A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

We were sitting around the President’s Table at Sou’s Family Restaurant. There was thirty of us volunteers plus John. We had many maps of Mexico showing what was left of Mexico and the different states.

“If Mexico is going to be a state of our nation then the Mexican States are going to have to be called Counties. All Agreed?” John asked.

“Yes!” was heard around the table.

“Watch your back. You are going up against people willing to make a buck by doing harm to other people by selling them deadly drugs. Bill and Pete will have a hundred Minute Men on standby. If you need a thousand, we will send the hundred and call up the rest and get them to you ASAP. We have worked the odds with God. There is still a 65% chance that one or more of you will be killed. Stay alert, stay alive, you are my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. I wish I was going with you.” John had a tear in his eye.

“We will be fine dad” Tony shared.

“Tony, Russia is going to feel like a birthday party compared to this. All of you are going into a war zone for the next few months. Don’t feel shy about asking for help.” John’s voice was reflecting the emotion he was feeling.

The thirty had been going through additional training. Every team member had a 9MM with four hundred rounds of ammunition. Tony had finally shot a pistol and rifle. He did okay, not great, but okay. Willa was the one that could shoot a rattle snake in the eye at twenty yards. She had been shooting all her life and knew that guns made her safe if she went anywhere outside of the house. Brad too grew up with guns and when he fired the M-16 for the first time, he smiled and put four more rounds into the target. The holes from the five shots at a hundred yards could easily be covered with a nickel on the target, “It feels like my .22 at the ranch.”

Many of the Teams also took M-16s with 400 to 500 rounds of ammo including the team of Tony, Brad Willa and Gloria. They each took one with a 500 count of ammunition.

There was a foot of snow outside in Omak. The natives and the buffalos were teaching the newcomers how to ignore the snow and continue on with life.

The sidewalk crews moved inside. The building crew had 105 homes with people living in them. They had another 400 with roofs on them and were quickly working on the insides to finish. The first apartment building would be done before Thanksgiving. The second apartment building would be done before Christmas. The third Apartment building was two weeks away from a roof. The fourth apartment building had the first floor framed in. Everybody was living somewhere with a real roof over their head. Things were crowded, but everyone could see the progress being made every day. Hundreds of people would turn out for another “Roof”. They would clap and sing songs and cheer as sections of the metal roof was completed. The entire community was sky high. Often at the end of a cold hard day if the workers stopped for a beer, the first round was always paid for them by others.

On Monday October 31, 2016, Tony and Willa along with Brad and Gloria walked into the Capital City Chetumal of Quintana Roo on the southern tip of Mexico. Chetumal is on the border with Belize.

Mexico, officially called the United Mexican States, is a federal republic. It is south of the United States and north of Guatemala and Belize. It is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It has a total area of 758,450 square miles before the earth changes (1,964,375 sq km), which made it the fifth largest country by area in the America’s and the 14th largest in the world. Mexico had a population of 112,468,855 and is estimated that there was a loss of about 10% with the earth changes. Both in population and in area. Its capital and largest city was Mexico City. It is no longer a livable place, many died.

Mexico was divided into 32 federal entities, of which 31 were states and one was a federal district. Since the earth changes and major fire in the capital there is now only 30 states. The entire Federal Zone is in shambles. The people from up North were going to have to deal with 30 presidents. Most of them had realized the precarious position they were now in, the drug lords if they worked together could easily take over the country. The central leadership was gone and even the military was trying to figure out who was boss. The many drug lords paid better. Many of the presidents could verify that fact.

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