A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

Aliens? The FBI comes to find Jenny because of the past.

John had been on the internet all morning long. Many of the cities and counties were running out of funds for the unemployed. This would resolve itself if people went to God and simply asked: “What am I to do?” John continued to play the “what if?” game. He laughed at himself. No one was going to starve on his watch. By adding money to the economy at the base of the food chain, will be much like planting seeds in a good growing environment. The seeds will sprout and become fruitful with a little care and water. John laughed as he thought about another President trying to sell the American Public on the ‘Trickledown effect’.

Tomorrow would be Thanksgiving. The family wanted to see where everyone was. John felt he was being watched for a few seconds then it was gone. John centered himself, “Gaia, what was that watching me?”

“There is an Alien Presence that has been watching you from time to time.” John heard in his mind from Gaia.

“Is this alien presence a dangerous or threatening presence?” John asked.

“Maybe. Ask President Canter and his wife.” John heard and thought ‘Maybe?’ John grabbed his cellphone and dialed Jimmy Canter’s number.

“Hi, John.” Jimmy Canter answered.

“You sound good!” John laughed.

“We’re at Sou’s just finishing a late breakfast.” Jimmy Canter informed, “I’m feeling great!”

“Can you visit me at the bank?” John asked.

“Yes, we will come by.” Jimmy shared.

“See you soon.” John hung up and sent Jenny a text message ‘If not busy, come visit.’

John got a beep, ‘ok’ was on his display. John had run a mile at the high school with ten other old farts on Sunday. The temperature at 8:00 AM was maybe minus 2 degrees Celsius. Jimmy was with him all the way. They both came in under eight minutes. John bought Jimmy a big steak and eggs at Sous. The ten old farts agreed to run again the next Sunday. John was amazed at the similarity in times the men had forty to sixty years before. All their times before when they were teenagers were in the 4.5 to the 5.0-minute range for running a mile. The president’s table was full at Sou’s and John and Jenny loved a good time with their friends. John had to laugh as he remembered the wives, Jenny included acted as cheerleaders for the old farts. Cheering as each of them crossed the finish line. Everyone knew the work that was going to have to be made to return these bodies back to peak performance. As Jenny and her medical team advised, don’t think you can run five miles until you can run a mile five times during a week.

“What’s up honey?” Jenny kissed John.

“I’m glad you are here. The Canters will be here shortly. There is an alien presence on this planet. I have asked Gaia about it and have been told that ‘Yes, there is an infection!’ The Native Americans have many stories about very tall people that use to eat human beings.” John shared, “There are pictures carved in stone in Egypt and places in South America that show people with elongated heads. Most people that I have read believe they were Aliens.”

Jenny shivered as John mentioned the aliens eating human beings.

“Before the earth changes, there was a consensus that the planet still had an alien presence.” John shared, “The belief was the “Elite” were being influenced and were on a path to eliminate ninety percent of the people on the planet.” John looked up, seeing his friends come in, “Rose, Jimmy welcome. Please have a seat.

“John is this an official meeting?” Jimmy Canter asked after hugs and handshakes were made.

“I don’t know.” John looked to Barbara and she moved in the direction to get four bottles of water for John and his visitors.

“Aliens?” Jimmy asked once he and Rose had gotten seated.

John looked up in shock, “Your reading my mind? Can you share?”

“No, not reading your mind, but I knew it was coming. I’d been in office for about three to four months when I was sitting at my desk and I sensed a presence.” Jimmy shared.

“That describes exactly what I just went through a few minutes ago,” John informed.

“Mark on your calendar. The next incident will be 28 days from now. They came to this part of the universe on their spaceship, the moon.” Jimmy shared. He looked to Rose, “Honey, I think we can talk to them about this.”

“You believe the police that kills people to keep secrets are gone?” Rose laughed.

Jimmy reached over and took his wife’s hand, “We go after our green lanyards this afternoon.”

“Fantastic!” John said with a “Yahhhhh!” from Jenny.

“Does make a big difference in how one approaches ‘Freedom of Speech’!” John laughed, “Did I hear you say their spaceship, the moon?”

“Tell them, Jimmy.” Rose had a big smile on her face.

“You tell them, honey, I like your version better than mine.” Jimmy laughed.

“Well, first you have to understand what we are dealing with. All the aliens are sick. Some of the leaders have died and it has upset the thousands of them. They live to be two hundred to three hundred of earth years of age.” Rose took a drink from one of the ice-cold water bottles that Barbara had brought to John’s desk.

“So that is why they are dying, they were born way before 1934 and they are third-dimensional beings,” John added.

“We think they took over the spaceship (Moon) from the original builders. They do not have a very high intelligence. They call themselves the “Supreme Beings”. In mythology, the ones that went against the Supreme Beings and won were considered Gods.”

“Zeus, Apollo, and Thor.” John was mumbling and looked off into space, “They couldn’t adapt. Our men would throw the spears and the Giants would simply knock them down.” John looks at Jenny, “Our women would run up and pick up the spears and aim for the belly button on the giant. The women would then find another spear and another giant. You were there and so were our daughters Willa and Sally. What I am hearing from Gaia is in their society the women stand around until the battle is over then goes home with the victor.”

“Sounds like the same bunch John.” Jimmy shared.

“When they took us, I just happened to be there. I ... I was sitting in his lap.” Rose blushed bright red.

“I thought we were the first Presidential Couple to do that.” Jenny laughed. Rose also laughed as the two men turned red.

“You should have an easier time of it since you can transport.” Rose informed and asked, “Can you feel where John is when he goes off on one of his adventures?”

“I thought I had lost him when he went into the vaults in Denver. But, yes, I can feel him. I followed him to Mexico.” Jenny thought for a few seconds, “John when they take you, send me a ‘help’.”

“Do you have a Taser?” Rose asked.

“NO, but I can throw a shield. I tried it on a tree last week, killed the poor tree. It took a two-foot chunk out of this tree that was 10” in diameter. I quickly stepped back about ten feet and the top of the tree fell at my feet.” Jenny looked sad for killing the tree, “John and the kids chopped it up into firewood. They carefully put the branches on the brush pile. The Raccoons seem to be happy to have more roof.” Jenny giggled.

“The Raccoons live in the brush pile?” Jimmy asked.

“John told them they could live there “If” they stayed out of the garbage and didn’t hurt anyone. So far, they seem to be nice neighbors. We feed them, scraps and anything that has sat in the fridge too long. John has a hundred pounds of dog food in the shed to help supplement their diet with the snow on the ground. They have made friends with the dog. It’s funny watching them say hi to each other.”

“The two of us were discussing things with this giant. Let’s call him ‘Fred’. He seems to be very pleasant. He tells us he is one of the ‘Supreme Beings’ and he is responsible for how things run on earth. We are to clear it with him before we start a fight with anyone. Jimmy asked him if it was okay if we did not have a war with anyone. Fred announces that that is not how things worked. Jimmy asked him what he plans on doing if we do not comply. Fred pulls out a device that looks like Captain Kirk’s Phasor on Star Trek. He points it at Jimmy causing him to vibrate. I ask Fred ‘What are you doing?’ and the giant just ignores me. So, I pull out my Taser and let him have it. Fred stands up and then hits the floor hard. Fred is ten to eleven feet tall and weighs probably 300 to 400 pounds. He has an uniform on and looks fit and trim. Just a very big man and when he hit the floor his head bounced a good foot. I remember thinking, that can’t be good. I wonder what the concussion protocol is for giants.”

“Jimmy stopped vibrating and he shakes his head to clear things and see’s what I’m doing. He goes over and picks up the phasor and looks at it closely. He takes a practice shot at Fred. I still have the Taser going, but the battery is at mid-point. I release the trigger on the Taser and Jimmy and I go over and sit down again. We are waiting for Fred when a female Giant enters the room very slowly with a great amount of caution.” Rose investigated her purse and pulled out something that could be a TV remote. She handed it to John.

“Careful in which direction you point that thing,” Jimmy advised.

John pointed the device at a dying potted plant near the window. When he pressed the button for a few seconds, the plant disappeared, “Just like on Star Trek.”

Back at the Mission in Mexico.

“Did I ever tell you?” Willa asked, “I love you?

Tony turned and moved quickly to Willa. “No. But you can tell me. I think I would like to hear it.”

“I heard a voice, it sounded like the one I heard on the bridge, ‘SHIELDS UP’ in the other ear I heard Gaia scream just as loud, ‘Don’t kill him, we need him! All that happened a second before General Bautista fired his gun at me.” Willa and Tony had each other wrapped up hugging.

Tony frowned, “General Bautista????”

“Yes, another honest man and also a descendant of General Poncho Bautista.” Willa whispered into Tony’s ear, “I never want to be apart from you again until we win this war.”

“I felt so lost when I saw you get shot. My own wounds reminded me of how fragile we all are.” Tony hugged Willa harder.

“I’m not leaving you again when we are in a war zone!” Willa promised.

“Willa honey, dad made us of equal rank. He felt that stepping forward when we first got to the Arctic Circle and asking the Angels of the Wind to quiet the wind and open the sky allowing the sun to be seen, showed you were on your own, willing to make good decisions. You made that trip to Russia really easy to be successful for us.” Tony shared, “There may be times we may need to be separated.”

“Yes, you are probably right.” Willa grumped, “But, for the record, I don’t want to be apart from you.”

The Mission Kitchen.

Carlos talked with his cousin Carl along with Peter. “We need to make peace with the army. Let me take twenty volunteers and some buckets of turkey and see if I can negotiate a full peace for tomorrow.”

“Take ten Carlos. You’ll be less threatening with only ten of you. Make sure you have a white flag. I want all of you wearing pistols. I’ll have two hundred men ready to come out and give you some protection if things get out of hand. Be ready to transport out if things get ugly.”

“Okay Cousin. We’ll do it your way.” Carlos smiled as he realized even if things go bad, they still had a safety net.

It took twenty minutes to get everyone ready.

Carlos and the ten said the Lord’s Prayer and asked God to create 100 buckets of dehydrated turkey. They cheered when they looked upon 100 buckets of turkey. Carlos went over and read the cover. The instructions were in Spanish. He looked around and realized he was the only one that was even partially fluent in English. The instructions were simple enough. Bring to boil six gallons of water in a twelve-gallon container. Add one cup of salt, and if available one pound of butter. When butter has melted add slowly the six gallons of dehydrated turkey. Turn heat to simmer for ten minutes then serve. Continue to stir during this time. With side dishes, this should feed 100 to 120 people.

Carlos instructed his team to each takes two buckets of turkey and follow him. As they walked out of the mission towards the Third Division of the Mexican Army he held up his white flag for all to see. At 600 to 700 yards, the little column of men, dressed in white outfits signifying themselves as cooks with their chief’s hats on came upon men of the third Division of the Mexican Army, “Where is your mess officer?” Carlos asked.

The army men looked at the eleven men in white cooks’ outfits. After what seemed like many minutes of no activity, “What do you want with Cookie?” A man coming towards them asked.

“Tomorrow is the American Holiday called Thanksgiving. We want to make sure you guys have enough food in case you want to celebrate it!” Carlos stated, “We actually want to sit down with you and celebrate with you.”

“Food, you have food?” The army men asked. The man appeared to have Master Gunnery Sergeants insignias on his shirt. The army men had been on once a day rations for many weeks. Rumors about food spread across the entire army almost instantly.

“We have access to God’s personal storehouse.” Carlos shared, then gave his men a stern look to stop them from continuing to laugh.

“Come with me.” The man directed the eleven from the mission. They traveled another 400 yards pass thousands of standing watching men. They stopped and waited until all of Carlos’ team had closed ranks, “Cookie, you have men here with presents.”

A big man showed himself. He was easily the biggest Mexican Carlos and his men had ever seen, “What in the Hell you want?” The big man asked. He had to be 6’ 4” and weighing 300 pounds.

“I want to become your best friend,” Carlos answered.

“Why?” Cookie asked.

“My bosses and your bosses are talking. We hope you will join us in ridding our land of the Drug Cartels.” It is time for the sons of Mexico to stand together.” Carlos smiled.

“What have you brought us?” Cookie asked.

We have 21 buckets of cooked dehydrated turkey. When heated up and hydrated with boiling water, it will feed over two thousand hungry men.” Carlos was interrupted by Cookie.

“I will need ten times that amount to feed my men.” Cookie said.

“We will teach you how to get all that you need. I didn’t think a hundred men would be welcomed.” Carlos shared.

“Probably not.” Cookie answered.

“Have a hundred volunteer’s line up.” Carlos suggested, “We will show you how and where to get more food.” Carlos had made sure this could be heard by hundreds of the army men.

Almost instantly there were over two hundred volunteer men lined up. Cookie looked to Carlos, “We have a few over two hundred?”

“We can make that work.” Carlos sure hopes he could. He heard Gaia’s voice, “You are doing good or well Carlos.”

When he led all the men in the Lord’s Prayer, his volunteers doubled. Now instead of four rows of fifty, he had eight rows of fifty plus a few more. He had everyone take a deep breath of air and he and his men transported the four hundred plus men to God.

“What is this?” Cookie wanted to know.

“This is God! Come, find out for yourself.” Carlos took Cookie over to God, “Touch this and ask a question. Any question.”

Cookie looked on as Carlos touched God. Cookie after a handful of minutes touched God, “Is my big brother still alive?”

Carlos wonders what a big brother to Cookie would look like.

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