A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 8

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The White Dragon Family!

John was finishing up several things at the bank. He had some things to do as President, that he wanted to do on either Friday or Saturday. One of his Minute Women had designed a voting package where almost all the Representatives and Senators got to review any laws, comment on them on a blog and vote yes, or no on the measure. Dave Hendricks along with a dozen Minute Men and Women were resolving why five members of the House were not getting the internet connections.

John signed his name on a loan for a couple to be able to move into their new house next week. This was the thirtieth loan in the last three days. John was having fun. Houses were being finished and people were moving into them. John looked up to see a dozen men in dress suits. They all looked of Asian Descent. Two men came towards John. They looked very old. John remembered seeing a picture of Confucius once. Long hair and pointed beard. One of the men certainly resembled that picture.

“May we sit and talk?” The second man asked. He looked much different, his head and face were clean of any hair.

John stood and put his hand out to shake, “I’m John Taylor, who am I meeting today.” A dozen Minute Men appeared within the bank. This had been practiced.

“We are representatives of the White Dragon Family. For your ease I am Bill and he is Seth.” The second man who was clean shaving responded.

“It is nice to meet you Mister Bill and Mister Seth of the White Dragon Family.” John tried to not pay any attention to the combat going on behind the two seated gentlemen. All the suits were laying on the floor, “If your men are badly injured, we can heal them.”

The two men turned to see twelve Minute Men standing at parade rest and their ten suited men laying on the floor, “This cannot be, they are the best of the best.” Mister Seth shared in his language.

“Maybe where you come from, but not here.” John shared quietly as he had understood what Mister Seth had said. The man reacted as he realized John understood his language, “You wanted to talk?” John had to not smile as he realized he had just seen what his old friend Master Sun and Peter had been talking about. Martial Arts with the use of shields.

“The family has sent us here to ask for your help.” Mister Bill shared, “Since the earth changes, The White Dragon Family has lost many of its members. In our listening’s we have been told to come here. The United States owes us a great deal of gold. We offer to forgive the debt if our problem can be stopped.”

“What aspect of the United States did you loan money too?” John asked, “And how much?”

“The original one. Not the Corporation of the City that took over in the 1860’s.” Mister Seth answered, “The earlier one known as the US, not the one that used the USA as a title.” Mister Seth looked at Mister Bill.

“We loaned the US ten thousand tons of gold.” Mister Bill shared as he laid a document in front of John. It was very old and was kept in a glass case. It was signed by both President Abraham Lincoln and the Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase. The date on the document was April 7, 1862, “During the 2nd world war the USA took our gold for safekeeping to a secret place in the Philippines.”

Barbara was a new girl in John’s bank. She had worked for another bank for over ten years and when she got her red lanyard, she met John Taylor. She seemed to fit in nicely. John had touched his head and visualized himself in his Christ Port. He looked up, “Barbara, I am going to take our visitors to God.”

“Don’t forget the two laying on the sidewalk outside the front door.” Barbara smiled. She hated fighting but had just witnessed one of the most unbelievable things she had ever seen. The men in suits were masters of their fighting arts and with very little effort the minutemen laid them all out on the floor. She couldn’t wait to tell everybody in class tonight. She was going for her Black Lanyard tonight.

Jenny came in the bank’s front door. John smiled and nodded. John stood and gave Jenny a big hug. She was six months pregnant and every night John gave her a loving healing massage to ease any discomfort. “Gentlemen, this is my beloved wife, partner and the best healer on the planet. She will be going with us. Jenny this is Mister Bill and Mister Seth of the White Dragon Family. I have agreed to help them if we can. I get a very positive answer. Everyone, please take a deep breath.”

In Mexico with Peter, Patty, and Willa.

Peter’s group was just going to go to God when an officer stepped out of a small tent. The man drew his sidearm and fired at Willa. Willa sent the round backstopping it six inches from the man’s nose. The officer swatted the round away. Peter and Patty smiled at each other and said, “Now!” They disappeared, coming to stand on the scaffold on the west side of the sun. The officer still had his gun in his hand. He stood there watching some of his senior officers go into the sun. There were others. Maybe hundreds, maybe thousands, going into the sun further down the scaffold.

The man with the gun in his hand, “What do you want?”

Jesus was coming towards the familiar faces, “To end the Drug Cartels in this world once and for all. To kill the Los Zetas Drug Lords and their men. To eliminate the slaughter of anyone that is willing to stand up to them along with their wives and children. Add to that the paid politicians and the army officers that turned a blind eye when such atrocities take place. Add to that the policemen that take money to allow this to continue. There is not a corner in Mexico where such corruption does not take place. I hope and pray in my lifetime to see this land of ours become the paradise it was meant to be.” Jesus was shouting at the end.

The man with the gun, “What do you want of my Army?”

“Join us. My father wants the Sons of Mexico to join with us in our campaign.” Jesus had grown up.

“Who is your father?” The man asked.

“Poncho Bautista, the Great, Great, Great, Grandson of General Poncho Bautista.” Jesus shared.

The man looked at his drawn gun. He put it back into his holster. “Then it’s true. When I was your age, I witnessed a friend of mine murdered by a drug lord. His first name was the same as mine. I’m certain they killed him because they thought he was me. That night my mother prayed and listened. She told me I would see the General rise again. I would join him.” The man took a deep breath, “A few months ago, on my mother’s deathbed, she asked me if I had found the General? I shook my head no. She told me it would be soon. I was to get ready. I’m Colonel Jose’ Bautista.” The man smiled, “I am also related to the famous General Bautista of old. What’s next?”

Much of what had been said was lost on Willa, Peter, and Patty because of the quick talking in Spanish. Willa felt a burning desire to ask a question, “Did you not take money from the drug lords?”

“Col. Bautista looked at the young lady he had shot at, “Please forgive me for shooting at you. I took a lot of money, all that I could get and gave it all to the church of my hometown to help others.” His English was understandable.

Patty and Willa made eye contact. They then looked to Peter. He smiled and nodded, “Col. Bautista, my guess is, that is why you are not going into Hell! You have made a difference in an impossible situation and now you have an opportunity to make a positive difference in a position of power. You join our General Bautista and this Mexico will become a paradise for all of us in less than a month. We want to take you and your officer’s still standing to God.” Peter turned to Jesus, “Captain Bautista, let’s make it so, take us to God!”

“Yes Sir, Captain Adams.” Jesus turned to his men, whistled, pointed his index finger to the sky and made a circle then clenched his fist. In a blink, everyone was with God.

John and Jenny Taylor were there with members of the White Dragon Family. They were sitting in the Christ Ports. Gaia was sitting on her future father’s lap talking to Mister Bill and Mister Seth in their language.

General Poncho Bautista was also there with several of his men. They had gotten tangled up with a force that came at them from two sides. The temporary scouts simply took all the attacking men to God. The drug lord and his men all went into the west side of the sun. The leader of the scouts then brought all his men, including the wounded to God. Jenny was helping with the wounded men. They had taken over the duties of Jesus and his scouts. They got a bit careless and now 19 men were getting fixed up.

Col. Jose’ Bautista looked at everything going on. He turned to Peter and Willa, “Do you know these other people?”

“Yes! Come, sir, let’s have you meet your cousin, General Poncho Bautista.” Willa led the Colonel over to Poncho.

“I’ll come with you Willa,” Patty stated.

The men that had been wounded were talking to Jesus and his men. They were all sitting up drinking water. Poncho was standing laughing with his men and watching his son. Standing with pride as his son explained his men’s part in the battle of the mission. The temporary scouts were sharing what they had run into.

“General Bautista!” Willa said, “I would like you to meet Colonel Jose’ Bautista.” The General was laughing about something his son was saying as he turned to look the Colonel in the eyes. The two men both saw the family resemblance in the other. Colonel Bautista came to attention and gave General Bautista a very smart salute.

Poncho returned the salute, “Not here Colonel. This is the holiest of holy spots. Welcome to God. I’m glad you are here, let’s go sit down and talk.” Poncho put his hand out for a handshake.

Colonel Bautista looked at God. He turned his head back to Poncho and saw his hand. He met the hand and the two men shook, “My mother told me when I was a young man that General Poncho Bautista would someday return and clean up Mexico. She also told me that I was related to him.”

Willa was giving Poncho a hug, listening to the two men, “He is now the officer in charge of 20,000 men sir. The third Division Sir.”

“Suppose he will join us?” Poncho asked Willa.

“I hope so.” Willa shared, “I think there is a lot of good men there.”

“The Sons of Mexico. I see them everywhere along with a few very good friends.” Poncho was laughing again giving Willa a hug and smiling at Patty, “Let’s go sit down Colonel.” The two men walked towards John Taylor and the members of the White Dragon Family.

Mister Bill and Mister Seth thought they had a deal with this latest version of an American President. They did not expect to come up against a dealing God. They ended up agreeing to train their family and other citizens of China, President Taylor’s methods. The twelve-minute men were standing at ease in front of John. The White Dragon’s twelve men were also standing, but at attention in front of their charges. Gaia and God also shared how they were to bring all of Asia south of Russia to God!

Gaia turned to her dad, “Put these men up in the hotel and train them.” John got a confirmation from God and totally agreed!

“Thank you, Gaia, thank you, Father.” John laughed.

“Mr. President?” General Poncho Bautista had brought the Colonel to sit in the Christ Ports, “May we join you?’

“Always dear Sir. I’m hearing you should have another star. In fact, I get that both of you gentlemen should have another star.” John shared.

The men sat down on the right side of John. The White Dragon Family were on his left. John introduced everyone to each other. Gaia gave Poncho a hug and then focused on Colonel Bautista, “Colonel Bautista. Where are you at, with your thinking?” She was speaking in Spanish.

“Is this man next to me, what my mother told me about when I was ten years old?” Jose’ Bautista asked.

Gaia smiled, “Your mother also told you of a sign, did she not?”

“Yes. I have not heard of it happening yet.” Jose’ Bautista said.

“Poncho, what happened the day my big brother, Brad, Gloria and Willa arrived in your town?” Gaia asked.

Poncho looked to Gaia with a question then remembered, “Two big eagles landed in a nest in a tall tree. They had a great big rattlesnake. They killed the snake, ate it and then flew off. I have never seen the white eagles or a rattlesnake that big ever in my life.”

“Is that the sign your mother talked about?” Gaia asked.

The man dropped his head, “Yes she talked about the two white eagles. She said it would be time for the Mexican Gold Eagle to join the White Eagle of the US. She told me I would also meet a man that the natives called White Eagle.

John had been talking to the White Dragon Family’s Bill and Seth. When he heard what the Colonel had said. He turned to the man that sat beside him, “The Natives of my homeland call me White Eagle.”

“Then I have arrived.” Colonel Jose’ Bautista’s uniform changed to look like Poncho’s. The difference was shades of brown with shades of black. He had new boots and his gun was even different.

“Jose’, God has decided for you to be a general.” Poncho laughed, “You have a star on your collar.”

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