When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 4

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Ken had disliked school from a very tender age. It wasn’t that he hated any teacher or anyone in school, he was just not fond of studying. Therefore, he found school boring (except for the part when he got to play soccer). Even though he hated studying somehow, he had the best grades amongst all the boys in his batch. The irony had always intrigued him, he despised studying but he excelled at it.

But for the last couple of weeks’ things had been different. He no longer found the need to drag himself out of the bed in the morning. He was excited to go to school and highly anticipated what would happen that day. He well knew the reason.

His mom too had noticed the change and one morning she questioned him what the new source of inspiration was?

Ken coolly answered, “Hana, I guess”

After hearing this his mom got very excited and she started interrogating him like a little child

“Hana, who is she?”

“Do I know her?”

“Is she pretty?”

“Thank god finally a name other than Kai, I was afraid you two might be gay”

“Oh, please don’t tell me Hana’s a he”.

Ken calmed his mom, “Mom cool down, I knew this would happen. Yes, Hana is a girl, that also an alive one. Yes, she is pretty she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And never tell about me and Kai being gay, I’ll puke”.

When Ken left for school that morning, his mother said in a happy voice like a child who had just received a candy, “Dear, give Hana my regards”.

Ken and Kai decided it was time to show Hana and Saichiba their base. Their lunch together a few weeks ago, had marked their friendship as a group. Now they spend most of the time together. Kai too had become comfortable around them. Ken and Hana too had started talking a lot. Ken told her about his love for soccer, anime, and movies. Hana told him about her love for dancing, swimming, and books.

Their talk as a group had become more random. A few days ago, Saichiba had riddled all three of them, “Who is older your father’s grandfather or your Grandfather’s father?”

Kai being the natural dork that he is, first gave a confident smirk, then a troubled grin, then a frustrated look, and finally a look that said he was done.

Ken who was more stable logically answered, “Both of them are the same person”

This only further confused Kai, and he gave a more puzzled look. Everyone had a good laugh.

Kai asked Hana and Saichiba, “Hey are you two free after-school?”

Saichiba replied, “Ask me when I’m not free”, with full confidence

“Yeah, I’m free”, said Hana

“Cool, Ken and I want to show you a place”

“I hope it’s nothing shady”, Saichiba had a shade of fear in her eyes

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