Cat Fight
Chapter 5 (Execution)

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Bill smiled as his Uncle was screaming at everyone who passed by. Walking up to the cell Bill smiled more as his uncle began to hiss and growl throwing threats at him.

“As I warned you before Uncle Cornelius, keep up this behavior and I might be tempted to kill you quicker!” Bill told him.

“You cannot order the death of a royal clan member unless you are crowned.” Sneering and leaning closer Bill’s uncle told him. “My brother will have me freed long before that happens! Unless of course you are dead!

Smiling hugely Bill hissed back at his Uncle. “I think that won’t happen, Uncle. I have cleared central of all the traitors. We actually had to execute over half of the staff,” When Bill saw his Uncle’s eyes go wide he smiled bigger. “Yes that includes that traitorous son of yours! Really Uncle to rear one such as him! Here you called me nothing. To think he screamed for his mother before he died.”

Bill could see the fur on his Uncle’s neck starting to rise as he got madder. “You lie! You can’t execute a member of the royal house without the order of the King! As we both know that ridiculous waste of space is dead!”

Bill held up a paper that had his brother’s signature on it. “I believe I have such order. You see my brother wasn’t a lot of things but he was far more thorough than you think. Shall I read it to you Uncle? In the event of the death of my person, my brother is thereby named as king elect. If ANY attempt is made upon his life before and during his ascending the throne, the aggressors are to be executed immediately. Signed his majesty King Tobias I”

Cornelius’s mouth was hanging open as he knew there was no way out of this. “This ... this must be certified by the church...” Bill’s uncle started.

“It was signed before the high and assistant high priest. There were also many of the priest council there. If you would like, I will have them all there when I take your insignificant life you traitor!” Bill snarled at his opened mouth Uncle. “Good by Uncle, it wasn’t a pleasure smelling your frightened odor. At least die like a member of the noble Lion clan.”

Walking off Cornelius started to yell and scream at Bill’s retreating back. Rounding a corner Bill came face to face with the aforementioned High Priest and assistant high priest. Nodding to them both Bill called Roth to advise him of the two visitors and to keep a very close eye on them.

“Yes sir, I have men posted everywhere down there. Have you thought of a way to execute him?” Roth asked.

“As of yet, no I haven’t. Being that he is of the royal house makes things a little difficult. Since the order was by my brother dealing with me,” here Bill sighed. “The execution falls upon me only, as I am the only other male of the family that hasn’t committed treason.”

“Sir, you could always take his heart as you did the others. It is after all a befitting low death for a traitor.” Roth replied.

“I had thought of that but I am afraid that it would more than piss off the upper houses. I am going to need their support later on, no; I need to go about this a little more quietly.” Snapping his clawed paw fingers Bill smiled. “I think Roth I have an idea though I am afraid that you aren’t going to like it much.” Looking back at Twitty and Glenna Bill continued. “I know my mates aren’t at all.”

Sure enough both of his mates were staring at him. Both of their ears laid back when Bill mentioned that to Roth.

“Mate what are you planning? Why do I feel that Glenna and I are not going to like it one bit?” Twitty growled at him.

“I have to execute my Uncle as soon as possible. I feel I am strong enough but I have to make sure. I need both of you to set a few things up for me.” Bill told them as he launched into what he had in mind. Exactly what he did had both of his mates shaking their heads no. Starting to growl himself Bill told them he had no choice.

Both females sighed after almost half a specton, knowing that this was a matter of honor. There was nothing that they could really do to delay or stop it. With heavy sighs both agreed and set about getting things ready.

Shaking his head Bill thought life would never be boring with those two that was for sure. Clicking on his com Bill called Roth again. “Roth I have to go see Niaco. If I can help her stabilize the realm more before I ascend, then things might smooth out sooner. Meet me at the command entrance.”

“Yes sir I’ll be there in 1/2 a specton,” came Roth’s reply.

Soon they both were again on a transport on the way out of the city. Bill began to nod the further they went. This was well past where Bill had thought the General and Niaco would have secured her. Pulling up to a modest round dwelling Roth helped Bill out making sure no one was around. Knocking at the door it was answered by what appeared to be a young male. Bill could see though this was a trained soldier.

“Come in please! Our home is welcome to weary family!” The male said the recited lines.

The general nodded as they stepped in getting a report from the soldier. Bill was about to ask them to call Niaco, when a female a little older than Bill appeared.

“I thought you’d never come home!” She started. “Your brother was certain that you would have returned sooner holding out hope. I told him that you were dead serious when you said you were going to leave. All so he could rule without the distraction of worrying about your life. I don’t even know what to call you.”

“I am going by Bill ‘til I ascend. I am here to talk to you and help you to stabilize the realm as much as possible before I ascend. I am hoping that the added stability will make the transition easier” Bill relayed to her.

Nodding she told him, “You were always more like your father. I can assume that soon the streets may soon be deep in blood. I have already heard about the 150 you had executed. Though I thought it was a little much, it has obviously strengthened your position, for now.”

These last words had Bill’s eyes opening wide in surprise. “Exactly what have you heard?” Bill asked.

“Many of the Nobles have been listening to the lies of both your Uncles. The fact that you took three of their castles with little or no blood impressed quite a few of them. Also many have heard of the almost day long hunt you went on, again this has raised the hopes of more than a few of the Nobles. It also dispelled most of the rumors that both of them started about you.”

Bill was nodding this was good news indeed! If he had most of the nobles on his side he had a better chance of this going a hell of a lot smoother.

“Alright, anything else that you can do to strengthen this will help. Let’s get started before we go any further with this. Also when the time is right I will be accepting you into my pride.” Bill told her.

This made Niaco’s eyes go wide then she nodded and bowed. “Though I do not wish a mate after your brother I will abide by the traditions of our people.”

Sighing Bill had been afraid that she might react this way. “I did not come here to make a mate of you. I have two already, they are already driving me to my wits end. No, I also wish to honor tradition protecting you. You are not the type of mate I would care for I am afraid. As my new sister though I will protect you to my last breath!”

Again Niaco’s eyes went wide, she wasn’t his type? Growling she took a swipe at Bill startling him, though he caught her arms easily behind her paws.

Panting she growled softly, “We are more suited for each other than you think! If I have to spend a quant proving it I will!”

Bill nodded and smiled, so! She was more traditional than he had thought. How in the hell had his brother attracted such a viciously beautiful female was beyond him.

“Niaco Traxor, I claim you as third, first mate of the king elect! As of this moment you are mine! No one may touch you, no one may disobey you. Remember rule fair, rule smart. I have the power to remove you from your position as queen. I will not hesitate to do so if it means the safety of my, of our people!” Bill growled out.

Kneeling Niaco stared into Bill’s eyes then bowed saying, “Bill Axor I accept your claim. I claim you as my mate. I pledge myself to the people and you.”

Bill nodded as she arose and they went to the comp in the back of the building. A toton later Bill was a lot happier with the situation. “I want you to remain safe. I will come for you soon. Then all my wives will be a force that will be unstoppable!” Licking the side of her face Bill listened to her purr then left to start on what he had planned.

Meeting up with Twitty and Glenna they both watched worried as he started in on what he’d had them set up. A few hours later Bill was satisfied that he indeed had the strength to do what needed to be done.

“General, I need you to gather as many of the Nobles and council as you can. We haven’t much time to do this, so hurry!” Roth bowed leaving to get as many as he could.

It was a few hours later that Bill was in the courtyard of the Palace. A few moments later his Uncle was brought in then tied to a post. Nodding Bill watched as the Guards left him and his uncle alone.

“My people!” Bill started. “We are here to execute this traitor to the crown! Though he deserves a death of a lower born I shall afford him a death of his caste.”

“You the people, you can stop this!” Cornelius was screaming.

Bill shook his head whispering, “You disgrace the noble lion clan!” Turning back to those assembled Bill started again. “Having heard everything, seen all the evidence the order left by the last king my brother, we will now carry out his orders!” Bill leaned down whispering, “Don’t worry Uncle, Conrad will soon join you!”

Stepping back Bill swung his arms for a moment as there were a few shouts of agreement. Finally ready Bill drew back both arms then swung full force at his uncle’s neck. For a moment Bill thought he might not have enough force behind the maneuver, ‘til he saw the head separate from the body with a brief scream right before.

There was suddenly a multitude of cheering approval from all there. Bill grabbed his Uncle’s head and proclaimed, “So is the fate of all nobility that side against the crown!” Throwing the head into a basket Bill roared then walked out.

Both Twitty and Glenna were waiting with the General when he entered the hall way. “I have to say sir that was masterly done. I don’t think your father could have done it any better. This should garner quite a bit of support for you. I dare say that you Uncle will be hard pressed to discredit you now!”

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