Cat Fight
Chapter 28 (Return of thr King)

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tinton - 2 1/2 seconds
specton - 2 1/2 minutes
Toton - 2 1/2 hours
minton - 2 1/2 days
daycon - 2 1/2 weeks
Malant - 2 1/2 months
quant - 2 1/2 years
galant - 2 1/2 centuries
Metson - 2 1/2 inches
maclon - 2 1/2 feet
heckson - 2 1/2 miles
tetson - 2 1/2 acres
unit - 2 1/2 ccs
Tac - 2 1/2 pounds

Mayan Terms

p’uchik - spank
nohchil - Chief
Ahau - King
k’aat - Claim
k’iimil - Death
taak’in - gold


Bill Axor (AKA Ambrose) - Lion clan, Cit-Chac-Coh
King Tomco Traxor - Bill’s dead father, Lion clan
King Tobias Traxor - Bill’s dead brother, Lion clan
Queen Trianna Axor - Bill’s dead mother, Lion clan of Mandria
Queen Niaco Traxor - Tiger clan, Tobias mate, now Bill’s
Twitty Glax - Grey Tabby clan, bill’s body guard and mate
Glenna Nox - Bengal clan, Bill’s body guard and mate
Mikos Glac - Chartreux clan
Skylos - Captain of Xendran star fleet - Wire hair clan
Henna Glac - Chartreux clan, Mikos mate, Xendran Doctor
Theta Panadon - Cheetah clan
Cornelius Glax - one of Bill’s Uncles, Grey Tabby clan
Conrad Nox - Bill’s other Uncle Bengal clan
Assassin group - Jaguar clan
second assassin group - Ocicat clan
Typree Maxor - Sub King of Mandria, Lion clan
Adina Maxor - Paladin Princess of Xendra, Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan
Timora - The great mother of the feline people, mate of first tribal leader
Hippacamp - Timora’s father, father of modern Xendran doctors
Kindra - The Female half of the start of Ambrose’s line


General Roth - Leopard clan
Gregor - Cougar clan
Gwayne - Panther clan
Thomas - Lynx clan

Paladins - Female Knights

Wrena - Leopard clan, Roth’s mate
Cetana - Cougar clan, Gregor’s mate
Dawney - Panther clan, Gwayne’s mate
Mileen - Lynx clan, Thomas’s mate

Ten pairs of familiar eyes were staring at Ambrose after his declaration. “By the great feline, “Twitty whispered her eyes wide her whiskers twitching. “Without her not only would the royal line vanished, I also think that not many would have survived!”

The other nine were staring at her when Glenna’s paw also went to her mouth. “By the twelve worlds! She’s one of the most important people of ancient legend. It has been often said that she actually met the great feline!” Turning toward Ambrose a toothy smile lit up her face as her tail twitched. “It appears that the legend was true.

Ambrose groaned as he looked at the smirk of satisfaction on both Glenna and Twitty’s faces. Throwing his paws up he shook his head walking away, no point in arguing. They would be at it for a long time plus the fact he felt he’d lose no matter his argument.

Looking at his knights he saw all of them smile as they nodded. Leaning over Roth whispered, “You are indeed far more wise than I sire. I wouldn’t have been able to resist the ensuing argument.” He then looked over to his mate Wrena. “Then again I always relish a fight with her.”

Ambrose shook his head in disbelief, “At times I find all eight of you a complete mystery.”

Roth was nodding as were the other three knights. “We are really no mystery sire,” Thomas spoke up his arm now healed. “We are your loyal servants willing to die defending you.” Then Thomas’s brow furrowed. “Sorry sire the female mind, by the great feline! You’re right sire! There is nothing there but mystery.”

The other three knights and Ambrose started to chuckle at Thomas’s realization just before Mileen walked to Thomas. “What seems to have all of you so happy?” She asked which promptly quieted all of them. “Ah I see discussing us are you?” She said indicating the other females. Here she gave Thomas a scathing look causing him to cringe a bit. Then a bright smile lit up her face.

Leaning over Thomas whispered in her ear causing her mouth to drop open then she was nodding.

As soon as she walked to the others Ambrose started to discuss with his knights what they would do after they landed.

It was a mere twenty one spectons later when all three ships touched down on Xendra. As all three ships dispersed their cargo Ambrose breathed a sigh of relief. Finally things felt more like they should, almost. Shaking his head Ambrose started thinking they would never get things right.

For a week Ambrose and the others showed all there everything that they knew in order to help them survive. Though things were almost completely as they felt they should be, something was nudging Ambrose at the back of his mind. What in the hell had he forgotten now?

Going through everything they had shown, the many things that the now Xendran people were doing Ambrose was at a loss. They had all they needed didn’t they? Shelter, understanding of the land especially the food they needed. What was missing? He had been standing there for almost a whole toton not noticing a young girl walk to him then sit waiting to talk to him.

Sighing Ambrose shook his head at a loss when he noticed Kindra sitting nearby. “Hello Mister Kitty. I was told not to bother you unless it is important. I missed talking to you though many told me you are a god. Does it hurt? Being a god I mean?” She asked innocently.

A huge smile lit up Ambrose’s face as he knelt down to lift Kindra off the ground. Laughing she threw her now cat paws and arms around his neck kissing his cheek.

“No my dear Kindra,” he said causing her eyes to grow wide. “It is only lonely. When no one thinks of a god they can grow sad. It is a sad thing when no one remembers what that god did for its people it...” Ambrose stopped suddenly realizing almost exactly what was missing. They were safe, they had all they needed even a sense of hope. That was it, they had not much else to go on. No belief in what he and the others had about Xendra.

Kindra was staring at Ambrose him having stopped amid sentence. “Mister Kitty god? Are you alright?”

Ambrose suddenly looked at Kindra then started to laugh. Holding her close he kissed her cheek, “I am now Kindra much, much better! What do you say that we go talk to everyone? I have a feeling they are waiting to hear from me, what do you think?”

Kindra’s eyes went large then she nodded. “That would be good they are lonely for you also I think.” Kindra said with a little giggle as Ambrose kissed her cheek again.

Ambrose walked back to where all his Knights, Paladins, and his two mates were. After discussing it with them they all readily agreed with his idea. Ambrose let Hippacamp and Timora know what he was going to do. They also agreed and spread the word as quickly as possible.

Nodding to Skylos as soon as he was ready, Skylos adjusted a machine then nodded. Ambrose stepped forward taking a deep breath.

“Good people of the old city of Tikal.” Ambrose started nodding his approval as his voice could be heard by all. “For a long time I denied that I was a god to you. That stops as of today we have to leave soon to return. Always remember that I and we are with you always.” Even as he spoke Ambrose could feel the tension he’d felt before start to ease.

“Though I cannot be here as I am now in the coming times, remember, I am with you in all other ways. I wish for you to always continue and prosper. Always watch out for your kin as I hope this will become a place beauty and justice. I will return again one day always remember that I love all of you. Be well the people of Xendra, live well.”

A huge cheer went up from the multitude there that continued for quite a while. They were still cheering when Skylos suddenly looked up from a piece of equipment then ran for Ambrose whispering in his ear.

Ambrose’s eyes went wide then he nodded whispering to Kindra. Kindra’s eyes went wide then she hugged Ambrose tighter as she started to cry. Ambrose handed her to her mother whispering to her then Hippacamp and Timora. All three nodded sadly then moved back as Ambrose and his people moved to the three ships.

As the ships lifted off the people on the ground grew quiet. Hippacamp and Timora spread the word that the god and his helpers had to return.

As they rapidly made orbit Skylos had a look of concern on his face. Finally free of the planet’s gravity the three ships were suddenly buffeted roughly.

“Stay as close to us as you can.” Skylos was telling the other two ships. “Sire are you feel...” Skylos started as he saw that Ambrose was almost pale.

“Damn it cousin!” They all heard Adina shouting. “Don’t let it over take you. You have to fight it this time!”

“NO!” Ambrose shouted. “If I fight it WILL kill me I have to embrace it again. The power is growing again, not sure I have much of a choice this time like last.”

Adina was hurrying toward Ambrose when the ship lurched to the side. “I’m reading a massive build up of the same energy that we encountered the first time.” Skylos was shouting above the strain of the engines.

Ambrose felt the beginnings of the sickening weakness that he’d experienced before. Reaching out he tried to grasp the icy cold energy that he was feeling. Pulling it to him he could see another spinning energy tunnel open outside the view screen. Skylos was shouting more though Ambrose couldn’t hear a thing.

Adina picked herself off the deck trying to edge her way to Ambrose as the deck began to pitch to and fro. [Cousin!] Ambrose heard in his head. [Please don’t try to use it all. Like before only half!] Adina’s thoughts came to him.

[I don’t have much choice as to how much I use. I just hope that the fact I have used it three times now will prepare me more for this.] Replied Ambrose’s thoughts.

With a huge lunge and shake all three of the ships entered the swirling energy tunnel. Ambrose smiled as he felt the drain on his body not nearly as bad as before though it was bad enough. As the ships accelerated Ambrose could feel the years slipping away before them. It was in that moment that Ambrose realized that he still had no way of turning this off!

Adina was still struggling to reach Ambrose when the ship lurched a final time. Propelled straight toward Ambrose she wrapped her arms around him in a near death grip. Feeling her arms lock around him again Ambrose smiled. He’d have to thank her again when she woke up; already he could see the massive energy as it encompassed her then him.

[Like last time I have to save you my lo ... king] Came her thoughts as her body started to shake and convulse. Her mouth opened to scream though nothing came out. Finally she forced herself to look at him as she smiled promptly passing out.

Ambrose was fighting to stay awake as he felt the power start to recede then fade. A moment later he thought he heard Skylos yell that they were coming out of it. His legs shaking Ambrose fought harder to stay on his paws. Growling he found that he was losing the battle quicker than he thought he would.

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