A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 12

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Lord Jesus showed us it is okay to get angry. Use it to accomplish something that may be difficult! Turn the tables over!

“Okay!” Willa staggered over to the force. She faced, Little L and Diego, “You take badly wounded and dead to God, NOW!” Willa had to work hard, not to look at the pile of body parts. She had to swallow three times to keep from tossing her lunch. She was sure the two boys were in deep shock as they rattled their teeth as if they were cold. Obviously, that could not be the cause, it was in the 80’s. They both said “Si!” When Diego looked to Jesus and Tony then to Willa, she pointed to the center of her chest. “Si!” Willa then heard “Uno, dos, and trace.” The pile of body parts disappeared. Willa staggered to the front of what was left of the force. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and parts of the 7th and 9th platoons were capable of standing. Many had open wounds but there was no time for that now. Willa raises her rifle, checked her magazine then slammed it home. It took two seconds, and everyone followed her example. She pointed to the sky, made a circle then pointed in the direction the artillery rounds had come from. All eyes were on her. She was pissed, and everyone had understood without a word spoken, they were going to get some revenge for the loss of their friends. Willa held up a single finger, then two then she clenched her fist and they were gone. They arrived just short of the artillery. It had just fired again; the noise was still echoing off of the surroundings. Jesus had trained his force to form a circle. They had spent a full day of doing that just before Thanksgiving.

The first targets were the men that fired the artillery. The second target was eight big old M-106’s tanks with the crews watching the artillery. The 120 or so boys and girls were quick and accurate. Like Willa said often, why would we want to miss?

Tony had his eyes open. There still was no recognition there. The back of Jesus’ uniform was ripped to shreds and red with blood. Willa realized hers was likely the same. Willa estimated maybe two or three minutes. The Army was making this really easy. There were thousands of men running towards them. The bodies on the ground started about 100 feet from them. The line of still standing was moving away from them as they were being shot. Thousands of rounds were bouncing off their shields.

Willa kept firing away. Everyone had 10 full magazines with another 100 rounds in the backpacks. One in the R15, four of the magazines were in their pants pockets and five more magazines in their backpack. That would be 500 rounds times 120. The pain was making it hard to think. Add the noise from the shooting, Willa was having a really hard time thinking. Well 500 times 100 would be 5,000. No, no, that’s not right. 50,000 rounds. That’s it and 5 times 12 would be 60. We have 60,000 rounds. Someone scouted “UNO!” then another did the same. Then another. Willa’s receiver stayed open. She replace the magazine with a fresh one and shouted “UNO!” The Army was still running at them. There were 6 jeeps with 30 caliber machine guns mounted on them coming at them. The same as they faced before. Willa aimed, and the driver fell out of the jeep. The jeep turned and flipped up into the air. The gunner flew up into the air by 20 to 30 feet. Willa thought, that was fun and took aim at the second one. Same thing happened. She looked for another one, but they were all upside down. The men started using the jeeps to hide behind. Willa could see gas tanks on three of the jeeps. Two rounds into each jeep’s gas tank seem to do the deed. Half a dozen roasted army guys for each jeep. Her receiver locked open again. She had heard “DOS!” already and added her voice to the mix. Willa took a second and when her eyes met Tony’s she knew he was back. Many more shouted “DOS!” A command vehicle was coming at them. Willa put five rounds into the windshield right in front of the diver. The fifty calibers on top of the machine was shooting them. Tony was standing reflecting back those rounds. Apparently one of them hit the gunner and the barrel became silent and pointed to the sky.

The army now stood further off and fired at the Scouts. Two hundred yards and three hundred yards. The scouts simply adjusted their scoops and continued knocking them down. Jesus was standing on shaky legs.

Willa heard TRACE. She knew she was close too. After another minute, she whistled as loud as she could. Made the circle in the sky. Brought her hands together as in a gathering motion then pointed with one finger, two fingers and then she clenched her fist. The transport happened. They had fired almost 12,000 rounds. Here they were on the west side of the sun, watching 14,000 going into the sun. The happy estimate was 25,000 less army guys to deal with. Tony had Jesus take his shirt off. He gave his friend a quick healing, then had Willa do the same as they watched the army flow into the sun. Half a dozen of the scouts had also been hit, and they too were getting some healings. Their wounds coming from either the rocks the artillery rounds made into natural missals or from the shooting.

It took almost an hour before the last of the army went towards the sun and exploded. The first and second divisions had become totally corrupt. The process was first, bring them into the third division, train them, then promote them and give the newly promoted young men a party where very young girls would be at the party offering a good time. Drug the young men so they did not remember. Show them pictures of what they did and tell them if they stepped out of line, or refused to obey, they would spend 20 years in jail. Where did the Mexican Army learn this process from? From the USA, it was used on both the US military and the US Congress.

When the last of the army men went into the sun, the scouts again lead by Jesus went to God. Diego and Little L met them and gave a report.

“176 had been absorbed by God. They had ascended. 18 had been healed and were now drinking water.” Diego shared. Diego was calm, and his teeth were not chattering anymore.

“That gives us 142 troops sir.” Willa still had her game face on. She had a new shirt and backpack on. Sir, we eliminated 25,000 to 26,000 by expending 12,000 rounds, we have another 58,000 rounds, sir.”

“The last thing in the world they might expect would be for us coming back again.” Tony shared as he got a new R-15 and backpack from God, “Thank you, Father!”

“Little L shared, “Gaia said, José María Chetumal wiped out the force of 11,000 of the army that went there.”

“Sir, we go back and do this, it will end the war!” Diego was angry.

The five stood there and looked at each other. “It’s just after 11:00 in the morning.”

First one, then each of the five put their hands-on God, “Can we eliminate the 1st and 2nd divisions of the army today?” Jesus asked.

The five all heard in Spanish and English “Si! / Yes!”

“Can we do it without getting any more of our friends blown apart?” Tony asked.

The five all heard in Spanish and English “Si! / Yes!”

“Please show us the way,” Willa asked.

The five got a visual of standing on a hill looking down at the fort.

“Let’s ask the men.” Little L suggested.

So, Jesus with Diego and Little L standing beside him. Tony and Willa were standing behind.

“We want to go finish the job. Brownie and our little brothers and sisters in Chetumal took care of 11,000. We took care of 25,000 to 26,000 today so far. How many does that leave from the 60,000 we think was there?” Jesus asked his troops.

Many of them sat up then they all heard from God, “23,697”.

Everyone started talking at once. A big table appeared with many different fruit juices on it. There were also hundreds of protein bars. Enough for everyone to have a couple now and a couple for later. Magazines were cycled out, rifles checked out to make sure they would function. Within 20 minutes everyone was standing ready to go, “God where is the best place to go?”

“There is an observation post just north of where the artillery caught you. Be ready to fight, there is a greater number guarding the post. From there you will be able to launch your attack on the rest of the army.”

“Thank you, Father, we hope to serve you well.” Jesus shared.

“You have my children and you will continue to do so. Thank you!” The transport happened.

The 140 scouts along with Tony and Willa showed up on a hill overlooking the army fort. The 300 or so army guys needed a minute or two to get ready to fight. By then they were all dead.

Jesus took all his officers plus Tony and Willa to the edge of the hill to look at the activity going on in the fort.

“Look, they have eight trucks with men picking up their dead.” One of the young platoon officers shared.

“Two more tanks up there to the north.”

“Looks like another one of those command trucks with the fifty calibers.”

“Oh look 8 more of those portable exploding jeeps.” Willa shared.

Everyone laughed.

“What if we land down there, form our circle and march to the northwest where the biggest concentration is. We go through two magazines and then transport everyone to God.”

“Sounds like a good plan, let’s make it so!” Jesus was getting better at this English stuff.

It took three more trips to God and a section by section draw to transport all the stragglers off of the army base. The base was just too big for the 143 scouts to protect. The Generals had to be brought into the mix. The decision would have to be, to move the third division to their new home.

Before all this could be decided, Jesus was called to come see General Lorenzo to the south. Before Jesus could respond his uncle hung up. Jesus took with him, Tony, Willa along with his brother Diego and cousin Little L.

When Jesus and his party walked into his uncle’s office, there sat his father. Also present was his uncle General Lorenzo, General Jose’ Bautista, and Colonel Brownie.

“Gentlemen, please wait outside. We only want to talk with Captain Jesus Bautista.” Poncho addressed the five.

Tony looked around the room and did not like the looks or the official sound of what was about to take place, “Sir, when going into battle, there’s no one I would like to have by my side more than Jesus! I ask permission to stay.”

“This feels like the Inquisition. Both my husband and I would give our lives for Jesus. I too ask for permission to stay.” Willa glanced at Tony.

“And what do you know of the Inquisition?” General Lorenzo asked Willa with a tone of anger.

“Fanatics within the Catholic Church gave themselves the power to judge others. Sentences were often burning at the state or beheading with no time for a defense or avenue for appeal. It is that time in history where authority took on the power of God. A much uncivilized time in our history. The energies I am feeling in this room is that minds have been made up and Jesus is already convicted.” Willa had her game face on. The older men did not know what they were up against, “John Taylor has had many assassinations attempts, but if given a chance he always takes the assassins to God. WE HAVE JUST COME FROM GOD! He did not judge us but said thank you.” The energy in the room changed.

The Generals and Colonel Brownie were stunned. Poncho did not know where to go, “Please sit down. All of you.” He asked.

Tony for some reason knew more Spanish. He was helping Willa with understanding what was being said.

Little L spoke, “Dad, Jesus was being so very careful, we were bored out of our minds.”

“We were only there 4 or 5 seconds when the bombs started exploding. How can they load, aim and fire five miles in 4 or 5 seconds? I don’t think they were firing at us.” Diego shared.

“God did say he needed the 176 to work with the new people that were coming to see him.” Little L shared, “They ascended!”

Tony looked around at the four with him, “Target Practice?”

Brownie spoke up for the first time, “What time was it?”

“Jesus and Willa looked at each other, “About 10:00 in the morning.”

“Target Practice is a real possibility.” Brownie shared. The energy in the room changed some more.

“What happened?” Poncho asked angry at himself. He was disappointed with himself for his quick judgment against his own son. Now he wanted to find out what did happen instead of punishing someone for the deaths of 176 children.

“We were looking for a way to get closer to the fort. We were making a circle around the perimeter, staying about ten miles away. This was our 5th stop and we spotted an area about five miles in. I had all my officers including Tony and Willa look at it. It looked good, no houses around it and the trees were just right for us. The area looked about 2 to 3 acres in size. When we got there, it turned out to be maybe 10 acres in size. I remember Tony, Willa and I were looking at a white stake about 4’ high with a white flag on it.”

Brownie moaned while nodding. He motioned for Jesus to continue.

“I had just turned and had raised my hand to transport us out of there when the first blast hit the fourth platoon. Then another hit the fifth platoon and I saw Amos blown apart. I started the thought to transport all of us when I was flying on my back to the north. As I was flying I felt a hand slow me down.”

“Me too Jesus.” Willa shared then they both looked at Tony.

“I remember nothing.” Tony shared, “Not until just before we transported to God.”

“I knew I couldn’t walk. I was too dizzy. I saw Tony and crawled over to him. The little rocks were tearing my hands and knees up and my back felt wet.” Jesus said.

“That was because our backpacks had been ripped off of us and the gravel had ripped up both of our backs so bad the entire back area was bleeding on both of us,” Willa added.

“I got to Tony. He did not know anything. Not why, where or who anybody was.” Jesus took a drink of water, “Willa came up to us. She walked like a really old person. I thought she was going to fall down several times. I screamed at her to take charge and get us out of there.”

“Tony and Jesus looked bad. Tony looked dead with his eyes open, not recognizing anything. Jesus was bloody all over. He was healing Tony, so I said okay. I staggered over to the... “Willa shed a tear or two, “I’m sorry.” She wiped her nose and dabbed at her eyes.

“Lieutenants Diego and Little L were in front of me, I told them to take the dead and badly wounded to God, NOW! I turned and took a step when the piles of body parts disappeared. I don’t remember how I got there, but the next thing I remember was being in front of the men still standing. I removed my magazine, checked it and slammed it home. Within two or three seconds everyone had done that. I pointed in the direction of the fort and started counting Uno, Dos, and Trace. We transported. I was about twenty feet from the artillery. Sixteen of them had just fired again. The noise was really loud. Jesus has taught the scouts to form a circle as they are firing. He has also taught them to announce when they have emptied each of their magazines. I waited until we had shot about a hundred times each.”

Col. Brownie asked Jesus, “What’s the process.”

“We only do it when there is no reason for the enemy to benefit in the knowledge. When each of the scouts empties a magazine, they yell out Uno, Dos or whatever the number is. It helps the individual keep track too.” Jesus shared.

“So, you are in the Fort shooting at the men of the first and second division?” General Jose’ asked, “100 rounds times how many shooters?”

“We had 124, but Jesus was working on himself and Tony.” Willa shared.

Gen. Jose’ asked, “How many do you think you hit?”

“The conditions were ideal sir, we believe we hit around 11,000 or more.” Willa shared.

“Then what did you do?” Gen. Jose’ was liking the sound of what he was hearing.

“Tony and Jesus were both standing. I saw recognition in Tony’s eyes. I whistled as loud as I could then made the motion to gather up the army. Pointed to the sky and screamed UNO, DOS, and TRACE. We transported around 14,000 to God, sirs.”

“Was any of those you had already shot?” General Jose’ asked.

“No sir, we had fired around 12,000 rounds and with the transport. We feel we eliminated a total of 25,000 of the army.” Willa shared.

The room was quiet for over three minutes as everyone processed this information,

“General Jose’, how many should that leave us?” Gen. Poncho asked.

“None sirs.” Little L offered in his little voice. Jesus did not make Little L an officer. His platoon did. They would follow him anywhere.

“WHAT?” Poncho asked.

“We weren’t done yet, sir. We went back and finished the job!” Diego shared, “Now we need some bodies to secure that place.”

Gen. Lorenzo had his mouth open. Gen. Jose’ was covering his mouth as he laughed. Col. Brownie was rethinking about having kids. His fist was clenched, and he was waving it by his ear. Poncho watched as Diego and Little L were giving each other high 5’s. Poncho looked up and thanked both his biological Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather and our spiritual Father in heaven.

The three generals and Col. Brownie brought their heads together. All four agreed. Poncho picked up his phone, “We need a volunteer force of at least a thousand to go to the fort that use to hold the first and second divisions. Let’s do that ASAP. We will be moving everyone there starting in the morning. They’re all gone. Major Bautista and his scouts have eliminated the first and second divisions. It’s ours. Give me a call when they are ready to transport.” Poncho closed the connection. He looked at his phone and smiled. The people at the other end seemed to like the news.

Jesus was looking at the floor while listening to his father on the phone. He looked up and met his father’s smiling face. Poncho was nodding ever so slightly with this look of pride on his face.

Willa had moved into Tony’s lap, “Are you still my Tony?”

“I remember you. I remember the fishing. I remember us getting married.” Tony shared.

“That’s a good start. Let’s make some more memories.” Willa wiggled just a tiny bit. “I wonder how they did in Cuba.”

“What’s happening in Cuba?” Tony asked.

“That was today? I don’t know. I think they were taking Havana to God!” Willa wondered as she realized not all of Tony’s memories were back. “Do you think we are out of a job?”

“Could be.” Tony shared, “Maybe I can mow lawns?”

“In Omak, we usually wait until the snow melts.” Willa looked at Tony’s eyes.

“Does anyone want to talk with the mothers of...” A voice at the door asked.

Jesus stood. Tony and Willa were moving to also stand, “No my brother and sister. They might not understand you as they would me. Let me go and face this. My last request is, help our army move into the fort. Before you leave, find me so we can say goodbye.”

Willa stood and gave Jesus a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“What are you going to tell them, son?” Poncho asked.

“Their sons and daughters have ascended and the only other mother that we know of that had that happen was named Mary. I will tell them that they ARE the Mother Marries. When they realize that power they will start to bring a balance between all men and women in Mexico. Please help them, father. They have a big job to do.” Jesus saluted his father, turned and went through the rear door followed by Diego and Little L.

“General Poncho, who was Amos?” Willa asked.

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