The Demons Within
Cast of Characters

Copyright© 2017 by Vincent Berg

“Demonic Affairs” Series

The Demons Within Character List

Alan Mitchell: Hannibal Malcolm’s lawyer.
Alec Johnson: Philadelphia Inquirer photographer.
Alice Peters: Bipolar friend of Ethan’s.
Anca Berk: Bora Berk’s wife.
Ankur Naik: Hannibal’s Indian accomplice.
Anna Marie Flores: Philadelphia Inquirer reporter.
Bora Berk: Hannibal’s Turkish accomplice.
Chet Beckley: Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner.
Dr. David Altinon: An oncologist Dr. Punjab foisted on Phil, despite his reluctance.
David Michaels: Karen’s agoraphobic son.
Emma Stewart:Chinese-American shopkeeper.
Ethan Steward: Emma’s Schizophrenic brother.
Floyd Andrews: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania partrolman, Tina Smithers’ partner.
Sergeant Gregory Becker: Philadelphia police Supervisor.
Hannibal Malcolm: Criminal suspect.
Jacob Jones: Schizophrenic friend of Ethan’s.
Jane Walker: Phil’s estranged wife.
Karen Michaels:Former family acquaintance of Jane’s.
Mathew Tate: Phil’s lawyer.
Melissa Taylor: Psychologist.
Phil Walker: The story’s protagonist, an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, plumber.
Peter Woodward: Homeless 33-year-old man living in a Philadelphia public park.
Robert Mansfield: Phil’s primary care physician.
Rose Bloom: Family friend of Jane’s and Summer’s mother.
Dr. Samuel White: Emergency Room Physician.
Summer Bloom: Chronically depressed patient.
Thomas Kincaid: Circuit Court Judge.
Tina Smithers: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania policewoman, Floyd Andrews’ partner.
Toni Walker: Phil & Jane’s daughter, who works for her father.
Trevor Winford: Philadelphia’s Mayor.
William Davis: Philadelphia District Attorney.
William McCall: Hospital’s attorney.

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