300 Flowers
Chapter 35

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

The rest of the week goes by relatively chaos free. Come Friday the only plans Derek and Anna have are to stay home and veg out. Before heading home they stop by Anna’s old restaurant at a time they know Zoë is going to be there.

“Hi guys!”

While Anna and Zoë are hugging, Derek says, “Hi, Zoë.”

They eat and visit with Zoë the best she can at dinnertime. Out of the corner of his eye Derek sees Anna nodding to Zoë to give her encouragement. “Derek?”

“Yes dear.”

“I was wondering if you and Anna would like to come over for dinner next Saturday. I make a really good Lasagna!”

“She really does!”

“Oh, that would be wonderful, thank you, Zoë.”

Zoë smiles big and then she runs to help another patron. “Thank you.”

“There is no need to thank me, Anna, Zoë has a good heart and I’m honored she would invite me, us, to dinner.”

Anna leans over and kisses him on the cheek. Derek winks at her.

After that the rest of September gets into a rhythm and starts to move along nicely. Derek’s heart grows in love and eagerness every day.

Finally on the way home on Friday, September the twenty-seventh, Derek says to Anna, “Oh, this Tuesday you are going to have to drive yourself in. I’ll be leaving early for a meeting.”

“Oh, okay!”

“What time is our dinner at Zoë’s tomorrow?”

“We’ll eat around six, but we can get there whenever to visit with her.”

“So I guess I need to get my girl there about four, four-thirty so she can visit with her bestest friend.”

“Yes please.”

Derek smiles at the love of his life.

Again Derek’s arms are full of a dozen red roses, but this time they are not for Anna. “Here you go, Zoë.”

“Thanks! Oh, they are so pretty. Please, come in.”

Derek looks around at Zoë’s modest little apartment and tells her, “I like your apartment, Zoë. You are definitely a Padres fan!”

“You do?” she laughs and says, “And yes I love my Padres!”

“Absolutely! I admire anybody who can turn their place into a home as you have here.”

“Wow, thanks.”

Derek sits back and lets Anna and Zoë socialize all they want. Every time the girls look over at Derek all they see is joy on his face. They laugh, giggle and be the best that girls are, late into the night. Both Anna and Zoë are surprised that it has gotten to be eleven at night and not once did Derek complain, either in words, body language or expressions.

After many hugs, Derek says on their way out, “Your lasagna was the best I ever had, but next time it’ll be our turn.”

“Okay!’ says Zoë, glad that she gets to be apart of Anna’s new life.

When they get to the car and Derek is opening the door for her, Anna stops him and with teary-eyes hugs him harder than ever before. “Thank you so much for making Zoë feel like she belongs.”

“She does belong! She is your best friend. Of course, she belongs. Well, we got another busy week coming up. Let’s get home, make love and get some sleep.”

“Who said we are going to make love?”

“Humph!” Anna giggles adorably. Then Derek looks at her lovingly and says, “Your eyes did.”

Anna swallows more out of habit than being nervous, but the smile she sends her man reaffirms all the good things this life possesses. She nods her head emphatically.

When they get home they take their time undressing. They lie on the bed ever so vulnerable to each other and gaze deep into each other’s eyes. Derek caresses Anna’s face and then kisses her lips tenderly. Together they caress down each other’s body. From an unspoken word Anna twists around and backs into Derek. Derek holds Anna protectively and tight. For many a moments Anna and Derek lie there motionless in the spoon position.

Then slowly, ever so slowly, Derek starts to kiss the back of Anna’s neck and ear and then he starts to caress his hand on her hip, thigh and then back up again to her tummy. As the passion builds Derek pulls his upper body a little ways back so he can both enter her and give her a seductive back rub. Her sounds are now his sounds and they are truly in love.

The following morning they wake up wonderfully refreshed. With September coming to a close so is baseball season. With only a few games left they watch whatever teams they can get on the television.

Beyond all hope and pride, Anna is walking around in her panties and tank top combo. They are pink with white flowers and Derek doesn’t ever know a time in his life that he has felt so much like a man. There is not a part of his being that is not alive. “Anna, my precious love, that is by far my favorite outfit of yours for our private moments. Thank you!”

Anna smiles at him and comes over and straddles him. As he holds her by her waist she puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. “You love me!” It is a statement, not a question.

“More and more everyday.”

Needless to say this Sunday is another wonderful day.

As it must always do, Monday comes. And with it, so does the motions of life and work.

“I have got everything together for the meeting we moved up because of your mysterious meeting tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I’ll be right there.”

The day goes by and everything that was supposed to get completed got accomplished.

On the way home Derek says, “Don’t forget tomorrow you have to bring your car because I’ll be leaving around eleven.”

“Yes, I know, for your mysterious meeting!”

“Don’t you worry, babygirl, if it all pans out, you’ll be the first to know.”

“I hope it works out for the best.”

“Me, too, babygirl.” Derek takes a deep silent breath. “Me too.”

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