A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 22

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

Do Aliens have Souls? Or are they Godless Beings that travel the Universe?

John saw what looked like a large man in a chair, maybe best described as a throne. John wondered who he might be.

“John, we need you now. Please wake up.” Jenny cried.

John felt like he was falling, then he came to an abrupt stop. He hadn’t felt like this since he fell 10 feet onto concrete, landing on his hands and knees, “Am I ... in ... heaven?” John asked as he opened one eye.

“No, we’re still in hell,” Jenny answered then giggled.

“We’re alive?” John asked, “Oh God, I must be alive, I hurt all over.”

“No time, I need you to take charge, NOW!” Jenny informed.

“Is Johnny okay?” John got out just above a whisper.

“He will be, please John, get on your feet. We have company to deal with.” Jenny moved to get out of the way to Tony and Peter.

Tony and Peter stepped in and gave John their arms as they clasped his wrists to lift him to a standing position, “Dad, you didn’t duck very well.” Tony was a bit sarcastic.

“You taught us better than this!” Peter added to the jab.

“Stop picking on me, sons, when I’m not my ... Who’s that?” John was looking at the large man sitting in a chair like a throne. The man was enormous. John looked towards Johnny and saw that part of Johnny’s face had been burned off. Two of the four girls were on their feet. One was sitting up and the other had her arm raised. John said to no one, “So what I saw was real.” He turned back to the man in the chair and said again, “Who’s that?”

Vid was there next to John, “We don’t know.”

“Well, let’s find out.” John stood tall and shouted, “WHO ARE YOU?”

All heard, “I’m Lord of this realm, John. What is it that you want?”

“These Aliens have been feeding upon Humans, The children of God for millions of years. I want them gone from the earth. I want our planet Earth returned to the Garden of Eden once again where The Children of God can pursue Life, Liberty, and Justice with the rights to be free and happy!”

“And what do you want Stirrup?” The Lord was addressing the Head of the Aliens.

“We claim Earth as our colony. Our ancestors arrived on Earth 3 and ½ million years ago.” Stirrup answered, “We have been guiding the affairs of Earth and Mankind for all of that time.”

“Do you agree to abide by the laws of Earth, Stirrup?” The Lord asked.

“What laws are those Lord?” Stirrup asked.

“Aliens may visit but are not allowed to interfere with the lives of The Children of God.” The Lord said.

“I do not know of this law, my Lord.” Stirrup shouted.

“Have you not read the writing over the door of your control room on the moon?” The Lord asked.

“Yes, many times, it says, ‘Leave the people of the planet alone!’” Stirrup ended speaking very slowly and just above a whisper as he became very afraid. He looked at his wife realizing this may be their end.

“I find you and your people in violation of the Prime Directive. I also find you and your people in violation of the Second Directive. To be specific, leave the people of the planet alone. Your ancestors have been warned twice before. This matter is closed. You and all of your people will reside in the sun until the end of this eternity.” The Lord announced. The railings opened and even though there were a lot of cries of “NO!” John and all the humans standing on the platform watched as over ten thousand men and women Aliens floated to the sun and blew up as they got near.

“John, what would you be willing to give up to stop all suffering on Earth?” The Lord asked.

“What do you mean by giving up, Lord?” John asked.

“Would you give up the lives of your family and friends?”

“No, my Lord!”

“Would you give up the Russians that are here or the people from Montreal?”

“No, my Lord!”

“Or would you give up your life to end all suffering on planet earth? To create Heaven on Earth?”

Before John answered, Willy said, “Bad Man. He Heylel!” (Pronounced: Hey-lale) Willy sent a shield much like what he had been throwing at the ISIS flown F-35’s.

Sam and Mary Kennady was standing by, Mary started to say “No!” but cut herself short when she realized the act had been done, “Sam, teach me how to throw a shield!” Mary said as she watched another shield crash into the Lord of this Realm.

John also watched this scene unfold and frowned. He asked himself, “Who was Heylel?”

“Father, I’m pretty sure Heylel is Hebrew for Lucifer.” Teresa answered, “The Light Bearer. Lucifer would reside in the Sun and that would make him the Light Bearer, it does make sense.”

By now, Lucifer had sent a fireball at Willy. Ben and Sam had both stepped forward with their own massive mental shields, stopping the fireball then sent it back to Lucifer, driving him back towards the sun a few feet.

“John why are we picking a fight with this Lord?” Vid Pusin asked just after John released his first shield.

“Vid, I don’t make deals with the Devil!” John answered, “Or with Lord Lucifer here!”

“OH! Lucifer, like Satan! Could this be Satan?” Vid asked.

“Satan is in hell for his betrayal of mankind 10,000 years ago.” John threw another shield, “Probably in there! He probably made a deal with Lucifer. Just like Lucifer wanted to make with me.”

“How can I help, I don’t know how to throw a shield?” Vid asked.

We need to throw everything we can at him, including the kitchen sink.” They were making progress, but it was slow. John did not know if they could go for very many hours throwing shields. He looked down the scaffold, his friends and families had joined in, but nobody else.

Lucifer was losing ground slowly, but he was still able to get off many fireballs. So far none had made a direct hit on the scaffold, but they had come close with their tremendous heat affecting all. After a dozen more shields, John looked around and realized Vid had gotten everyone to join in. Jenny’s eyes were big in wonder. The Americans and the Russians were working side by side. John paused long enough to look far down the catwalk. There must be over 10,000 men and women in dark purple. John wondered, ‘Who are they?’ Montreal? He threw another shield. Lucifer was being hit by thousands of shields per minute, maybe more than ten thousand. He looked to be about half as big as he had appeared thirty minutes before. Lucifer reached out with his massive big hand and grabbed the scaffolding where John and all his family were.

“Create big shields NOW!” John screamed.

Soon there were pieces of Lucifer’s fingers and thumb falling in and around the scaffold. Johnny, Tony, and Ben with Willy under them creating an enormous shield cutting Lucifer at his wrist. The hand fell away and the ROAR gave everyone the idea that that must have hurt bad.

Many more shields were thrown at Lucifer. This continued for many more minutes until Lucifer’s throne caught fire then there was a gigantic explosion. When the fireball cleared, Lucifer and his throne were gone. Everyone leaned towards the railings. More mentally exhausted than physically.

“Let’s go to God!” John said, “Jenny tell them to take us to God.” John passed out again.

Tony, Willa, and Jesus whistled making circles above their heads then together, they counted, “ONE, TWO and THREE!” The transport happened.

John woke up sitting in his Christ Port. Everyone was standing looking at him, “Vid, sit to the right of me.” John suggested still leaning on Jenny.

“We will!” Vid said. There was his wife Maya, his son with a friend then Demetri and Sally then 200 of his men and women.

To John’s left was Jenny then his family and friends and his 200 Minutemen and women. There also were thousands of others in dark purple sweatshirts and pants.

A man approached John and Jenny, “Hello Mr. President and First Lady, I am Petri with the Montreal Chapter of the Minute Men and Women. Your son Johnny Taylor called us up and asked us to join the fun. We called up the entire Chapter when God told us you were going to be in trouble. They all turned out, almost ten thousand. The Giants in the fort was on our list to take to God! We had tried several times but realized we needed someone on the inside. Who was the big man in the chair?”

“Archangel Lucifer, we believe!” John had stood presenting his hand to Petri. The two men shook hands.

“Are we in trouble?” Petri asked.

Willy had crawled up into John’s Christ Port, “Trouble? NO TROUBLE!”

John noticed a young lady walking towards them. She had on a white dress made of the finest silks and satins. She had red hair and when she got near, John could see the beautiful green eyes. This could only be one person.

“Excuse me, Petri, maybe we are about to find out.” John turned to give the beautiful lady a hug.

“Hi, daddy,” Gaia whispered.

“What have we done?” John was prepared to hear the worse, “Everything seems different. You’re all grown up and I sense I’m going to lose you.”

“It is very different daddy!” Gaia giggled as she hugged Jenny, “Hi mom!”

“You’re all grown up. You’re beautiful,” Jenny gushed as she looked up to this grownup version of Gaia. She was in flat shoes but was still as tall as John’s 6’.

Vid and Maya also received hugs and greetings. Both families were standing around Gaia.

“You have eliminated Archangel Lucifer from this universe. He was the major obstacle in Heaven on Earth. Mankind was very close once before and Lucifer manipulated the Christ Satan into an agreement that caused a World War. Many Earth Changes happened, and the Continent Atlantis was sunk below the waters of the Atlantic. By eliminating the Aliens and their human friends you have also eliminated the one major sin that still existed on Planet Earth.” Gaia turned to Jenny, “Mom, dad can I trade with Bert? I need to make my presence on Earth soon! I need to be born! The transition into the Fourth Dimension is ready to begin, Heaven on Earth and a Thousand Years of Peace starts as soon as I am there. Many of the things you wrote about in Revelations 2000 years ago will be happening. My birth is the trigger for the shift into the Fourth Dimension.”

John had a thought. He giggled then said, “What if we had twins?” John asked, “It looks like we have picked up many more sets of helping hands.” John looked at Tia and Bobby talking about something exciting. The other three girls were involved in the excitement. They were drinking water and had gotten new clothes and truly did look like angels.

“Yes!” Jenny said she knew everything would be okay! Even so, she did not know where the power was coming from. Thank you, God, for my family.

Gaia smiled, “I’ll see you soon mom and dad.” The dress was on the floor. Gaia had disappeared.

Jenny grabbed John’s arm, “Help me sit down John. I’m not balanced anymore. I will need a bit of time to get used to this. There seems to be three of us now.”

“John when will we see your daughter. When is she to be born?” Vid asked excitedly. He had been listening to the conversation.

“February 19th, Vid,” John answered as the two men watched millions of angels descend to stand with them. John heard joyful music, “Petri, we got our answer.”

“I’ll tell the world the good news, Mr. President.” He handed John a business card with contact information, “Come visit in the spring with your family.”

“We will do that.” John and Petri shook hands again. John looked down at the card, Petri Taillefer. John looked up to find the man was already running back to his group to tell them the exciting news.

Vid was looking at his phone, “John that is the next full moon.”

John sat down and made room for Willy in his lap.

“John you look like you have seen a ghost.” Jenny giggled.

He showed Jenny and Vid the card, “In the year of our Lord 1066 William of Normandy, the Conqueror battled the King of England, Harold II. The man that led the first three charges was a many times Great Uncle of mine, Baron William Taillefer. During the century following that time, the Taillefer name became Taylor.” John laughed, “Taillefer is to metal as Taylor is to cloth.”

“We are all related you know.” Vid answered, “I like you being a little bit French, just not too much.” The two men laughed. “Before today when was your daughter Gaia coming?”

“The summer of 2049.” John and Jenny both answered.

“Then we have done a good thing!” Vid thought out loud while looking around, “I think we are having a party?”

Millions of humans were joining John and his warriors with God.

Willy was sitting on John’s lap facing Jenny, “Ice Cream?”

Before John could answer, Willy had a four-scoop ice cream cone in his hand.

“I guess we won the battle,” Jenny said.

“And by winning this battle, we have finally won the war.” John kissed his wife, “It has only been going on for 3.5 million years.”

“All we have are the Arabs and the Moon to deal with.” Jenny was stating.

Johnny was walking towards them.

“John there is our big son, all better again,” Jenny said after she had a lick of Willy’s ice cream.

“We did good!” Willy said.

John instantly went into teacher role, “Willy, we did well!”

“Not good!” Willy frowned, “We did well?”

“Yep!” John answered.

Jenny giggled, “That’s YES John, not Yep!”

The eyes of John and Vid met, “So this is Peace?” Vid asked.

“I think we have two or three more battles,” John suggested

“The Jews and the Arabs need to come visit and John, Vid you two and your mates need to go visit Antarctica.” Both men heard from God.

“Yes, Father.” They both said.

“How is Africa coming along?” John asked.

“It should be done by your February 19th,” Vid answered. “We started in the South and are working north. We only have the African Arabs to bring here.”

Johnny had come up to the two men, “How’s your eye?” John asked his son. His face looked fine.

“Better than my old one. I’m as good as new again.” Johnny answered. As he started to kneel a comfortable chair appeared behind him, so he sat and talked with his father and Vid.

“How did that happen?” John asked.

“I got hit by several phasors all at the same time fired at my head.” Johnny answered, “What happened to you, dad?”

“I got hit by several phasors all over my body. My pacemaker stopped along with my heart.” John answered his son.

Johnny took a deep breath, “I’m glad we’re all okay!”

“Do you know when South America will be complete?” John asked his son.

“Sometime around February First. Our target date is between the end of January to early February, why?” Johnny asked.

“There has been a change because of what we just did, your little sister is going to be born on February 19th, along with Bert and Matt. We are to start the Thousand Years of Peace.” John shared, “Heaven on Earth.”

“OH!” Johnny thought for a minute, “What else needs to be done?”

“The Arabs and the Jews!” Both Vid and John said together, “And Antarctica.”

“I’m in!” Johnny nodded, “Did you know that some of the Minutemen were in Iraq, and they know a few words.” Johnny thought for a few seconds, “I can bring the Seals over and they can help.”

“That is good to know. It will come in handy.” John turned to Vid, “Vid, how is your spaceship?”

“It is Amazing. To be able to fly around this world of ours and see the different wonders of the earth. I find flying in the F-335 as the most relaxing thing in the world. To hear my son squeal with excitement as he sees something new. To be able to buy a bottle of wine in France, bread in Italy and cheese in Switzerland, then go home and act like a newlywed. Vid laughed.

“What are you gentlemen talking about?” This came from three different directions, Jenny on John’s left, Maya on Vid’s right and Teresa just sitting down in her own chair next to Johnny.

“We are warriors that see peace for a thousand years coming and are working on our romantic side,” John explained. The three men laughed.

“John, Vid, and Johnny. We have been listening to a large part of our community asking God about the Fort. That building was originally built just after the moon came to the station, circling the earth. They built several forts on the earth. The one in Montreal is the last one that has survived. That building goes hundreds of feet into the earth. As dust fell to earth they simply built the fort higher and bigger. There’s more, these four little girls.” Jenny looked at Tia and her three friends, “They were created in test tubes and for the first few years were raised like we would raise Cows or Pigs for slaughter. Their whole purpose was for a gathering like tonight. They were going to butcher them and serve them as hors-d’oeuvres for the gathering.” Jenny actually growled, “And the moon, if the moon is not moved, it will collide with earth in about 300 years. There is an Analog computer-like machine that is maintaining orbit. The Giants did know how to take care of the computer. Without them, the computer will cease to function in a few years and shut down and the obit will decay very quickly.”

“God, how many more Giants are alive and where are they?” John asked.

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