Aeal of Ark
Chapter 4: Frantic Escape

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The strong blizzard, resisting my path was shrinking my chance of saving flebiou. Running footsteps in the snow-covered surface, landing closer and closer gradually, was heard from the distant. I wondered if they had already found out. So, I ran very desperately overcoming the hard struggle, ignoring the environmental complexities and challenging the fate. My foot which was sinking in the deep snow, was able to barely move. I didnt know what kept me going. Even though i was carrying something equivalent to my size, I wasn’t giving up. I would have already given up if it was only me. But it wasn’t about me. I was suppose to protect and save someone precious and dear to me. So, i was trying hard to keep my friend, him, survive.

As i approached closer to the tunnel, the landing of the footsteps increased faster and faster. ‘‘Is it of theirs or some wild animals? No, of course ... it should be them. They may have already found out my plan.’’ I boosted my speed each and everytime when i heard the sound of footsteps approaching closer and closer.

Tunnel was two step a head of me. When i entered the tunnel, i felt safe and comfortable. And as i started walking deeper and deeper into the tunnel, the landing of the footstep started fading. I thought that they had already given up. Assuming the possibility of the situation, I felt relieved and my heartbeat returned to normal. The snow was barely covered in the ground there, so it was easy for me to get through the tunnel. After passing through the dark tunnel, ehen i was coming out of the entrance, the bright sunlight of the morning sun, directly hit my eyes and i remained blind for a few seconds. Opening my eyes slowly, i started to capture the pictures around me. I saw the illusions of some figures standing 15m away from me. It was seen pretty dim from my sight. So i stepped little closer to see the clear shape of the figures. And when the clear view of that picture reflected in my eyes, i noticed that there was them, smiling.

At that juncture, I was freezed from the fear. What?How? When? was thundered in my brain. I turned pale and white, losing my presen

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