A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

Thursday at lunch in José María Chetumal

“Jesus, how many red lanyards have you promoted?” Gloria asked in Spanish then shared in English.

Brad asked a question in Spanish, “When you asked ‘Have you promoted?’ that seems to be different than when I have heard other questions.”

“There are some short cuts in our language.” Maria smiled, “Gloria left out the “you”. It was implied. Do not concern yourself, it will come to you.”

“Si, señora.” Brad answered then looked to Jesus. He had a big smile on his face as his friends worked to learn his language.

“We have 1,329 red lanyards including five in this family.” Jesus did his best to say in English while he was laughing.” Jesus looked to his baby brother Junior, “Junior loved the energy and as mom moved about he would laugh so much that everyone around him would laugh too.”

“Your family has done the impossible!” Brad had been coached by the other three, “Your entire town has also accomplished much and I believe it is nothing short of a miracle. We will remember this time here forever.” Gloria started clapping, Willa and Tony joined in as they smiled in agreement with Brad’s statement.

“BANG!” A shot was fired in the square.

“Poncho looked to Maria, “Stay, protect the girls and Junior. We will be back. Promise.”

Lorenzo stood in the square away from all others. The leader of the riders made for him.

Poncho had Tony and Brad on either side of him. Willa and Gloria were next to their husbands. Jesus was next to Willa and his brother Diego was next to Gloria, “That is the man that killed Lorenzo’s father long ago.” Poncho shared.

There were hundreds of citizens lining the edge of the square. Tony looked at the show of lanyards. These were proud people. They had drawn a line in the sand. These riders were dead men by their own hand as soon as they mounted their horses. In a minute in a half, the 32 men were laying on the ground. “Diego, go tell your mother everybody is okay.”

“I’m here Poncho.” Maria was standing about ten feet away, “Did we really do that?”

Poncho moved to his wife, the two hugged, “We really did that.” Poncho whispered in Maria’s ear.

“Then we can win the war!” Maria whispered in Poncho’s ear.

“Yes, we can without losing anybody.” Poncho shared.

Poncho pulled Maria over so he was where he could be seen, “Citizens of José María Chetumal, “We can do this, we can do this, WE CAN DO THIS!” The crowd joined in with the third round.

Lorenzo had gathered his pony crew and was pulling the rifles and saddle bags off of each horse. Within minutes the horses had been lead away.

Poncho asked for volunteers and with twenty others along with his sons, they took the dead men to God. As others had found they were sidetracked to the west side of the sun. They stood and watched as the 32 riders went into the sun. Poncho took his volunteers to God. They kneeled and prayed for the souls of the men. Poncho said hi to Gaia and Gerry. They then thanked God, said good byes and returned to the town square. When they got there, they found the excitement level sky high. People were transporting groups of up to twenty all over the square. Poncho realized he had just transported twenty three live boys and men along with thirty two dead men. He nodded his head and turned to see Brad with a black lanyard in his hand. His wife and family were all there.

“I have much to learn.” Poncho shared.

A yell went up. A familiar couple with five hundred minute men and women had just transported into the town square. After things settled, there was a loud shout, “Is there a promotion?” John Taylor asked.

Brad and Gloria stepped forward. Brad speaking in English with Gloria translating into Spanish, “Mr. President, we would like to promote Mr. Poncho Batista to the black lanyard.”

“As John placed the black lanyard around Poncho’s neck, “We all have much to learn, this is just one more step. I look forward to the day when you and your family can come visit with me and my family.”

“Thank you Saint John!” Poncho screamed as John held up his hand to the roar of the crowd.

John bent to speak into Ponchos’ ear, “Dear Friend, I don’t feel qualified to be a Saint! I think one of the requirements is I would need to be dead.” Both men laughed as the excitement and yelling was continued around them.

“Maria, come join us.” John motioned for Poncho’s wife to join them, “These are my friends and someday I would like for you and your wife to join them in the Senate of the New US.” John introduced Jim and Rose Canter, Ben and Jean Stanton, and Dr. Robert & Cathy Paulson to Poncho and Maria Batista.

A few minutes before, Jesus and his brother approached the minute men and women. Jesus liked the dress of the five hundred. Black shoes, black pants, black belt with a big gold buckle, black shirt and a black cap that read US MARSHAL. Jesus also noticed the black lanyard with a seven pointed star for a pendant, “I want to be one of you.” Jesus asked the man standing there. “How do I do that? I’m Jesus Batista and this is my brother Diego.” Jesus shared.

“How close are you to your black lanyard?” Pete Mason asked looking at the two red lanyards on the brother’s necks.

“We both have moved twenty. My baseball team and my brother and a few others have all completed moving twenty across this town square.” Jesus shared.

“Start your own group. Talk to Tony and Brad. They will put you in touch with Peter.” Pete and Jesus had been using words from both English and Spanish. Pete had decided early on to be a police officer at a big city. He had two years of Spanish in high school and another two years in college.

“Your name sir?” Jesus asked.

“Pete Mason. Ask Tony about the tennis ball in the coffee cup.” Pete laughed.

“We got to go. That’s dad who just got a black lanyard.” Diego pulled on Jesus’s arm.

“We are really doing this.” Pete announced in a loud voice. All around him hundreds of minute men agreed.

The people of José María Chetumal worked hard and the next day when another group of riders came into town with two jeeps with machine guns mounted on top of each, they had the same result with one exception. One man got hit with one of the machine guns. The ten rounds that was fired from the machine gun when reflected back took the head off of the gunner. That sparked the twenty six riders and the second jeep into action. The battle was over within a handful of minutes. Jesus had the AR-15. He killed the second gunner and when the drivers dismounted their jeeps, drawing their revolvers they only got one round off.

At this battle, there was thousands more people watching. This was indeed a miracle. One round fired by Jesus and the result was 30 of the dead riders on the ground unmoving. Lorenzo called for his team to take care of the horses and jeeps. The fruit bins were getting full with rifles, pistols and ammunition. Poncho, Brad and Tony had a quick talk.

Poncho was concerned about his son regarding how the killing might affect him. He went to his son, “Jesus can you take us to God?”

“Sure Papa.” Jesus answered, “Everyone take a deep breath.” In a second they were on the railing on the west side of the sun. Poncho stood behind his son and wrapped him up in a hug as they watched the riders go toward the sun and explode.

“I am very proud of you.” Poncho shared.

“Thanks papa.” Jesus responded.

“You did good shooting that man. If you had not, he may have hurt one or more of our friends and neighbors.” Poncho shared.

“Those machine guns scared me papa.” Jesus shared.

“Tony, Brad, Gloria and Willa faced sixty machine guns.” Poncho shared, “We have the tools and now they have been tested. Why did you kill that man?”

“I saw our man yell and fall. I looked at the jeep with the machine gun and that man did not have a head. That’s more bothersome than me shooting the second man. I did not want another man’s head blown up and another of our friends hurt.” Jesus shared.

“You are becoming a good man Jesus!” Poncho hugged his son. After the prayer with God, Jesus took them home to the town square.

Everybody was there. Gloria had informed the town that Jesus was to receive the black lanyard. Maria got the honors of placing it around Jesus’s neck. Afterwards, the consensus was let’s play baseball.

While the young men were off playing baseball, many of the men including Poncho and Lorenzo asked Brad and Tony to sit with them.

Tony asked, “Gentlemen, could our wives join us?” Everyone had a bucket to sit on. Two more buckets were brought into the circle. There were hundreds of other men standing around the circle of buckets. Willa and Gloria joined their husbands.

Poncho and Lorenzo looked at each other, “Tony and Brad, you tell me there are 30 of you all over Mexico. When we went to see God on Wednesday there was many tens of thousands of other Mexicans there.” Poncho was speaking in Spanish and Gloria was translating in English, “If we do not rid all of Mexico of these Drug Lords. Like a cancer, they will grow back.” Poncho looked around, “How do we do this? How do we clean our land of Drug Lords?”

Tony was looking up getting an earful from Gaia. He started “OMing!” Gloria, Willa and Brad joined him.

There in the center of the circle was Gerry. He looked like a real little boy. “My friends from Omak allow me to be seen by raising the energies with their OMing. I am Geraldo Batista, the first son of the first son of the first son of the first son of General Batista of long ago. We want a free country, a true democracy where men and women have choice of who their leaders are. In two weeks the southern half of Mexico can be totally free by your actions. In another two weeks the whole county can be free. Out there you will find much support in the actions you take. I have seen some of the future. It is time for Mexico, to rise up and tell the world, “No more drugs!” Poncho and cousin Lorenzo, you two have to do this. Ask the men here, if they will follow you?”

Poncho and Lorenzo looked around at the smiling nodding faces. Everyone was in agreement.

“Diego, get my map of Mexico, the big one.” Poncho continued to see a lot of smiling faces and nodding of heads. All of the men in the inner circle had either blue or red lanyards around their neck.

“When Diego returned, “Why are you not watching or playing baseball?” Poncho asked.

“Jesus and I felt this was going to be important.” Diego shared.

“Then I name this operation ‘San Diego’.” As Poncho unfolded the large National Geographic map. He had one more fold and he realized that he had the southern half on one side and the northern half on the other side, “Diego, if anybody asks why you are called San Diego, you be sure to tell one of us ASAP. Okay?

“Yes, papa!”

Poncho laid the map on the ground.

One of the men in the circle asked, “Who is going with you Poncho?”

“I’m hearing to take 4,000 with me. Lorenzo, please stay here and protect our homes?” Poncho pleaded with his adopted brother.

“Yes, we will be attacked from the west. Gaia has told me to watch out for fires. We will have many guards posted around the town, day and night.” Lorenzo answered, “Maybe we could have two uniforms. One for the home guard and one for Poncho’s forces.”

“Jungle fatigues, shades of tan and brown for those that go off to fight. Shades of green for those that stay to protect the homes.” Diego looked as if he was focused on something.

Poncho looked around to see total agreement in the faces of the men in the circle.

A voice in the group, “Who is going to decide?”

Tony, Willa and Brad looked at each other. It was hard to keep the smiles off their faces.

“Let’s let God choose who goes and who stays.” Poncho suggested to more nodding of heads and smiles.

When the baseball was over, everyone in town transported to God. The word had gone through the town to touch God and find out who was going and who was going to stay and protect the homes.

Everyone got a new uniform. The hats had a round brim. The brim could be snapped up making almost a triangle. They looked sharp. Each person got a backpack with another uniform, their clothes they had on were also in the backpack. The men and women also found two tee shirts, four pairs of socks and underwear along with a one liter water bottle, and a quick set of tools to clean any gun. There was also two sets of cargo shorts and a heavy duty set of tennis shoes. On their feet were a nice set of jungle boots.

When the four from Omak looked at each other, it was apparent Tony and Willa were going with Poncho. Brad and Gloria were staying with Lorenzo.

Friday morning.

Diego was outside the tent, “Senor Brad, the riders come.”

“Diego, give us a minute.” Brad sat up, “Tony, Willa, we have company.”

“We’re moving.” Tony shared.

The four all exited their tents strapping on their side arms. The night before Willa had them work on shields that were like Papa John’s. A round tank shield that protected all sides instead of a flat front covering shield. Tony and Brad did not like the almost total reduction in aiming. Gloria and Willa argued that better safe than sorry. Willa caught on easy. She was able to hold a round shield for over an hour. The other three had a hard time. They hoped they had another day.

“Papa says to transport to the gun boxes. He is making breakfast. My brother and his teammates are bringing in information. There seems to be a lot of them. The man with the camera is back on the church again.” Diego shared in Spanish. Gloria repeated in English. The four were wearing cargo shorts. They had four extra pockets that were each big enough for one forty round magazine for the M-16’s. They carried their M-16’s low hopping to not alert the riders. Gloria and Willa handed out two protein bars to their partners, also giving two to Diego. They transported to the gun boxes.

“Good morning!” Poncho shared, “I see you are ready for a little action.” Poncho passed out four plates with a nice burrito on each.

“Yes, we are Poncho. We stand with you, our friend.” Tony shared, “Thank you for the Burrito.”

One of Jesus’ teammates showed up, “Senor Poncho, we count a hundred men ten times on the road.”

“Thank you.” Poncho shared. The young man disappeared. He had a revolver strapped to his side and had a red lanyard around his neck.

“What are we looking at?” Brad was eating his burrito.

“A thousand coming down the road, a hundred on the west side of the houses and maybe another hundred behind the church.” Poncho shared quietly.

Tony got onto the phone with his dad John Taylor, “Dad, we are about to have a major battle. Can we call in the minute men?” Tony asked.

“Tony, what we are hearing is, we have to let the Mexicans win this battle. If they do, then they have enough belief in themselves to clean up Mexico. If we do it for them, the problems will simply continue.” John was not happy when he shared this.

“We actually have the odds in our favor. About ten to one. That’s a whole lot better than what we had at the bridge.” Tony sounded upbeat.

“Tony, last week I put a black lanyard around the neck of Sally, your sister. A man came in over the weekend, his foot and lower leg had been run over by a tractor. Jenny and Sally got him back as good as new. Jenny said Sally did most of the work. Steven and Ben are able to transfer fifty now. They too wear the black lanyards. They are not minute men Tony.” John hinted, “I see Demetri there too.”

“Good. We will make it work dad.” Tony smiled.

“Tony, can you use some guns?” The Minute Men and a Marine Battalion at the US/Mexican border took 900 men to God and they all went into the west side of the sun. The Minute Men had the guns in big fruit boxes just on the US side of the Mexican border.

“Yah, dad.” Tony smiled, “I’ll send you coordinates.” After a few seconds.

“Got them, I’ll send a message to get them on the way.” John shared, “Last I heard 900 revolvers and 900 rifles, and lots of amminution.”

“Love you dad.” Tony said good bye.

“Watch your back son.” John also signed off.

Tony sent a text to his fisherman team, “Need help, and bring your guns.” These kids grew up with guns and most of them were in the annual county fair in the shooting events. Tony stopped for a second thinking about his ten year old sister Sally. He decided “Yes” she deserved to be included.

When Tony rejoined Poncho and the others, Jesus was there also. “We have 900 revolvers and 900 rifles on the way. We also got another thirty people coming, many with black lanyards.”

Poncho looked to his son, “Spread the word, we are going to have more guns here. We can win this battle.”

Jesus looked around and smiled, then he was gone.

Tony just got a bit of his burrito when the fisher kids showed up. Tony brought the kids up to speed.

Sally looked around and sent Demetri a text, “Tony is in trouble, we are going up against 1,200 with untrained people. Need your help.” Sally also sent the coordinates.

At the Kremlin in Moscow Russia.

President Pusin was working late at the Kremlin. Demetri was there protecting him. Demetri showed the President of Russia the text, “Tony is like my son as you are. How many do we have with black lanyards in the guard now?”

“Ten of us, sir!” Demetri answered. As the Army had men and women trained to the black lanyard the Kremlin defense got to pick one out of each hundred. The Russian Army was now just over a thousand with black lanyards. Their temporary duty was to help put Mother Russia back together. It looked like no one would starve this year. Now they were working on keeping everyone warm.

“Take five others with you. All of you are on five days paid leave. Keep me posted.” President Pusin demanded.

“Yes sir, every day.” Demetri smiled, “I understand it is warm there.”

“It’s siting just north of the Equator. Go before I change my mind and go with you!” President Pusin laughed.

Demetri ran. He texted his nine men to meet at the armory, “Who can speak Spanish?”

Three raised their hands, “And I need shooters!”

Demetri smiled. The other two choices were easy. They were the second and third best shots in Russia. Demetri turned to the four that were not chosen. “You heard the criteria for choosing. I do not think less of you and if we were going someplace within Russia, some of you would be coming with me. It is your job to keep the President safe.”

“Yes sir!” The four men saluted and left.

“Let’s take the scoped M-16’s with 6 full magazines each and three additional boxes of twenty. 1,440 rounds. If we shoot single shot on target that should be enough rounds. Everybody put on body armor. It’s going to be hot there so jungle fatigues is in order.”

Back at the town square.

“The guns are here Poncho.” Brad shared.

Poncho walked over to the edge of the town square. There was twenty six fruit boxes. Ten boxes rifles, ten boxes of revolvers in holsters and six boxes of ammunition, “Brad and Tony can we distribute these boxes to every street? Ammunition to every other street and leave one here?” Poncho asked, “Maybe put it behind the trees here?”

“We will get to it.” Brad answered as he motioned Willa and Gloria to join them. The boxes were soon disappearing.

“Papa, there are another four hundred men riding horses coming this way.” Jesus shared.

Poncho thought for a second, “Good, we don’t have to go find them.” Poncho thought for a second, “When this starts have your team of three hundred ready to go west through the houses. Take your time, clean our houses good. Leave one team there to protect our back side. Then go south and come around and clean out that church. As you go leave your men to build a barrier around us. Put twenty or thirty up on top of the church to shoot down into the square. If any are wounded, bring them here. Be careful son. Watch out for Diego.”

“I will Papa, the senior boys are in the forest and will close the road once all of the riders are in the square.” Jesus shared.

“How many senior boys are there?” Poncho asked.

“There is over two hundred boys, papa.” Jesus answered “There is some girls there too.”

One of the senior boys appeared, “Mr. Batista, there are more riders coming. Hundreds!”

“Maybe that is why they are waiting.” Poncho said aloud.

“I got to get back.” The senior boy was gone. Poncho noticed he also wore a red lanyard.

“Where do you want me and Teresa, Poncho?” Maria asked.

“Gloria is going to set up an area behind the trees for healing our injured. Tony’s fisherman are going to protect this area. Help her, learn all you can.” Poncho hugged his wife.

“Where are the boys?” Maria asked.

“Jesus is leading an army of 300 through the housing.” Diego has another hundred boys and girls at the Northwest corner of the housing in the trees. He is watching the hundred riders that are over there.” Poncho smiled.

Poncho and his boys had gotten up in the middle of the night when one of the sentries reported men making their way quietly to the west side of the housing. Poncho and the boys ran over to the church and got the bell remote. They put new batteries into the remote and verified that the bell control had power. Poncho found the disc he wanted, the Mexican National Anthem. He placed it in the bell control. The three slept for four more hours awaking at 6:30 AM.

When Poncho saw the riders come into the town square he pushed the play on the bell control. Nothing happened. He pushed it again. It worked. Poncho knew that anybody on the roof of the church near the bell tower would get hit with 90 to 100 decibels of sound. Enough to have them toss their breakfast.

Jesus gathered his teams up. He got to see the entire population of José María Chetumal open their doors, and come out. They were either carrying a gun or they went to the two boxes and picked one up. They moved to the Town Square.

“Good idea friend!” Lorenzo said over the very loud speakers. The two men watch as two thousand men on horseback came towards them. Poncho looked to his left and right and saw hundreds of neighbors gathering beside him. Soon there was over a thousand or more neighbors lined up next to him.

“This is judgement day for this town.” The man on the horse announced.

Poncho started giggling and laughed loudly.

“You have killed one of my friends and a son. This has to stop. If we cannot get an agreement today then every man, women and child in this cesspool of a village is going to die.” The man on the horse said.

“Are you Batista?” Poncho asked. He had learned from God that Harris Batista was a child born of a maid. He had killed his father, brothers and several other cousins including Poncho’s father. Poncho was related to him, but did not want to declare that.

“Yes, I’m Harris Batista.” The man shared.

“Then you are the bastard son. My claim is far superior to yours. I’m Poncho Batista named after the General Poncho Batista. The man that civilized this part of the world. I am the only living son of the first born of the first born of the first born son of General Poncho Batista. You are an illegitimate child of an unmarried maid. You have until sunset to leave this land or you will be hunted down as a rabid dog and shot for the crimes committed against this family, this community and society at large.” Poncho screamed.

The man turned his horse so his left was facing Poncho and with his right hand he pulled and pointed his gun shooting at Poncho. Poncho’s shield blocked and returned the round hitting the man’s heart and both lungs. The firing started behind the houses. Other riders pulled their guns and fired. The battle was on. Gloria and Brad along with Tony and Willa were along the south edge of the town square. The four had a good rhythm going and had fired five times and had taken out twenty riders. Behind them an AK-47 opened up. Tony and Brad both collapsed to the ground. Gloria screamed. Willa felt two rounds bounce off her shield in the back. She turned, saw the target and fired. As she turned back a group of women were dragging Tony and Brad off of the field. She fired thirty four more times and her receiver stayed open.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked her gun.

“You’re out of bullets” Demetri shared, “Some party you got here?” Demetri looked at the many bodies on the ground.

“I’ve got to go find out about Tony.” Willa was turning to move away.

“Willa, we need you. Tony is in the hands of his father, John Taylor.” Demetri shared, “Please stay, you are too important. WE NEED YOU!”

Willa went through two more magazines in two and a half minutes. She felt another ding to her shield on the back side. She turned and fired twice. One of Demetri’s men screamed. A round had hit him in the back and he went to his knees. His friend gave him a healing to ease the bruising. The body armor had done its thing to save his life, but had not stopped the hurt. Willa searched and saw a head behind a tree. When the man went to shoot again Willa shot him.

“Did you get him?” Demetri asked.

“Yep.” Willa answered.

Many more magazines were emptied. Willa had fired all the rounds in Tony’s, Brad’s and Gloria’s M-16’s. She had emptied all of her magazines. Demetri handed her a full one.

Willa faced the town square again. There was only about forty still in the saddle. They then made a break for the road and ran into the senior boys and girls. Rounds were whizzing over their heads.

“Get down on the ground. Stay flat.” Demetri screamed. Willa melted. Demetri crawled over and hugged her.

“Tony’s okay. His dad is here putting him back together. Your first lady is here too.” Demetri rubbed Willa’s back, “I think the shooting is done. Keep your shields up.” As they were getting up, “Where did you learn to shoot Willa?”

“There was rattlesnakes where we lived, I had to learn to shoot or stay inside.” Willa explained.

“You didn’t miss any did you?” Demetri asked.

“Why would I want to miss?” Willa asked.

“Willa, I shot 180 rounds and I missed three times.” Demetri shared, “I am the best in Russia. You are obviously the best in the world. I was using a scope, you were using open sites.”

“Oh!” Willa shared like she did not believe it.

Sally came flying by and jumped into Demetri’s arms, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, you have told me that. Are you fourteen yet?” Demetri giggled.

From behind Willa came another voice that she knew, “Did I ever tell you?” Tony asked, “I love you?

Willa turned and ran to Tony. “No. But you can tell me. I think I would like to hear it.”

“I’m okay, how did we do?” Demetri asked Sally as he was holding her.

“There was forty seven that got hit. God says there was two thousand, and twenty three of them.” Sally shared. The hurt ones from the village and Tony and Brad and Gloria are all going to be okay.

One of Demetri’s men came up to him, “We fired a thousand sixty eight rounds. We have enough rounds to fill twelve magazines.”

“Do it, we don’t know if or when we will get another attack.” Demetri responded.

Tony picked up the three M-16’s. They were all empty of rounds, “Demetri, how many did you guys shoot?”

“A little over a thousand. Willa probably got two hundred or more by herself.” Demetri and Tony shook hands then hugged, “Tony she’s the best shot in the world.”

Everyone stopped as the second batch of riders was transported to the west side of the sun.

Poncho came out carrying his little boy with Anna and Teresa walking beside him. Jesus and Diego were working with the horse crew. They were filling up buckets with bullets and boxes with guns. They were also getting some identifications from the unexpected men.

Anna had been left with Junior in the house. She had a red lanyard that she wore proudly. During the battle the door opened and a man pointed a gun at her. The gun fired. Anna’s shield stopped and returned the round and the man died in the doorway of the house. A few minutes later another man looked in and fired at Anna. He died on top of the other man.

When Poncho looked in later, “Anna, are you okay?”

“Yes Papa. I’m taking care of Junior, he’s fine.”

“I got to get my arm fixed. I’ll be back.” Poncho informed.

“Okay papa.” Anna was reading one of her new books. Junior was playing with several of his new rattles and bed toys. Gloria and Willa had been manifesting.

The atmosphere of the town was party. The men that ran the big grills started setting them up. Big pots of beans and rice were started. Lorenzo opened up the west pasture land for the horses. They now had twenty one hundred horses. A few had been shot and those that did the healing did so with the horses. They were told to drink extra water. The horses seem to understand.

John was on his phone walking holding Jenny’s hand. When he got close to Poncho, “Poncho, baby chickens are ready to transport.”

Poncho jumped up, “I’ll show you were to put them.” The kids have the pen all ready for them. John, Jenny and Poncho were followed by many of the children. As they neared the chicken pen the numbers of children had grown to a thousand.

One of the children asked, “Are the chickens coming?”

“Si!” Poncho answered, nodding his head with a big smile.

“Pen is right in front of me. It is sixty by sixty feet almost square. Send a hundred first.” John suggested.

“They are here. Can you hear them chirp?” John asked, “Okay, here they come.” There was baby chickens everywhere. The kids were as excited as if it was Christmas. Next to John was twenty fifty pound bags of chick feed.

“Boys please move this into the shed.” Poncho asked. Twenty boys lined up and the task was done.

“We also have cows ready for you.” Jenny shared.

“Let me call up Lorenzo.” Poncho grabbed his phone, “Lorenzo, we have a thousand chicks. Yah, the kids are having a great time. Where do you want the cows?”

Poncho listened then said goodbye, hanging up the phone, “Lorenzo has reserved a field with fifty acres south of the barn for the cows.”

Maria and the kids along with Tony, Willa, Brad and Gloria joined Jenny and the men walking to the barn.

“Do we have cows coming?” Gloria asked.

“Yes!” Jenny giggled.

“Milk cows for our children?” Maria asked while being very emotional.

“Maria, we have forty cows coming. They are producing about 200 gallons of milk a day. We have twenty or so yearlings and a young bull.” Jenny had taken on this project. They were looking at a field that was knee deep in grass.

“That small river over there.” Poncho was pointing to a stream on the south side of the large field, “The other side is the Country of Belize.”

“Is there any roads into Belize from here?” John asked.

“If we go west to Campeche the next state then south over the mountains through Guatemala. Very hard. The very easy coastal road went down with the earth changes.” Poncho shared as they watched the milk cows and young bull arrive. Poncho was laughing as he tried to calm everybody down, “Don’t scare our new cows.”

The group was standing at the fence enjoying the hope for the future.

“Your army needs training.” John said quietly as they watched the cows.

Poncho laughed, “Jesus and his team of 300 probably killed more than my army of two thousand.” Poncho still laughed, “My six year old daughter Anna did better than any of my volunteer solders.”

“Can I send you some volunteer trainers?” John asked.

Poncho was very emotional, “If we can be comfortable shooting guns, then a battle like today would have been over in seconds. Instead of 47 being hurt, maybe four or seven would have. Yes, Mr. President, send me your trainers. We will fight the battles to make Mexico a paradise again.”

“Are you still interested in becoming part of the New US?” John asked.

“I am, but I will need to ask the people.” Poncho shared, “This is there decision.”

Jenny and Gloria was talking to Lorenzo about what the cows needed. They had been milked this morning, but would need to be milked this afternoon. John mouthed to Jenny that he was going to talk with the people. She blew him a kiss as they walked towards the town square.

One of the big empty fruit boxes was moved. The box was turned upside down so Poncho could stand on it. Once Poncho got up, “Attention please.” Poncho announced in Spanish.

“We have won a major battle. We have had forty seven casualties. Tony, Brad and Gloria were also hit and are part of that number. I was wounded in my arm. Lorenzo in the leg. We are OKAY!” Poncho screamed.

The men cheered. Not only had they won a battle, but they had survived with their new abilities of creating shields. The wounded were now walking again. Many had seen Poncho giving orders with his left arm dangling, hanging on by skin and tendons. The socket at the shoulder shattered by a bullet. His shirt ripped and bloodied. The people of José María Chetumal walked with a swagger. Their heads were held high. If the drug lords of Mexico could see them now, they would tremble.

The Taylors and the Batista families were sitting at one of the tables. Demetri and his men were sitting with them. Steven Nation and Ben Taylor had eaten with Jesus and then left to visit the chickens and new cows. Jenny looked at John with this “Look”.

“I’m sorry honey, I knew Tony was hurt and I reacted poorly.” John looked to Jenny for forgiveness.

“Why didn’t you let me know?” Jenny asked.

“I knew there was a war going on and I did not want to put you in harm’s way.” John knew as soon as he said it how wrong it sounded, “Truth is. I panicked and did not think.” Jenny climbed onto John’s lap facing him.

“What are you going to do next time?” Jenny asked.

“Call you up and take you with me?” John whispered.

Jenny was crying and whispered back, “I forgive you.”

“I’m sorry honey, our boy was dead and I had to get to him.” John whispered fighting his own tears.

“Okay.” Jenny hugged John tighter.

Willa was sitting on Tony’s lap. She was also crying, “Where is my warrior? The granddaughter of two chiefs. Some say with a Russian accent you are the best shot in the world.”

“I don’t like seeing you dead.” Willa hit Tony’s shoulder with her fist.

“Careful, I’m not fully healed yet.” Tony shared, “Dad suggested I ask you to finish it. He said now I have an idea about pain and what a women feels when she has a baby.”

Something you would recommend?” Willa giggled.

“Not in this lifetime. He told Brad the same thing.” Tony shared, “I’ll leave that decision about babies to you.”

“I’ll heal you.” Willa took a deep breath, “Give me a few minutes to get my head on straight.”

“You can do it tonight.” Tony suggested wincing with the pain as he moved.

“I have plans for tonight.” Willa said roughly, then giggled, “You will need to be 100%.” Willa giggled some more.

Tony kissed Willa hard and after many seconds to recover, he turned to Demetri, “How long are you staying?”

“Four more days. Poncho and your dad has asked us to help train the men and women that plan to go north.

“Dad, can we get Poncho and his army some more M-16’s?” Tony asked John.

John nodded, “I think I have just the thing.” John turned to Poncho, “Poncho, would you be interested in a really good deal on 10,000 Remington R-15’s with a million rounds of ammunition? This shoots the .223 round with four, forty round magazines in Semi-Automatic. Each has what is called a combat scope.” John had met with a Remington sales person the week before. The old US Government had an undelivered order. The shipment is sitting in a warehouse in Lonoke Arizona.

Demetri handed Poncho his M-16, “That is a combat scope.”

Poncho looked through the scope. Poncho asked. “How much?”

“I’ll give you a loan. About $20 a rifle and a penny a round for ammunition.” John suggested.

“Yes, when can we get them?” Poncho asked.

“Today soon enough?” John laughed then grabbed his phone. After looking up a number, he called it, “Roger, this is John Taylor, we will take them. All ten thousand with all your ammunition and extras. I will send you four ten pound bricks of gold. Roger, go stand in front of the shipment. Call me back when you are there.” John looked to Poncho, “Where do you want the shipment?”

John and Jenny along with the fisherman kids had left. Sally gave Demetri a big kiss and a hug. She made a date for Sunday to meet at God. John watched this budding love with some difficulty. He felt he should do something, but he also felt anything he did would be wrong. He looked to Jenny. She was no help, she was laughing at him. “You are to bring balance between the sexes!” Jenny told him.

“I’m still a dad!” John shook his head.

“And a dam good one!” Jenny laughed some more, “I’m proud to have your children Mr. Taylor.”

Demetri and his men talked about what they could teach the men and women of José María Chetumal. Shooting their new weapons was the primary issue. Becoming five to ten person units or squads would also be of immense help when in battle. Demetri and his men would have a day or more before John’s Minute Men volunteers showed up to help with the training. “Let’s set up a range!”

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