300 Flowers
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Derek wakes up early, as always, and jumps in the shower. This day holds more promise than just making money. He gets to work as fast as possible and as always is met by Megan’s smiling face, and a folder with that day’s itinerary.

“Sir, we have an early meeting, but perhaps afterwards I can introduce you to Sarah.”

“Actually, Megan, I rode down with Mister Denton and Sarah as we were leaving. Mister Denton did the honors. Sarah and I have an open invitation for a drink sometime.”

“Smooth as always, boss.” They both smile.

“Alright, give me a half hour to get reacquainted with the file and to get my game face on and then we’ll go down to the meeting.”

“Actually, sir, they won’t be here until nine.”

“Perfect! Can you get me Brandi on the phone, please?”

“Yes sir.”

Just after Derek sits in his chair the phone rings. “Brandi.”

“Good morning, Derek”

“How are you this morning, sweetheart?”

“Feeling good. I got two more prospects for today alone.”

“Excellent! Hey, I thought we would drive out to David and Lisa’s together this Sunday.”

“Sounds good. All right, the first couple of possible buyers are here so I shall see you later. Love ya.”

“Yeah, love you, too. I’ll pick you up at your house say eleven-thirty.”




Just then Megan rings through. “Sir, you have another phone call.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Eric, sir.”

“Oh, okay, thank you. Eric, my man, how are you this fine morning?”

“Good. Hey, I have lunch open.”

“Let me check.” Derek puts Eric on hold and asks Megan, “How is my lunch looking?”

“We have the meeting this morning and then you are free until afternoon.”

“Great, thank you. Eric?”

“Still here.”

“Good to go, brother.”

“Excellent! What do you think, Liaison’s at noon?”

“Sounds good. Alright later.”


After another busy morning Derek is looking forward to having lunch with his friend Eric. One must seek a balance to all aspects of a healthy life or one will falter under the weight of life.

“Hello, Katrina.”

“Hi, Derek,” she says, with a welcoming smile.

“I’m meeting Eric here for lunch. Has he arrived yet?”

“Yes, sir, he is at your Circle’s regular table. Right this way.”

Derek walks behind her and admires how her white blouse and black a-line skirt does her form true justice. “Thank you, Katrina.”

“You are most welcome, Derek. As always your server will be right with you.”

Derek smiles and then reaches over and shakes Eric’s hand before sitting down. “Been here long?”

“Just.” Without preamble Eric says, “Hey, I met a girl that I think you’ll really like.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“What ever do you mean?”

“I mean if she is so great why aren’t you dating her?”

“A couple of reasons actually. One, she is the twin of the girl I went out with last night. And two, I think she is the settle down kind of girl, and I’m just not there yet. Anyway, I thought we’d take the twins out this Saturday.”

“Saturday, huh? I was hoping to relax that day and then go to David and Lisa’s get-together on Sunday, but I think I can forgo that for twins.”

“Excellent! We’ll take my Maserati since it fits four comfortably.”

“Alright, I’ll come over your house, say what, six?”

“Yeah, that’ll work.”

“Oh, by the way, what is her name?”

Eric smiles, “Her name is Chrissy.”

Every straight man in American knows Chrissy Snow, played by Suzanne Somers, from Three’s Company, even if you didn’t watch it as it was originally on. “Ewe, Chrissy! Any chance she’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed?”

“Yep.” Now Derek truly is looking forward to Saturday.

After the lady comes and takes their orders and they are sitting there Eric asks, “So does it bother you that you are the one who could have been having babies with Lisa?”

Derek thinks about it for a second. “Not really. David and her are good together. When we went off to our different colleges, we agreed to put us on hold. Then once Robert died in Iraq, my priorities changed. I went to a community college got my two-year degree in business and then proudly served four years in the Army. It is as it should be. I’m happy for her and she is still a dear friend.”

“Of course. I’m happy for them, too. Between them, and you and Brandi trying to find the one all the time, sometimes I feel like the odd man out.”

“Yeah, I feel for you, Hound Dog.”

Eric smiles and says, “Yeah, I know it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.”

“But don’t you worry, brother, I’m sure since you’re not looking for her, you’ll find the one before either Brandi or myself.”

Eric gets a comical horrified look on his face and then says, “Bite your tongue.” They both smile.

After they eat lunch and are standing out on the sidewalk they hug and Derek says, “I’ll see you Saturday night.”

“You got it, brother. It is going to be legendary.” They both leave with smiles on their faces.

When Derek gets back to the office it is complete and utter chaos. “Megan, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Derek, it was awful. Mister Denton came down and he had a heart attack right there!” she says, pointing just in front of the elevator. “He’s at the hospital. They don’t know if he is going to make it!” Megan starts crying.

Derek hugs her. “Megan, can you handle the preliminary numbers today with our afternoon meeting? I’m going to the hospital.”

“Okay. Call me when you know something. He’s at the Sisters Hospital.”

“Okay!” Derek goes out and gets in his DB 9.

By the time he gets to the hospital, finds out where Craig is, and gets to the waiting area, Craig’s wife and son are already there. As is Sarah, his new personal assistant, with the familiar green eyes.

Derek has been over to their home for dinner more than once so Mister Denton’s wife runs up to him and flies into his arms. “Hi, Carrie. Hey, Bobbie.” he says, as he looks at the ten-year-old boy, who is a spitting image of his father, but his brown hair has yet to turn gray. “Have you heard anything?”

“No! All they’ll say is he had a heart attack and is in surgery.”

“Well, he is a strong man and I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Thank you.”

Derek looks over and can tell Sarah is shaken up. He walks over to her and gives her a hug and asks, “How are you doing?”

“Oh, Derek, it was so scary. I didn’t know what to do. Megan called the ambulance and watched over him until the paramedics got there. She stayed cool under fire.”

“Yes, Megan is one hell of a woman.”

They wait for many more hours before the doctor comes out. “How is he, doc?” asks Derek.

Then Carrie comes up and says, “I’m his wife. How is he?”

“He’s fine.” Everybody does a collective sigh. “He had a serious heart attack and we had to split his chest open and repair the damage, but with some effort he’ll be fine.”

“Can we see my daddy?” asks his son Bobbie.

“In a few minutes and only a couple at a time. Actually he was asking for someone named Derek.”

“That’s me, but let his wife and son go first.”

“Actually he was quite adamant about it. He said he needs to talk to you before he passes out again.”

Derek looks at Carrie. “Go, Derek, tell him we’re here and we’ll be right in.”

“Tell my daddy I love him!”

“I will, but you can tell him again in a minute and for many times after that because he is going to be just fine.” Bobbie smiles half-heartedly.

Derek walks into the room. A half dozen blinking machines are attached to Craig. Derek stands there until Craig opens his eyes. “Derek, oh good.” He speaks with some effort.

“Carrie and Bobbie are right outside and they’ll be in, in a minute.” Mister Denton tries to smile.

“Look, Derek, I needed to talk to you. I want you to run the company until I can come back.”

“Thank you, sir, but you have a whole room full of vice-presidents who are not going to like that.”

“Tough. Are any of them even here?”

“Uh, no. All right, don’t worry about a thing! I’ll take care of your company until you can come back safely.”



“You are the only person saying that who actually makes me feel better. Thank you. Could you please send in Carrie and Bobbie?”

“Of course! Get back on your feet and I’ll stop in once a week and give you an update on how things are progressing.”

“Great, thank you.” As Derek is walking out of the room Craig stops him. “Derek?”

“Yeah, Craig?”

“I mean it, thank you.” Derek smiles and goes and gets Craig’s family.

As they are going in, Derek goes over to Sarah and says, “I’m in charge of the company until he gets better. I’m going to need your help.”

Sarah’s eyes go big as she says, “Yes sir.”

“Why don’t you hang out here until you can see him, and then tomorrow morning we’ll have a lot to do.”

“Yes sir.”

Derek hugs her again and she is grateful for the comfort. She holds on for an extra long hug.

As Derek is leaving the hospital he sees two of the eldest vice-presidents going in. “How is he?”

“He’s out of surgery and doing well, Edna.”

“Do you know what’s going to happen?”

“Well, Dan, I’ll let him fill you in. I got to get back to work, but he’ll be glad you guys came.” Edna Harris and Dan Winston are the two longest serving vice-presidents.

Come tomorrow another chapter begins.

The momentum of life can be very over-powering, but don’t put off something today for tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come. Stop, look around you, take stock, and appreciate what you have, and start working towards what you want, while always making sure to fulfill what you need.

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