300 Flowers
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

A few days later, while sitting at his desk at work, Derek gets a joyful phone call. “Craig Denton’s Finances, how may I help you today?”

“Derek, it’s David, I’m gonna be a poppa!”

Derek smiles, as he couldn’t be happier for his friends. “Congratulations, my friend.”

“We’re having a little get-together for our circle at home next Sunday. We were thinking a barbecue.”

“I’m there. What time?”

“Show up around noon and we’ll hang out.”

“Cool! Again congratulations, dad.”

David smiles. “Thanks.”

Just then Derek looks up and out his glass-wall office and sees a pretty woman he has been debating on asking out. He takes a deep breath and stands up. As soon as he walks out his office door, four workers descend on him and start asking many pertinent business questions.


“Excuse me, sir.”

“May I have a second of your time, sir?”

The fourth person is his personal assistant and the slightly overweight brunette sees that he is being pounced on so she steps back and gives Derek time to sort this out. Derek sees that and appreciates it so he goes to her first. He points to her and says, “Yes, Megan.”

“Just reminding you, you have an appointment with Mister Denton for lunch today, but in ten minutes you have a meeting with the bank people.”

“Okay, thank you. Bob, you next for I assume you have information on the take over.”

“Yes! We were not able to buy enough stocks to hold a majority so we are going to have to get one of the other major stock holders to side with us.”

“Alright. Uh, pay attention during this preliminary meeting today to see who might be the best to approach on their side. Anything else?”

“No sir.”

“Okay, Mary, your turn.”

“I’m still waiting on the call back from Turner Broadcasting to see if they agree with the terms.”

“Try to move that forward as quickly as possible. It’s a small investment, but could lead us into new fields.”

“Yes sir.” Mary hurries away to get on it.

“And last, but not least, Casey, what can I do for you.” Casey is a petite young blonde-haired blue-eyed intern.

“I was hoping I could sit in on the meeting with the bankers today?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” Then Derek turns back to Megan. “We have everything?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then let’s go to the meeting.”

After a long day Derek is sitting in his office staring out the window watching yet another sunset. At this point there is usually only two or three other people left on this floor. One always being Megan because she almost never leaves until her boss leaves.

As he watches the sun finish setting he feels a great accomplishment about his professional life and how far he has come since he got out of the Army, and with only a two-year degree, but he still knows his life is missing things that are very important to him. Now that two of his best friends are having a baby it reminds him of it all that much more. Longing makes time warp.

He turns around in his chair and looks out his inner window. He sees Megan and that same pretty lady talking. They finish and the lady turns and leaves. Megan looks in through the office and Derek waves her in.

“Yes sir.”

“Who is that blonde woman? I haven’t seen her around, but the last few days.”

Megan smiles, and if she wasn’t already married she might be jealous. “That is Mister Denton’s new personal assistant. Her name is Sarah.”

“Very impressive.”

“I thought you might like her, that’s why I’ve had her come down to this floor to meet some of the people that work for her boss. I already plan to, but would you like me to introduce you to her?”


“Tomorrow then.”

“Thank you, Megan. Megan, go home, we did a great day’s work today.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely! I’ll be right behind you.”

“Okay. Good night, sir.”

“Goodnight, Megan, and again good work today.” Megan smiles, leaves the office, goes to her desk and gets her things, and she is then headed home to have a late supper with her understanding husband.

Megan’s husband is a struggling writer. Megan supports the arts. And though Megan works in the financial world she too has a free and pure spirit, which can be seen in her lovely brown eyes.

Derek waits about ten minutes before he leaves. As he is waiting for the elevator to open he is running through his mind what he has to do for the rest of the week, and then relax Saturday and then Sunday a barbecue with his friends.

Just then the elevator door opens and already in there are the pretty lady with long blonde hair and green eyes named Sarah and their boss Mister Denton. Mister Denton is a gray haired man with green eyes that exudes wisdom. “Derek, working late again I see.”

“The same as you, Craig.” They both smile.

Mister Denton sees Derek and Sarah looking at each other. “Ah, forgive my manners. Have you two met yet?”

“No sir,” says Sarah. Derek just shakes his head. “Well, Sarah, this is Derek, one of our young hotshots. Derek, this is Sarah and she is my new personal assistant.”

Derek holds out his hand to the stunning blonde. “It is a pleasure, Sarah. How do you like working here so far?”

“I like it. The people are nice, and I think I can learn a lot from Mister Denton, and perhaps others like you.”

“Well, maybe sometime we could grab a drink and I’ll be your sounding board, if you would like.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you.”

“Smooth,” says Craig to Derek. They all smile.

They go down to the parking level and all head for their individual cars. They all give their pleasant good nights. Just before they get in their cars, Sarah shoots Derek an adorable smile.

Derek gets into his Aston Martin DB 9 and starts it. It rumbles to life with a roar. Derek’s red with black-stripped Aston isn’t the American muscle cars he grew up idolizing, but it is very nice and very fast.

The drive home is a pleasant one, as he lives a bit outside of San Diego. As he pulls up to his house he sits there a moment longer listening to the Bad Company song Bad Company on the radio.

He goes into the house, gets into comfortable clothing, fixes a quick meal, and then takes a relaxing seat. He reaches over to the stereo and puts a CD of Mozart on and that is how he ends his day that was both filled with business success and personal hope. As he sips on his beer he has a smile on his face.

Both hope and progress signals effort. In order for one to move forward, one must put one foot in front of the other. The act of motion is the act of living. Hope may spring eternal, but it does not last forever. You must continue to seek out reasons to want to succeed in every avenue of your life. Only then will it shine.

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