Aeal of Ark
Chapter 3: “Flebiou”

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December 14,300AD

Since then many days passed away, still the face of flebiou remained mystery. Oneday, I heard about him being involved in some gang. It was bit of shock for me to hear something so unusual. I approached him to learn the explanation for joining the gang. But he tried to stay distant from me whenever i attempted to bring on the questions. So, I couldn’t know the answer from him. After that, our friendship couldn’t remain the same. We werenot so initimated like before. He was spending much time with the gang than me. It was impossible to get the motives of his act out of him. So, I concluded to cease my persistent act on him. Flebiou became official member in no time. I didn’t know how he surpassed such title. But one thing was clearly understood that he was not a normal person anymore.

It was one cold morning, snowflake was falling heavily, strong wind was blowing roughly and temperature was falling down rapidly. House were completely covered in snow. The sunny and jolly environment was overtook by the snow. Streets were completely barren with packs of snow ... That day, I was going market for shopping and coincidentally saw HIS face while HE was crossing the path with me. Flebiou was moving somewhere hidding his appearence in the cloak. I was certain that it was him. ‘‘But why? Why hidden? It was giving me qualm chill. Something felt really distracted in my heart. The feeling of agitation was giving me dubious and suspicious notions. So, I followed him unnoticeably to spy upon him. I was moving catiously so that he couldn’t sense my movements. Strolling through the snowways, I followed him till that tunnel. That secret and hidden tunnel which was set up behind the dense pine and fir forest. Without holding back, I ventured into that tunnel following flebiou track. We walked along the path of the tunnel. Long way tunnel finally led us to its other side. The other side of the tunnel was absolutely suprising and astonishing.

There were unexpected pictures and sights. The masked and cloaked peoples were gathering there. At least 9 figures were gathered there. With flebiou, it made 10. I remained hidden behind the trees. The place was the centre of the forest. It was rather unhabited and isolated place. Perfect place for the secret organizations to establish their hideout.

Some gossiping and disscussion was starting to produce the sound. The masked peoples and flebiou gathered together and made the circle formation. I tried to listen them but rough wind and bizzare sound created the obstacle in hearing the conversation. Also, the sight of the group was seen blurred from my place. So, I moved little closer. Conversation was running smoothly. But unexpectedly, after sometime, one person acted weirdly. He shouted at flebiou annoyingly. It seemed that flebiou had asked some questions and that person quickly reacted provoking his question. What I heard was ‘‘ I am the one. What can... ? ‘‘ blah blah ... Quarrel took place between the person and flebiou. Flebiou was saying nothing much. Seemed just one or two spell of words (by the movement of his lips.) The remaining masked people were standing quiet, observing the quarrel. It was just small quarrel for a few minutes. It gradually started to became big when both moved towards each other. I didn’t know what was the reason of their conflict. But the situation started to get worser and worser after each word got slipped out of their tongue.

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