300 Flowers
Chapter 19

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

As Derek is pulling up to the sidewalk, Anna is already standing there with her arms filled with the flowers Derek sent her earlier in the morning. The smile she greets him with is the same smile she left him with. Derek knows he has to have that smile in his life from now to always.

Derek gets out and goes over to Anna. He has on his own sincere smile. It belays his kindness and care. They hug and kiss. “Thank you for the beautiful flowers.”

“You are more than welcome. I hope it wasn’t a problem sending flowers to your work?”

“Are you kidding! The girls loved it and teased me all afternoon about them, and the smile I can’t seem to wipe off my face.”

“Yeah, I seem to have the very same problem today.”

As Anna is getting in the car she looks at Derek with her beautiful brown eyes and Derek knows he is in trouble. “Thank god!”


“Oh, nothing, I was just thanking the universe for the affect your smile and eyes have upon me.”

Anna swallows adorable and smiles shyly. Again Anna watches Derek as he walks around the front of the car. After Derek seatbelts himself in, Anna says, “What now?”

Derek looks at her and finally says, “I have no idea! All I know is I want you at my side.”

Anna smiles and takes his hand and then says, “Wonderful!”

Without taking his eyes from Anna, Derek reaches over and starts the car. With a roar it comes to life and together with the rhythm of their hearts, endless hopes and dreams open up before them.

The moment lingers as they gaze deeply into one another’s eyes. Again without looking away from Anna, Derek turns on the radio, and on the classic rock station Bad Company is singing Feel Like Making Love. At last they both smile shyly and almost embarrassingly look away from each other.

Derek pushes the necessary buttons to make a call through the car so as to obey California law. “Hello. Primo Zamora, how may I help you today?”

“Hi, this is Derek Jennings, is the owner Erin Krinky in?”

“Yes she is, sir, let me see if she is able to come to the phone.”

“Thank you.” Derek looks over at Anna and smiles and winks.

“Derek, so good to hear from you. It has been awhile.”

“Hi, Erin. How have you been?”

“Wonderful since you came to our rescue!”

“Hey, good people deserve every chance they can get! Hey, look, I know it is disrespectfully so short notice, but is there any way that I could get a table for six in about two hours?”

“Let me see if our Grotto table, which we created in your honor, is open.” While she is checking Derek looks back over at Anna. Just then Erin comes back on. “Hi, Derek?”

“Still here.”

“It’s occupied now, but will be free after seven tonight.”

“Beautiful! I have to introduce a new lady to my friends and I could think of no classier place to do it. Hey, how are Dan and the boys?”

“They are great! The boys are getting big. We’ll see you tonight at seven.”

“Thank you so much, Erin, now I owe you.”

“I’ll remember that!” Anna giggles.

Derek hangs up by pressing a button on the steering wheel. Of course Anna heard the entire conversation as it was through the system in the dashboard. “So you have to show me off to your friends, huh?”

“I hope you don’t mind. These four have been my closest friends since school.”

“So you want to get their opinions of me to know for sure if you like me?” Anna didn’t say it to be mean, she was just being funny.

Derek gets it and smiles. “No! I don’t need anyone to tell me that. My heart has already done that. I just believe good people should meet good people.” Anna’s eyes go big as she swallows nervously again as things are going at an exponential speed.

While Anna can’t figure anything to say for the second, Derek orders the car to call Brandi.”

The phone rings a few times and then she answers. “Derek, where have you been? It’s been a few days.”

“My Brandi, Brandi, gathering tonight at Primo Zamora’s at seven!”

“Oh, I might have to meet a client at a house.”



“Desperate need to introduce wonderful new girl named Anna to all.”

“I’ll be there!”

“Do me a favor?”


“Call the crew and assemble them.”


“Anna, say hi to my dear friend Brandi.”

“Hi,” says Anna, in the sweetest voice.

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