Chapter 17

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There was a clanking sound as Leo Riggs walked down the brightly lit hallway. He was followed by Tiffany Griffin and David Rhodes.

The cool air inside the building contrasted the hot exterior. He patted his forehead dry with his handkerchief as they approached the large door. He opened it and entered a lavish room.

The focus of the room was a U-Shaped table. Four other people were sitting at the table waiting for them.

“Glad that you could join us, Leo and David.” Said a man with soulless blue eyes and closely shaven hair. “And this must be the famous Tiffany the Bounty Hunter.”

“It’s a pleasure to be back, Jon,” Leo said.

“Let get this meeting underway,” Tiffany said.

They sat down with three people on the sides of the table and Leo at the arc.

A girl with a pair of sword hilts sticking out of her back spoke: “I guess the time has finally come to make a decision.”

“That’s right, Tina. Xelos’ tomb has been found, so it’s only a matter of time before someone else awakens him. Do we want to be the ones and be in his good graces?” Leo asked.

“If we keep it protected, then he won’t awaken, right?” She responded.

David spoke up. “That’s only temporary. What happens to the next generation? Eventually, security will become sloppy, and he’ll be freed.”

A cheery woman with brown hair nodded. “That’s right! And then he’ll be angry with us for not trying to free him.”

Leo nodded. “Well, put Alyssa. I agree. Does anyone else have anything to add before we take a vote.”

Tiffany rose and said, “Why don’t we work with both the Final Order and the Circle and find out who it is that’s going to release Xelos?”

Tina stood as well, “That’s right. According to our troops, Damus’ host has something to do with it. Why not start with him?”

Leos said, “That could take too long. Do you really want to fight an angry Xelos? Someone who not even the Gods and beasts could beat him in fair combat.”

“The beasts were taken out in a systematic way that they had no chance, and the Gods weren’t nearly as strong as they are now. Together they could win. Not to mention, all the other users would probably unite against him. If there’s someone who can release him, then there’s someone with the power to defeat him.” Tiffany argued.

“Based on that logic, why not release him? If the Gods are that powerful, then there is nothing to fear.” David calmly said.

“Because the longer we wait, the fewer casualties we’ll have. Who knows, maybe the prophecy doesn’t exist, and Xelos will never be released.”

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