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Chapter 5: Bush Base

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Logistics and set up

I have been asked to describe a typical base bush camp set up and how we went about it – Strange as it may seam but it is now a totally lost art as I have experienced over the last few years building Tourist Lodges in out of the way places...

There are a few very important people that have to be there to make things happen in comfort or else your camp is a grind – The CQMS (Quatermaster) is the pivot of the camp – if he is not jacked up life is very KAK!!! – We were lucky to have Chris Meyers who in my opinion was one of the best. The second most important lad is the cook – old but true saying is that an army marches on its stomach.

Base camps were generally set up within a square with a pushed soil Burm around it around 4 – 5m high. Bunkers were dug in in the corners and sandbagged with sleepers and conveyor belting.

The CQ had 3 to 4 Merc 4,5's with canvas canopies. Two of the CQ trucks were parked 6-8m apart with a canvas between them creating the kitchen. A large gas burner and trestle tables completed the kitchen. Gas freezers were leveled and lit. The third Truck was the canteen – Generally packed high with coke and beer!!! And 2 freezers!!!

OPS room truck and kitchen were both set up first with all hands on deck – Next was toilets (long drop & desert lily) showers and chow area. Long Drops were dug and 4 poles and Hessian wrapped around. Desert Lilies were dug in various troop areas as allocated. Showers were set up – these were a 20l drums with taps welded to the bottom with a shower rose. The hot water was from a 210l drum lying on a frame with a spout out the top of one side and a funnel at the top of the opp side with a pipe extending to the bottom of the inside of the drum. Fire underneath and hot water on demand...

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