Cat Fight
Chapter 23 (Settlement)

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The chief swallowed hard as all the cat gods huddled together. ‘Oh gods,’ the chief thought, ‘please allow your brethren to help us in the coming trials and battle.’ Still afraid to rise the chief patiently awaited the decision of Cit-Chac-Coh and his assistants. They must be as he was commanding all of them.

Ambrose turned back to the chief to ask a few more questions. He sighed when he noticed that the man was still on his knees. “Stand great chief of the people.” Ambrose commanded. “We have much to discuss about this enemy.”

The chief nodded as he got off his knees. Ambrose looked at his knights and mates as he shifted back to his human form. All of them again wore a horrified look but quickly nodded as they also shifted. The chief’s mouth dropped open as he could only stare at them. Then he nodded yes, they were indeed the gods of old.

A moment later the chief’s guards came back in bowing low to the chief. Ambrose’s eyes narrowed as he thought a moment. “You aren’t the nohchil are you? The way you are dressed I had thought you were. You are in fact the ahau aren’t you?”

The man’s eyes went wide as he bowed to Ambrose nodding his head. “I am honored that you recognize me my lord.” The man quickly turned to the guards whispering to them. Each in turn, turned to stare at Ambrose, his knights and his mates their mouths gaping open.

“This is not to leave this room! They are to help us to a new land. Do not displease him!” The man said.

Both Twitty and Gleena were staring at Ambrose. They both had patiently waited for him to finish. “You used two ancient words that we don’t recognize.” Twitty stated.

“Yes, please what do they mean. I know that you had much training in the history of our people. I have also though obviously nowhere as much as you.” Glenna told Ambrose.

Ambrose turned to the both of them a little surprised when no one knew of the two words that he’d spoken. Pulling all of them aside Ambrose explained. “I was thinking that he was the chief of this city. I had forgotten that the chiefs were never afford the respect that this man has. I had been calling him a nohchil or chief in the ancient language, it means chief.”

Roth nodded, “a very old word indeed. I haven’t heard many words of the ancient language in many quants. What is the other word sire?”

“Ahau, a word just as old,” here Ambrose looked over at the man talking to his guards. “It means king, I had forgotten that all city-states had a king.” Thinking a moment Ambrose nodded, “I believe that the king here is Wak Chan K’awiil, he was king when most of the city disappeared. We also seem to be further back than we at first thought. I believe we are one hundred and thirty five more quants back than we at first thought.”

“What!!?” Twitty almost shouted. “I was having a hard enough time thinking we were four hundred forty six and a half quants back in time. Now you’re saying we are even further?!!”

Ambrose tried to not smile as he could see that both Twitty and Glenna were starting to get frustrated. “Right now I think it’s far more important that we save this city. If I’m right this is the city of Tikal. They are about to be attacked by the neighboring city-state of Calakmul or Caracol. Though it may have been both of them. Tikal being as weak as it is, both might have attacked.”

Roth, Gwayne, and Gregor were nodding agreement to the assessment of the situation. “Sire we could actually turn the tide of the battle.” Roth started then stopped seeing the look of concentration on Ambrose’s face. “I am sorry if I over stepped sire.” Roth quickly said.

Ambrose shook his head as he looked up at Roth. “It’s not that you over stepped Roth, I’m just trying to remember the history of this place. I am also crossing it with the history of our own worlds.” With a sigh Ambrose finally reached a conclusion. “I’m afraid we can’t do that Roth. If this is Tikal as I think it is, it will fall in the next two to three mintons. As history goes this HAS to happen.”

Gregor and Gwayne’s mouths were hanging open as they were about to protest. Roth stepped up taking the both of them to the side. There he explained that Ambrose had no choice this had to happen for them to establish the beginning of their own worlds. Both hung their heads realizing that Roth was right, even so neither of them were happy about it in the least.

Ambrose sighed they needed to start taking everyone out of here as fast as possible. Pulling a small comp from his belt Ambrose quietly contacted Skylos. “Skylos! We need to find a way to transport more.”

“Yes Sire, I’ve been trying to remove what I could to make more room. At present I think we can take one hundred seventy five. I am taking a few of the walls down that I am hoping will afford enough room for twenty five more. Beyond that sire I don’t think we can do any more.” Skylos advised Ambrose.

“Excellent Commander! How long before we can start to move them? I’m afraid we only have possibly two mintons, three if we’re lucky.” Ambrose told the Commander.

“If I can get the rest of them out perhaps a toton. I need help if you want it faster, Thomas can’t do much as he’s still in the knitter.” Skylos replied.

“Alright we’ll all be back soon.” Ambrose clicked off. Going to his knights and mates Ambrose told all of them then went to the king. “We have to go prepare that which we will take the people to the other place with. We will bring it near the edge of the city. Please have as many ready to go as you can.”

The king looked at Ambrose with wide eyes. “I will do as you command O great Cit-Chac-Coh. All will be ready when you return. We are also preparing to keep our enemies away while you take the rest away to safety.” Here the king and his guards bowed low to Ambrose and his knights. “Your will be done.”

Ambrose could only roll his eyes after the king said this. Especially after they all bowed to him. Shaking his head Ambrose set out with the rest of his group following. Finally out of sight of the city Ambrose and the others shifted form, racing for the ship. Half a toton later they were ready.

“Alright Skylos I want the ship on the edge of the city. I just hope the king has them ready.” Ambrose said.

“Yes Sire.” Skylos said as he started bringing the bridge alive. “Queen Twitty, if you could take attitude control we should be there in a specton.”

“Everything looking good, now leveling off. We are free of all obstructions, ready to proceed Commander.” Twitty replied.

“Good moving to target time, half a specton.” Skylos said. A moment later they were setting down. Looking out Ambrose saw that more than a few hundred were waiting. Stepping out Ambrose was met by the king. “You have done well king Wak Chan K’awiil.” The king’s mouth dropped open then he nodded.

“We will remain with them until we have to delay our enemies advance.” The king told Ambrose.

“We will take as many as we can. Die well in the battle, die with honor king Wak Chan K’awiil. Your name will always be remembered.” Ambrose told the king.

The king and his men all smiled bowing. “You give us the greatest honor Lord Cit-Chac-Coh. We will send as many of our enemy to underworld slave pits as we can. There they can work all eternity to fulfill your glory!” All the men were quiet as Ambrose nodded shifting to his feline form. Then there was a tremendous cheer as Ambrose began to move people into the ship.

Stopping everyone a moment Ambrose searched the sea of people. “I need the healer Hippacamp and his daughter Timora with this first group!” The throng of people separated as both the people that Ambrose had called walked to the ship. “I need the both of you to be there first watching over all as they arrive.”

Both Hippacamp and Timora nodded as they moved into the rapidly filling ship. Stopping Timora asked, “Lord? Will it take long to reach our new home?”

Ambrose was taken back as this was the first time anyone had felt brave enough to ask. “It won’t take that long. We are hoping to have many moved before the day is over.”

Timora nodded as she stepped in further with her father. Ambrose looked at the number of people packed into the ship. Sighing he wished they had another ship to speed things along.

Not long after Ambrose stopped those that were entering. Stepping out he again pulled his comp. Alright Skylos that’s all get them there and back as soon as possible.”

“Yes Sire,” came Skylos voice. “I’ll return just as soon as possible.” With that Ambrose stepped back as the ship accelerated then was gone.

Ambrose turned back to those that were still there. Then walked to the king. “I’m sorry we can’t take more. I want to get as many out of here today as I can. That way if the others attack sooner, then most will be gone.”

The king was nodding his agreement then turned to Ambrose. “Lord Cit-Chac-Coh the fact that as many are safe now as there are, makes my heart soar that we have saved that many. Any more after this will only provide an even stronger future for our people. Yes Lord our people.” The king said when he saw Ambrose’s eyes grow wide.

“I will do all I can for the people king Wak Chan K’awiil. As I said they and my people are closely related.” Ambrose said even though he noticed that the king was hardly hearing anything Ambrose said.

Ambrose walked to his mates, Paladins and his three knights that were there. Roth noticed him approaching kneeling before him. “I see you moving with a determined gait sire. I take it you have a mission for us?”

Ambrose smiled slightly it was just like Roth to almost know what he had in mind. Shaking his head Ambrose pulled all of them close as he described what he wanted them all to do.

It was almost a half toton later that Ambrose looked up at the approach of the star cruiser. Landing, Ambrose’s comm. went off. “Almost ready for another set sire.” Then the door opened with Skylos stepping out. Walking up to Ambrose Skylos knelt. I’m sorry sire but the trip was difficult. I will need Queen Twitty to accompany me. It might also help if you also come along. The passengers were very unsettled when you didn’t accompany us.”

Grabbing his comm. Ambrose called Twitty back. A few moments later she appeared. Smiling large she shook her paw at Skylos, “I told you it was almost impossible without help. You are as bad as my mate! Never asking for help. How we survived is beyond me!”

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