When Good Meets Bad
Chapter 4

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We arrived to the party and it turns the party is at Mary Fall’s house. The only reason I know is because I always had to drop Emma here during the summer. I’ve seen this house too many times but I never been inside. Everything in the house practically made of gold. Like seriously this is probably Bill Gates’ house.

As Emma and I go into the house, I see a crowd of people with red glasses in the air. I turn to the side to see a couple exchanging DNA. EW! I seen Caleb get something to drink all alone so I went over there. I brushed my outfit before making my way over there.

“Hey Caleb” He walked away in silence.

“What a jerk?” A familiar voice behind me said.


“Yeah” I faked a smile.

“I got you a drink” He hands me a red cup. “It’s just Coke”

“But that guy was actually my childhood friend” I told him.

“I don’t believe you treat childhood friends like that” he laughed.

“I don’t think he even remembers. “ I leaned against the counter, with a pout on my face. Of course he wouldn’t remember me, he’s the most popular guy in school and I’m just the freak with a huge crush on him.

“He can still at least say something” He said before taking a sip of his drink.

“Yeah, I guess” I smile as I started to stare into his bright green eyes.

“Hey Penelope you have to try the tube,” Emma walked in and slurring her words a little bit. Oh gosh! I have to drive that home? “Hey hottie.” She leaned against Jordan. You can tell he was uncomfortable and was trying to not to be rude.

“Come on, Penelope,” She dragged me to the the tube.”I will bring her back I promise” Emma slides her finger down Jordan’s chest.

We get to the place where everyone was waiting for someone to take a shot at the tube and of course that someone had to be me. I grab the tube from the guy and put down my throat then I can feel them starting to pour the alcohol down the plastic tube. I could hardly swallow the alcohol somehow I managed to do it.

They start pouring different types of alcohol down my throat and they all had a weird aftertaste. As one of the guys pulls the tube out of my throat, everyone cheered. It honestly wasn’t that bad, it was kinda fun.

I go back to the kitchen and Jordan was still there, waiting for me. As I make my way towards Jordan, I feel a slight tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see the familiar face of the Caleb Wylde. That beautiful dirty blonde hair and that perfect tanned skin was definitely something to die for. Was he actually going to talk to me now?

“I’ve never seen a girl drink that much through a tube. By the way I didn’t catch your name” He starts rubbing the back of neck.

“Penelope Farewell”

“Is there a chance I could get your number, Penelope?” He licked his lips. I think I’m cry with tears of joy. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen all my life.

“Yeah.” I held out my hand waiting for his phone. I typed my number and name; gave Caleb’s phone back to him.

I make my way to Jordan with a smile and I could feel Jordan’s eyes on me. Why would he be staring at me? I must really look cute tonight. Nah. I turned around and gave him a ‘what’ to see what he was staring at.

“What’s the problem?”

“I just didn’t like how he ignored you and then he just asked for your number like its nothing. “ He sounded like an overprotective brother. Why would he care?

“I guess I had to do something to get his attention” I smiled.

It was an awkward silence between me and Jordan until Mary Fall broke it. She was wearing a burgundy top with her stomach showing her stomach little bit and some short shorts. She actually didn’t look that bad.

“Penelope, your sister is passed out in the bathroom” Mary pokes her head around the corner of the doorway.

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