish gray being, stepped out pointing its weapon at Sam. “Don’t believe it! It’s just afraid of us. Remember the patrol promised us freedom if we kill it.”

Sam was doing the best he could to hold his temper. Being called a thing was really starting to wear thin on his patience. Floating to the young gray being Sam pulled him into the open space.

“Since you think you can kill me I’ll let you have the first shot.” Puffing out his chest Sam pointed to it. “Go ahead you were so certain, come on kill me. I’ve done nothing but try to help your people. All you seem to care about is my death.”

The young gray got an evil grin on its face as it pulled the trigger, the beam at full strength! Sam could only shake his head as the beam hit him then bounced back toward the gray. The beam hit right in front of the gray then stopped for as moment. Suddenly it continued on vaporizing what appeared to be an IP soldier.

A great many in front gasped as they realized they had been lied to. A great many who hadn’t seen, tried to push forward to see what was going on. An older gray stepped in front of them trying to call for quiet.

“It appears that we were told a great untruth. Though they haven’t always been that kind, they have protected us. This,” here the elder pointed to Sam, “hasn’t proven anything yet.” Turning to Sam he stated, “Though you uncovered what was a spy in our midst that does not prove you a friend.”

Sam still hadn’t moved as he nodded his head agreeing with the Elder. “I am well aware of this Elder. I don’t wish to harm you or your people though I will if I have to. This is the third triad corner world I am here to help establish the triad again.”

The Elder’s mouth hung open when Sam revealed this fact. “Only a few know of this fact, how did you acquire it?”

[That would be from me and the elders of the other corner worlds], Came the thoughts of Queen Triada. Many gasp hearing the thoughts of the Queen. Then in a rush a great many started to move toward Sam with looks of pure hatred. Most of those raised weapons pointing directly at him.

Growling Sam rose higher as they all followed him with their weapons. Laughing, they started to fire even as Sam was making sure each energy beam missed.

Even as he was dodging Sam was afraid they would get a shot through. Sure enough one caught Sam from behind, speeding back toward the elder! As fast as he could, Sam blocked the beam a few feet from the older gray.

Bowing to the elder Sam stated, “I apologize for not moving fast enough. I did not mean to place you in danger.”

The Elder’s eyes were wide with surprise when a being as obviously powerful as Sam was apologizing to him! A great many near the front were also surprised though many were still calling for Sam’s death. “It appears that many still do not believe you. Please sir, try not to kill too many.”

Sam’s eyes were surprised as he looked at the gray seeing that the elder was speaking the truth. Nodding Sam grimaced as he looked at the throng. Focusing harder he began to see a great many of the gray people were disguised IP troops. Growling low Sam flew through the crowd gathering all the IP troops he could.

Looking at the collection Sam was surprised when he saw that there were more than a few hundred he’d collected. Searching the first he soon found the holo-gram disguise. Again Sam rapidly snapped off all of them leaving all of the troops shocked.

It was at that moment he heard a great gasp from the crowd as they realized that they had been fooled. Then a great many were afraid as they tried to draw back.

“Don’t be fooled by what you saw!” The obvious leader of the troops shouted. “Kill him! He is an enemy; he will kill you and your children. Kill him the IP demands it!” Suddenly realizing his mistake the IP leader tried to amend what he’d said. “Kill him he will destroy you and your planet he...”

A beam was heading toward the leader when Sam stepped in front of it. “Don’t be a killer like they are.” Sam shouted. Flying to the gray that fired, he gently took the weapon. Handing it to the leader he smiled. Though they are your enemy as they are mine, do not fall to their level.”

Sam turned to stare at the IP leader as he started to laugh. “Killer, enemy? As many of the IP as you have killed you have the audacity to say that?”

Getting right in the IP leader’s face Sam sneered at him, “I killed no one who didn’t attack me first! By the IP’s own rules almost the entire IP should be arrested! Should I name off the over one thousand of your own rules and laws that YOU yourself have broken? I and the people of this world by the same rules and laws, have more than a right to execute all of you right now!”

When the IP leader’s face blanched white Sam knew he was on the right track. Smiling Sam stood aside then walked back to the gray leader. “I thank you for showing us this, though I am afraid that many will still not accept you. This will go very far toward that, they I am afraid will require more. If you...”

[Elder?] Came what seemed to be three voices.

[Queen Triada? Is that you? It has been a great many time periods since your thoughts graced us.] The elder’s thoughts responded.

[Yes, it is good to think to your people again. Sam when you rid their world of those, please be quick. I know that you find it distasteful. Unfortunately justice can be that way.] Came the Queen’s thoughts.

Sam just grunted as he nodded. Shaking his head he was still having a little trouble with not speaking to communicate.

[Elder, we are the leaders of the other corner triad worlds. It would greatly honor us if you and your world would join us in re-establishing our triad.] The other two thoughts spoke to the elder and most of those there.

Most of those there bowed when they heard the thoughts. The IP leader was screaming at the top of his voice. “It’s a fake a trick! Don’t believe it!” A flash of anger crossed Sam’s face as he cuffed the IP leader, knocking him out.

Suddenly there was a strong stream of thoughts that were pushing at Sam’s mind. Getting even angrier Sam pushed back hard far harder than he meant to. Extremely far across the vast distance Sam felt another mind scream as it died.

[So you are far stronger than we at first thought. It has been a very long amount of time since we brought the full power of the collective to bear. It will be good to have them in use again. It is unfortunate that you destroyed the weakest. We will ... NO! What are you doing! STOP! AAAAAAAAAA!] Sam heard the thoughts scream then it was quiet as he no longer felt anything from the mind either.

On the new home world of the Intergalactic Patrol an older male was being rushed to medical services. Another older male was floating beside the first shaking his head.

“I had warned him not to try it. Even with the increased power of the machine I didn’t feel it was strong enough.” Shaking his head the second older male touched a button on his wrist. “It appears we may lose the seventh council. It appears that the triad that has appeared has weakened his abilities. Yes, I realize that. Do you have another in line for it? I realize it has been such a long time. Alright I’ll look into it.”

The second male took one last look at the seventh council, and then turned to talk to the attendants.

“On orders established by the first Heptad council, if there is no response within two solar times units”, here the older man looked around. “You are advised to terminate any and all support systems.”

The attendant’s eyes went wide then they nodded. This was one of the seven sector council; to disobey was an immediate death sentence. Bowing to the older man they responded. “It will be as you order council sir.”

The older man looked closely at the attendants seeing fear and obedience in their eyes. Now if the rest of the seven sectors would just come under control. This news that a Cliveastone was out there AND it was immune to practically all weapons was troubling. Shaking his head they had two solar time units to wait though he held out ho hope of the seventh council returning.

The council boarded a special transport that took his swiftly across the planet. ‘Might as well get this over with,’ he thought, moving to a rather plain door. Placing his hand on the door a tone sounded then the door slid open revealing a young, almost identical looking version of the male in the medical center.

The young male’s features were at first angry then he recognized the council. Bowing low the male stated through tight lips, “I am honored to have you here council sir. How may I best serve you?”

The council nodded, good the conditioning hadn’t taken as he thought it wouldn’t. “You may be called to council soon. I suggest you prepare get yourself appropriately attired for one of the position.”

“So the seventh is dying, another of our hair brained ideas. You’d think that after all this time we would learn.” The young male stated not looking up. He might be in position for the council appointment, he still didn’t have it. One wrong word before that appointing and he’d be recycled but quick!

The older council nodded, who better to know than one’s self? “As I said, be ready; also be advised that Thantas has escaped three, and possibly four times. If you are appointed we will be looking for your input to this. For now be prepared for the downloading.”

The young male nodded still not lifting his head. The fact that the council had come to him was promising. “Yes council sir, I will indeed be ready.” An evil glint shown in the young male’s eyes as an equally evil smile lit up his features.

The elder council watched every move the young male made. Nodding he was somewhat satisfied as he left in a hurry.

Thantas was stretching out, testing exactly what she could do without detection. She was much further into records, command’s, orders. A great many things were starting to become much clearer to her now. She could almost see what the IP had been up to all these centuries.

Reaching out Thantas was easily able to reach Drivas and Thellus. [I believe I have information that might prove valuable.] She told the both of them.

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