If I Were the Last Man Alive
Chapter 31: Jamie

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My job was to make certain I did everything possible to give Lori the most beautiful wedding in history. At my office I had the wedding music CD we'd need, and the church I had in mind had a wonderful center aisle, just perfect for an intimate wedding. There'd be no problem coming up with enough candles to bathe the church in soft light.

She wanted specific instructions, so I told her to beep the horn when she was ready. It made sense to give her some space tonight. After all the sudden changes, she needed time to make certain that I was what she truly wanted.

I knew I wanted to marry her and hoped she woke up tomorrow feeling the same as I did. If not, I would accept her decision. I didn't think Lori would change her mind, but I had to steel myself just in case.

The speed and intensity of our relationship was almost beyond comprehension, but I trusted God. I know He gave me Lori.

Our wedding would be unlike any I'd ever attended, officiated, or knew about. But it would be so full of love if I put my mind to it that Lori would think fondly of our special moment forever.

Once inside the house, I arranged things for Lori. I put away a few pictures to make room on tables and counter tops. I left a few photos of Angela on the mantle. The rest I stored in a box in the master bedroom closet. Angela would never be far from my thoughts, but Lori would be my wife. I couldn't bring her into a house that was occupied by Angela.

Our bedroom had two large walk-in closets. I carefully emptied out the larger one for Lori.

I came across a bunch of Christmas decorations and set them by the front door. After dark I would sneak out and decorate for our homecoming.

The horn beeped and I sprinted outside to see what was wrong. Lori stood beside the motor home.

"Hey stranger," she teased. "Interest you in some supper?"

Her hair was slightly mussed and her clothes a little wrinkled. She had that flushed look Angela got when she vacuumed on a warm day. It made my pulse pick up and I was reminded me I was marrying this woman in a couple of days. This was my wife!

We shared a simple meal. Lori had found some chicken in the freezer and grilled it with some macaroni and cheese. Along with creamed corn and a pitcher of iced tea, it couldn't have been better and I said so.

After dinner as she cleaned up, I realized how blessed I was to fall in love with and marry two such amazing ladies.

Lori yawned and I knew it was time to leave, but I hated to drag myself from her. We coexisted well in the small confines of the motor home. If we headed up to Kansas City to search for her family, I knew we could be comfortable in limited space. Lori made me feel that being in close proximity was a good thing and not an inconvenience.

After another hug, while I returned to the house to work in our bedroom. I put new linens on her side of the master bath-room. I had changed the bed linens before going to Jacksonville; I would sleep on the couch tonight to keep the bed fresh.

I put out fresh air deodorizers all over the house. It smelled like a flower shop by then, so I opened the doors to bring in some fresh air.

I had already checked the pump and propane generator to make sure all was well, but I still needed to drive over to check the power at the warehouses. We could use a roast beef for our wedding celebration dinner, and I knew right where a five-pounds roast was located the freezer at the distribution center.

I sneaked out and hung the pretty lights out front. The light-ed trellis would be just like a fairy tale when we returned home tomorrow evening. I planned to return at sunset so the lights would be the first thing Lori saw when we drove up.

I parked the Suburban out front to drive to the church and home as a married couple.

What if we don't click? What if she takes one look at me to-morrow and suddenly wants to run away?

I needed to overcome my wedding eve jitters and get some sleep.

The couch turned out to be too hard for sleeping, so I broke my rule and slept in our bed. I had trouble falling asleep I kept thinking about what I might have forgotten and what I needed to remember.

After almost an hour, I knew I needed to talk to God.

Father. You gave me life and into my life You brought Ange-la. We were so happy together and together with You. Thank you for those wonderful memories.

Lori and I are starting out new tomorrow. We don't really know each other but we feel so loving together that I recognize the way it was when You brought Angela to me. I want to be in love. I must have wanted to be in love again, for a long time, because this feels so good and I want to be worthy of it. I know You are guiding us and caring for us and keeping us for each other and for You.

Please, please, please. Let us be safe and loving to each other. Give us wisdom in the ways of man and wife. Give us laughter and passion. Let us experience the full measure of giving ourselves to one another, with no barriers, no selfishness and no anger, jealousy, or spite.

God, give us love together, in the way you love us individually. Let our marriage bring you joy, even as it brings us happiness. Let us love you first and each other with our heart, mind and spirit.

And God? Give us time together, to fully know and appreciate each other. Let our life be blessed with silliness, laughter, joyful singing and loving touches. Let us be worthy reenactors of your amazing love.

I love you, Lord. Goodnight...


When Jamie went back to the house, I was so lonely I could hardly stand it. I craved his company the second he was out of sight. I knew he was tired and had his own things to do, I thought if I made him supper, how could he deny me?

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