Cat Fight
Chapter 13 (Coronation)

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Bill had dropped to his knees as he tried to gain more control. Remembering all that he’d done earlier he slowly relaxed, feeling his control slip more into place. Even so Bill was still hard put to stay conscious as the partial cure raced through his veins.

I hope that I was right about the Ocicat clan member Bill thought. I’d really hate to have to be the one that extinguishes their clan. Though knowing Niaco it would happen sooner than later. God only knows the amount of blood shed and civil war that would follow.

Trying to calm more Bill felt the heat start up in his limbs again though no where as badly as what the Doctor had given him. Shaking his head he had to agree with the Doctor the cure was almost as bad as that which it cured. Shaking almost uncontrollably Bill could see that he’d just have to ride it out. Damn it! I just hope this doesn’t take that long, I still have to be crowned in a Toton and a half.

Roth and Bill’s mates along with the Doctor watched as Bill visibly relaxed seeming to get much of the trembling under control. Roth held the Doctor back when she tried to move forward to Bill. “As I have always been told Doctor, looks can and are deceiving. In case you haven’t noticed he is still clenching and unclenching his paws. I fear that if you were to approach him he’d rip you apart, probably wouldn’t remember either.”

Henna looked closer and nodded, “I have to thank you Sir Roth, it appears you have saved my life again.”

Roth shook his head, “as I said I would be remiss if I allowed harm to come to the palace Doctor. Plus I think that he’d have my head one way or another!”

Here Roth laughed as Henna eyes got large and she was staring at Roth as if he were crazy! “Really Sir Roth I am not that important!” Henna said Jokingly.

Roth turned to stare at her incredulously, “You seriously underestimate your importance Doctor.” Sighing Roth then grinned, “perhaps we can have your husband beat it into you? No?”

Henna growled then hissed as she took a swipe at Roth, “Let him try!”

“So you are as much of a hell cat as I was told. That is a good thing. It puts me more at ease knowing that you will kill an enemy as well as heal one.” Roth said with a sly smile.

“I am a clan leader’s daughter, I could demonstrate some time if you wish to disagree again Sir Roth!” Henna said a menacing swish to her tail as she stared at Roth.

Smiling broadly Roth told her, “I think I might enjoy that though I have seen your skill against your husband’s other mate.” Leaning close Roth whispered. “You both may kill him when you three decide to have kits!”

Henna growled again swiping at Roth’s face nearly catching the side of it. His respect for her skill raising another notch or two.

“I have no interest in kits! I am not some soft female that requires kits to make my life complete or meaningful! If you continue like this sir Roth you will get a first hand example of my skill!” Henna hissed at Roth as she got into a more defensive stance.

“I assure you I wasn’t picking a fight, though I will defend my self if I am attacked!” Roth replied going into a more defensive stance his self.

They stopped when they both heard Bill roar out in pain then it was all quiet. Both of the combatants looked at each other then scrambled to look around from their hiding place. Bill was on his back his chest heaving though there was no other movement.

Bill could still feel the antidote moving through his body; at least he thought it has started to lessen. Finally twelve spectons later, Bill felt his temperature and sanity returning to normal. Rising off the ground he looked around no longer feeling or seeing thoughts of killing anyone who might approach him. Sighing he turned toward the palace, might as well prepare for this.

Henna and Roth watched as Bill approached where they were. “Are you feeling stronger sire?” Henna asked when Bill was beside them.

“That remains to be seen, for the moment I am feeling far more like myself than I have in a few days.” Sighing again Bill pointed toward the palace. “Might as well get ready. You know of course I am not looking forward to any of this. Whoever said that this was glamorous, should have been dragged into the street and beaten to death!”

Bill’s head snapped around when he heard all three of his mates giggling. “Though I know you don’t like it sire, it is the way things are done. Well, for now anyway!” Queen Niaco told him with a wide smile on her face. “ Your brother and I went through the same exercises so get used to it! You are the next king after all!”

Nodding his head Bill replied, “Yes I know but all this pomp and glamour really chafes my ass!”

This of course brought about another round of giggling from his mates, even Henna had to smile. Roth of course could only roll his eyes though there was a big grin on his lips also. Shaking his head they all made their way toward the palace, might as well start getting ready Bill thought with a groan.

Letting his mates and Henna enter Bill stopped Roth to talk a moment. “‘Til I have a better idea of what to do with her I want the prisoner treated well. Her father entered a plea that I am seriously taking into consideration.”

“I see, so no torture, no starvation.” Sighing Roth nodded. “I will inform the others. I am afraid that Gwayne will be most disappointed. He was looking forward to making her talk.”

“I know old friend ‘til we have more a handle on things I wish to keep the Ocicat clan as close to allies as I can. I am finding it somewhat distressing that I am having to resort to subterfuge. Already it is starting to leave a really bad taste in my mouth!” Bill’s face showed disgust as he mentioned this.

Walking in Bill noticed that many Xendrans had already been hard at work decorating the palace for the coming affair. Groaning again Bill shook his head having it hit home that he was actually going to HAVE to be crowned. At the giggling he heard behind him Bill turned and scowled, growling in a low voice. “I know you are used to it Niaco but I am not. As I said I find this all to be unnecessary!”

Queen Niaco nodded with a sympathetic pat on his shoulder. “I know you are well against this sire. Please remember that it is a chance for the pride of our people to show.”

Bill’s eyes went wide as he thought about this. Yes, this was something he hadn’t thought of. It was actually making sense to him for the first time. Then he paused a moment as he looked at the wide grin on Niaco’s face, then again he could be, scratching his whiskers, being manipulated by a clever female.

Bill nodded even more when Niaco quickly looked away after Bill started to stare at her. Heading to his room he stopped when he saw the garb that they wanted him to wear. “I don’t think so!” Bill roared as he stared at the frilly shirt and tight pants. Turning he growled at his mates. “I damn refuse! You can kill me now ending the damn line! I will not, cannot and will never wear those-- THINGS!”

Turning Bill started to stride from the room but was stopped by several soft paws of his mates. “Sire you have to look grand and majestic.” Niaco said with a pleading look.

“Grand and Majestic I can do. I will be neither if I subject myself to being in-- those!” Bill growled sweeping his paw at the clothes for him there, then suddenly a light came to his eyes. “Roth! Get my armor! They want me to be a damnable easy target, let’s make it hard for them.” Bill held up a paw to quiet Niaco. “My father, King Tomco Traxor was crowned in his royal armor. I intend to do the same.”

“But sire,” Niaco started.

“No!” Bill said as he started off after Roth. “If my father thought it was a good idea who am I to argue with the greatest king of the realm.”

Niaco watched as Bill’s form trailed after Roth heading for the armory. Sighing she looked at Twitty and Glenna, “If we ever have kits with him that in its self I fear will be a grand adventure!”

“I tend to agree,” Glenna said with a nod.

“I honestly find him much more refreshing like this.” Twitty said drawing several incredulous looks from both Niaco and Glenna. “When he was in all human form he took far lees risks. As he is now I find it far more exciting.” Twitty explained.

Niaco put a paw to Twitty’s head feeling for a temperature. “Henna you think it’s possible she is sick?”

Henna was about to lose control as she watched all three of them. Trying her best not to, she finally lost the fight as she started to laugh. Laughing uncontrollably Henna was soon gasping for breath with all three of the females staring at her. Finally getting herself under control Henna replied, “She isn’t sick Queen Niaco. As she said she saw the king elect in a compressed and controlled persona. Frankly I am excited for what he has said he will bring back to the realm!”

Niaco quickly moved to Henna laying her paw on Henna’s head also. “By the great Feline! I think it is catching!” This of course started Henna up laughing again, which finally Twitty, then Glenna joined in. Even though she hated to admit it, even Niaco was starting to see the humor in all of this.

Bill breathed a sigh of relief as he and Roth moved into the armory. Looking around Bill nodded in appreciation at several marvelous suits that were shining brightly in the light. Near the back of the armory Bill found an older suit he placed a paw on it and bowed. Whispering he said, “Father, I am not the King that you were. I will do all I can to bring back the strong and proud realm that you established all those years ago. I will do this so help me even if I have to make the streets red with blood I will!”

Roth was standing behind Bill his head also bowed paying homage to the King that Bill’s father had been. At Bill’s words he grew fiercely proud of all that Bill had spoken. Looking among many suits Bill stopped when he saw a set in a recess behind his father’s armor.

Pulling it out Bill’s eyes went wide when he found a note attached to the back section of it. Opening it with shaking hands Bill immediately recognized his father’s hand writing.

[My son if you are reading this then I am long gone. Not long after your mother passed I had this armor commissioned for you. I felt that you and your brother would serve the realm together. I know though you would not wish to interfere with him. I therefore had this stored for you here. I knew one day you would venture forth finding it.

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