When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 5

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“Only three weeks left for summer holidays”, said Saichiba cheerily

“And one week for our exams”, reminded Ken

“Takanori Kun, you’re such a mood-kill”

Kai was suddenly pale, he had completely overlooked studies. He thought he could cover up anytime but it seemed impossible now.

“Mizuki Kun, your looks say that I’m not the only one who is not prepared”, teased Saichiba.

Kai looked at Ken with full hope, Ken chose to ignore him, “Airi san, what about you are you prepared?”

Kai was devastated.

“Yes, I’m pretty confident about the exam”, said Hana confidently

“Oh, that Hana chan for you, she just joined this school and she is ready for exams”, Saichiba was admiring Hana.

“What about you Takanori Kun?”, Hana

“I’ll manage somehow”

Kai was still sulking when Ken added, “And I guess I’ll help this fool too”

Kai was over-joyed, he took Ken’s hand and tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“Huh, no fair”, complained Saichiba, “I need help too”

“Don’t worry Saichiba chan I’ll help”, offered Hana

“Arigato, really thank you”, it was now Saichiba’s turn to hold Hana’s hand.

And so all four of them prepared for their mid-term examination. Ken was tutoring Kai in his home and Hana was tutoring Saichiba in the latter’s house. One week passed in a blink of an eye while studying for exams and soon everyone was in the examination hall facing their first exam.

“Takanori Kun I knew you were good but I didn’t know you were this good”, said Saichiba while looking at Ken’s report card

Mathematics /Science /Japanese /English /Art /Physical Education

90 91 94 91 D A

Exams were over and today their results were out.

“What happened to art?”, teased Saichiba

“I don’t happen to be artistic”, replied Ken with embarrassment

“What about you Saichiba?”

“I passed, here”, said Saichiba while proudly flashing her report card

Mathematics /Science /Japanese /English /Art /Physical Education

54 50 62 48 B A

“Hana chan how did you do?”

Hana who was still shocked with Ken’s result could only show them her report card

Mathematics /Science /Japanese /English /Art /Physical Education

78 84 92 80 A A

Hana just couldn’t understand how. She had always seen Ken sleeping in class, his notes were never complete, he used to roam about with Kai all the time. She thought Kai’s result was justifiable but felt bad for Kai as his best friend had betrayed him.

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